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C8 Gentle Mother

Actually, Ye Xuehan woke up when Lau Mianyue walked into the room. The vigilance that she had been on for many years had already penetrated deep into her bones and could not be eradicated overnight. She listened attentively to the conversation between Lau Mianyue and Yi and thought that the girl with the original body was really lucky and unfortunate.

The fortunate thing was that she had a pair of enviable loving parents and such a blissful growing environment. The unfortunate thing was that at such a young age, she died prematurely and was owned by her lonely soul that came from another world. Perhaps this was fate!

"Fine, since I'm reborn again. Since I've become their daughter, let me take care of them. I'll be happy to take care of them!" Just as she was in the midst of her thoughts.

The red door that was carved was slowly pushed open. Ye Xuehan heard the sound and turned her head. What entered her eyes was a beautiful painting.

Lau Mianyue walked towards the bedside with small steps. The afterglow of the setting sun was behind her. It was like a noble and elegant Empyrean Goddess that descended from the nine heavens. It was extraordinarily beautiful. Her hair was tied up high and the water blue True Silk Garment matched her even more. It was rare to see her in this world.

Ye Xuehan thought about how many lifetimes of good fortune her handsome father had accumulated to have such an unparalleled wife adding fragrance to his red sleeves.

A short while later, Lau Mianyue walked to the bedside and sat down. Her delicate face carried a kind mother's smile and pained gaze. She stretched out her slender hands to pinch the corner of Ye Xuehan's blanket. She said, "Han, did Mom disturb you? Why are you staring at Mother?"

Without the anxiety and loss of self-control when they first met, Ye Xuehan could not help but be intoxicated by her gentle voice. At this moment, she felt what was called 'gentle like water'. Her mother was the outstanding one among them!

She sat up and forgot about the injury on her forehead. Lau Mianyue was so scared that her face turned pale and she hurriedly stretched out her hands. She gently supported her to lie down and said with a slightly reproachful tone. " You child, previously disobedient and injured. She was scared to death, yet you still aren't lying down properly. Do you want to feel so much pain in your mother's heart?"

As she spoke, Lau Mianyue's beautiful eyes turned red again, perhaps because of the shock she felt earlier.

Ye Xuehan had yet to recover from the blame. In her previous life, she... Her mother only asked her to do everything best and never cared about her pain. However, the scolding just now made her feel the long-lost motherly love. If it was said that she wanted to be filial to her daughter because of responsibilities and debts. At this moment, she was more willing to treat her as her real family. After that, she smiled mischievously and pulled Lau Mianyue's arm. She said, "No, Mother. I woke up long ago. When you were talking to Yi outside, I was ready, but you were too beautiful. The moment I entered, I was stunned and a little excited. I forgot about the injuries on my body. "

When Lau Mianyue heard this, her expression became slightly better. She turned crying into laughter. Pretending to pout, she stretched out a jade-like finger and lightly tapped Ye Xuehan's forehead. She said, "Child, I'm afraid you just ate some candy! Your mouth is so sweet."

Ye Xuehan chuckled and said, "That's true. What my daughter said is the truth. Mother is beautiful when it comes to kissing!"

When Lau Mianyue heard this, she smiled and said, "Don't be humble. Wait for Yi to bring the medicine over later. You first drink the medicine before eating."

When it came to drinking medicine, Ye Xuehan thought of the time when she was at 'Ling Feng'. That day was mother's death anniversary but she did not dare to look at her mother. She was afraid to see her mother's cold tombstone and spread the bloody fact that her mother was no longer alive.

That was why she went to the bar to get drunk that day and forgot that she still had her period. Kelly brought the drunk back to the bar, and the next day, she was in so much pain that she could not get up. When Kelly saw this, she scolded her until she was half dead. She turned around and ran out to find a famous TCM doctor to prescribe the medicine for her. He even said that it was effective.

But when she saw the black medicine in the bowl emitting a bitter smell, her scalp went numb. Kelly just stared at her from the side and could only accept her fate and drink it. In the end, she felt that Kelly must have punished her for colluding with the TCM doctor. Otherwise, how could the medicine be even more bitter than snake gallbladder!

Thinking of that matter, she immediately pulled Lau Mianyue's water blue silk sleeve and said with a bitter face, "Mother, you don't need to drink medicine, right? I don't feel pain anymore."

After Lau Mianyue heard this, she immediately denied, "Han, in the past, when you encountered drinking medicine, all kinds of excuses like Ghost Spirit Essence ran out. Mother thought that you are not a big deal and would occasionally let you do whatever you want. But this time you must obediently drink the medicine. This time you almost..."

As she spoke, Lau Mianyue broke into tears.

Just as Ye Xuehan was at a loss, Lan Muhua's handsome face appeared in the room.

Seeing the tears on his face, he strode towards Lau Mianyue. An anxious expression appeared on his handsome face. He half-squatted in front of Lau Mianyue and used his jade-like fingers to wipe her tears.

He asked, "Yue Er, what happened to you? Don't cry yet." As he spoke. He turned his head around and looked at Ye Xuehan with a slightly sentimental and doubtful gaze.

The sound of the jade beads hitting each other was very pleasant to hear, but the words that came out almost made Ye Xuehan vomit three liters of blood.

"Could it be that Han's head is really broken!" Ye Xuehan rolled her eyes when she heard that and said to her handsome father, "Dad, look at me, I am so quick-witted, do I look like that foolish person?"

Lan Muhua thought about it when he heard that. He turned his head to look at Lau Mianyue. His expression was so gentle that it was almost wet.

He said softly, "Yue Er, don't cry first. What happened? Tell your husband first."

Lau Mianyue listened to her husband's gentle and gentle words and held the hand that wiped her tears. She gently shook her head and said, "It's nothing. It's just that I thought that Han might really be like what that old man said this time. I..."

When Lan Muhua heard this, he knew the reason why his wife was crying. He comforted her and said," Yue Er, didn't we agree in the room just now? This is fate, how can you and I change it? When the child grows up, all we can do is support him. Besides, how can my Lan Muhua's daughter be an ordinary person? Since she can't leave this mortal world, we should believe that she will create a clear blue sky in this mortal world."

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