Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C840 The Image of an Emperor Born with the Momentum
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C840 The Image of an Emperor Born with the Momentum
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C840 The Image of an Emperor Born with the Momentum

His voice was clear and casual, "Mo Feng!"

Mo Feng, who was behind them, moved when he heard the voice. Before anyone could react,

sir Liu, who had sounded like Zhong Hong just now, had already stopped breathing.

He opened his turbid eyes, and his eyes were still filled with disbelief.

Such a bloodthirsty and ruthless method immediately shook the Imperial Court to the point of absolute silence.

Not to mention the fact that this group of pampered old scholars, Dongfang Jin, was frightened by this move, even Emperor Xiyue didn't think that Dongfang Jin would attack just like that.

It was clearly an elegant and gentle Young Master from the aristocratic family, but his means were so simple and crude.

His eyes fell upon the elegant back of the figure. At this moment, he finally realized the Thousand Ancient Sovereign that his senior brother had mentioned. What kind of elegance was this?!

There was naturally no need to talk about martial arts, talent, and strategy.

As the emperor, they loved the people and helped the world. However, they were only suitable to be wise rulers of a prosperous era. They could not lead the people to break through the darkness and welcome the dawn.

Dongfang Jin was different. He had the benevolence of a wise ruler of a prosperous era, and he also had the iron-blooded methods of a hero in a chaotic era.

In the face of such a situation, it was obvious that his methods were the simplest and most effective.

Dongfang Jin smiled elegantly. He was filled with an endless stream of emotions, but the words he said sent a chill down people's spine.

"Is there anyone else who is against it now? I can show you my kindness and send you all to accompany me!"

Everyone:... ""

Who would dare to object?

After they calmed down, Dongfang Jin dispersed the bloodthirsty and cold expression from before. He was elegant and approachable.

"Everyone, don't worry. It is a good thing that the Xiyue Country has merged with the Linfeng Country. Because of this, I have ordered the entire country to reduce the number of constables and to be exempted from taxes for three years. I want to build a new irrigation system and establish a national security order!"

This decree was a blow to the hearts of those who were loyal to the country.

The way they looked at Dongfang Jin was instantly different.

But the other people did not think so.

If the people were blessed, what about them?

Thinking like that, they asked.

Dongfang Jin sneered, "You? You should think about how many lives you have taken and how much money you have taken from the people!"

Nangong Feng was not an ordinary person either.

He was very clear about the situation inside and outside. It was not that he did not move. It was just that there were too many things involved in the past. If he moved, it would definitely be a major event for the country.

Now that the name list was in his hands, it was in the current situation.

How could he let go of this opportunity?

When the people below heard this, their faces turned pale, and cold sweat began to form on their foreheads.

Dongfang Jin was a man of his word. In the next few days, Dongfang Jin had changed all the officials in the Xiyue Country thoroughly.

Dongfang Jin did not let go of those corrupt officials who exploited the common people.

A few days ago, when Emperor Xiyue announced that the Xiyue Country would be integrated into the Linfeng Country, the civilians were in an uproar.

There were even riots happening everywhere.

But how could Dongfang Jin be a vegetarian? His methods were extremely ruthless, and he used the accumulated force of his blood to block the people's mouths.

However, as Dongfang Jin's way of punishing corrupt officials spread, the people obtained immediate benefits from it.

Slowly, they did not resist this matter anymore.

Ten days later, he looked at the outstanding man in front of him.

Emperor Xiyue's face was gentle, and his eyes were full of praise.

"You are indeed worthy of being the disciple that senior brother praised. You are indeed a king born with the opportunity!"

Even he might not be able to handle things so perfectly in such a short period of time.

Punishing corrupt officials, treating the people well, and executing kindness and authority at the same time.

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