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C843 Who Is Your Son

Feng Wan'er, who was by the side, was obviously helping her precious son. She immediately added, "Just now, Yaoyao had already promised me that she would consider the marriage with Feng'er!"

A pleasantly surprised and gentle expression flashed across Emperor Xiyue's eyes. His gaze landed on Xi Moyao.

"Is what they said true? Little girl, did you agree?"

After being chased to this point, would Xi Moyao still have any room to go back on her words?

Bracing herself, she nodded with a smile," I have already agreed to let Auntie think about it! "

Nangong Feng, who was beside her, smiled and said, "What are you thinking about? In my opinion, I will just let Queen Mother Royal Father leave two days later and hold the wedding!"

Dongfang Jin heard this and looked at him as if he was watching a good show.

Sure enough, Xi Moyao's face immediately darkened. Even Feng Wan'er, who was protecting him, glared at him in disappointment.

"What nonsense are you saying? At this time of the day, you are going to hold a wedding. Who do you want to feel wronged about?"

After Feng Wan'er said that, Nangong Feng immediately reacted.

He secretly cursed himself for being too impatient and committing a crime at the critical moment.

He laughed dryly and apologized, "Yao, I was too impatient just now. Talking is not in my brain. Don't take it to heart. Don't worry, this young master will definitely give you a world-renowned wedding."

If the two of them talked about this privately, with the way he and Xi Moyao usually interacted,

at most, they would be more thick-skinned, and it would be fine to just say a few words of insult to each other.

But it happened to be in front of his parents and Dongfang Jin, this scoundrel. If he did not admit his mistake at this time and lower himself as a child, it was likely that the road of pursuing his wife would really be endless!

Feng Wan'er was also defeated by her own son's EQ and was afraid that Xi Moyao would think too much. She pulled her hand and said, "Yao Yao, don't worry. If this kid wronged you, I will be the first to disagree."

Nangong Feng smiled apologetically on the surface but in his heart he could not help but ridicule.

Who is your biological son?!

At this point, Xi Moyao wasn't such a pretentious person.

She lightly laughed, unable to draw out a clear and free feeling.

"Auntie, don't worry! If he wronged me, I will complain to you. When the time comes, don't help him!"

When these words came out, Emperor Xiyue and Feng Wan'er both expressed their views.

Everyone smiled and asked Dongfang Jin, "Martial Uncle, when will you leave tomorrow?"

Emperor Xiyue looked at Feng Wan'er, "We are preparing to leave tomorrow morning. You do not need to come to see us off. You will definitely see us when we meet."

Not to mention the distance, they would also come back when Feng'er and this girl got married.

Nangong Feng was not worried at all. He directly ridiculed, "You have to take it easy. Now that the situation is in chaos, and you have such an eye-catching identity, it would be better if you were not targeted by others!"

Emperor Xiyue was so angry that he immediately slapped the back of his head.

"Stinking brat, are you cursing me to die earlier?"

Nangong Feng howled in pain. I'm worried about you! You actually murdered your own son!"

As she spoke, she twisted her face and went to Feng Wan'er's place to find comfort.

Even though she knew that it was her son's fault, Feng Wan'er still protected her son.

"For so many years, he has always been this kind of person who speaks without restraint. Are you still not used to it?"

Emperor Xiyue felt wronged and was about to refute when he saw Feng Wan'er glare at him.

"He is still seriously injured! What's wrong with him? Do you want him to take care of you and send you off? Is it someone else's son?"

Whenever this topic was brought up, the" heartless man "Emperor Xiyue would automatically admit defeat.

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