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C841 Feng Wan Er

It's not that no one can use it, it's just that no one can use it as perfectly as he does.

Dongfang Jin was neither arrogant nor impatient, "Martial Uncle is too kind, Jin only did what she was supposed to do!"

"Haha, if it wasn't for you gaining the respect of the common people over the years, I'm afraid this matter wouldn't have been resolved smoothly."

At this point, Emperor Xiyue suddenly thought of another matter.

"You... you didn't have to do that at that time!"

If not for this, he would not add to the name of the person behind the scenes, and let the people behind the scenes gossip about him for a long time.

Dongfang Jin smiled and said, "Jin naturally has her own plans for the things that she did not gain. Martial Uncle doesn't need to keep thinking about it anymore!"

If a son is not a fish, how would he know the joy of a fish?

Emperor Xiyue saw that his face was calm and gentle, and he did not see the negative impact of this matter at all.

Although he didn't know how he had calculated the gains and losses, he still felt relieved in his heart.

"Everyone is calculating their own gains and losses with other people's eyes, but they don't know that this is the most foolish way. You clearly know what you want, and you can keep your heart. And you also have means. No wonder you can achieve what we can't!"

Such a person, even if fate was unfair, he could still step on a great path.

Dongfang Jin smiled but didn't say anything.

There was no rebuttal to his words. From the beginning to the end, he knew what was the most important and what was the most important in his heart.

Therefore, he had never made any extra choices!

"What's Martial Uncle's next plan?"

When he asked this, Emperor Xiyue's eyes were warm and gentle.

"I promised her that one day, I would let go of this heavy burden and accompany her to travel the mountains and rivers, and to build a relationship with the Jianghu. Now, it's time to fulfill my promise. "

Seeing Emperor Xiyue like this, Dongfang Jin suddenly remembered the person he had placed at the top of his heart.

"Such a free and unrestrained life is indeed something that people yearn for. She... also thought the same thing in the past."

However, he had selfishly dragged her into this turbulent situation, causing her to struggle against the flames of war.

At this moment, Dongfang Jin's brows were filled with tenderness. This kind of expression did not have the viciousness of his decisiveness in killing outside.

He was like a normal husband who missed his wife.

It was just that there was a hint of guilt between his brows.

He thought of the other disciple whom he had never met but was not unfamiliar with.

Emperor Xiyue's face also had a few traces of kindness. "You are different from us. You were born with the responsibility of being blessed by the heavens. Naturally, you cannot be compared to us who can be eliminated in a free and easy manner.

But if the two of them truly love each other and protect the pure feelings in their hearts, fate will not treat you unfairly. "

He patted Dongfang Jin's shoulder with a gentle look on his face.

"Remember, love can bloom in a long and narrow life. It will also bloom in the flames of war!"

In the evening, Prince Chen Prefecture.

A gentle and beautiful woman elegantly sat in the main hall of Nangong Feng's bedroom. She held Xi Moyao's hand, and her face was full of love.

"When will Yao Yao be willing to marry this little bastard?"

Hearing this, even Xi Moyao, who had always been generous, couldn't help but blush.

However, the veil covered her face and only revealed a pair of smiling eyes with a shy glint.

Previously, Nangong Feng would still be shocked when he saw this, but after seeing this many times, he became calm.

Xi Moyao was full of the aura of a bandit. In his previous life and this life, other than Kelly and Little Han, he had never seen her afraid of anyone.

Now, there was another person added, and that was his family's Empress - Feng Wan'er.

The quiet and idle young lady of a big family, Royal Father and he had never dared to speak loudly in front of her.

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