Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C853 The Peak of the Seventh Summit
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C853 The Peak of the Seventh Summit
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C853 The Peak of the Seventh Summit

When Mo Feng and the others arrived, their faces turned pale when they saw the skinned wolf king. Their eyes were filled with great shock.

They had seen hellish training. They had seen piles of corpses in the cave of the dead. They had seen broken limbs left behind after animals were killed. They had also seen many bloody scenes.

None of them were as shocking as this scene!

At this moment, they finally saw what kind of bloodthirstiness was hidden beneath Dongfang Jin's peerlessly elegant appearance!

"What you have seen today, do not mention it in front of her!"

His voice was like the wind blowing from a thousand year old glacier, bone-chilling cold.

Mo Feng and 20 hidden guard quickly responded, "Yes! Young Master!"

Dongfang Jin indifferently kept his sword, his eyes were filled with thick black ink that could not be melted.

After finishing off the pack of wolves, the sky was already bright.

Even so, their group still had to raise their torches before they could move forward, because they really could not see the sun here!

Dongfang Jin divided the people around him into two groups. Those who were injured were not suitable to follow him forward.

He arranged for them to wait at the foot of the mountain.

With this, Dongfang Jin only had ten people left, including Mo Feng.

Dongfang Jin led them up the mountain.

According to the traces they found at the foot of the mountain, Lan Xuehan was most likely in Seventh Peak.

Dongfang Jin understood Lan Xuehan's character. If she entered the Seventh Peak, she would definitely go and find Feng Juechen Ganoderma.

According to the ancient books, Feng Juechen Ganoderma was on the summit of the Seventh Peak!

Just as Dongfang Jin was thinking about Lan Xuehan, he heard someone shout, "Young master, there are clues here!"

Dongfang Jin quickly went over and saw the three-toe footprint that he saw at the foot of the mountain clearly appear here.

Not only that, the series of footprints that were stepped on in the dense bushes were very clear.

Dongfang Jin pursed his pale lips tightly, suppressing all kinds of emotions in his heart.

His voice was dry and cold, "Go!"

The hidden guard spread out when it heard the sound, trying to not let go of a single thread of spider silk.

After walking a few more steps, Mo Feng's voice was shocked, "Young Master, look here!"

Dongfang Jin followed the direction Mo Feng pointed at and looked over.

In the lush green shrubbery, there was a very eye-catching blue shirt. There were also traces of blood on the side, which made Dongfang Jin's eyes hurt.

The blue shirt seemed to have been left behind not long ago.

There were many women who loved to wear blue clothes in this world, but the only one who could appear here was... his family's Crown Princess!

In addition to this tiny bit of blood, Mo Feng felt as if his throat was stuck with something. He felt stifled and stifled.

The coldness in Dongfang Jin's eyes flowed freely, and the aura around his body froze into ice inch by inch.

His expression was sinister and cold, and his voice shattered with a wisp of stubborn resolution.

"Find her! She... absolutely won't..."

The words that he hadn't finished speaking were all pressed onto Dongfang Jin's thin white lips.

Mo Feng nodded with a solemn expression.

Following these marks, they found the peak of Seventh Peak.

Seeing the scene on the peak, Mo Feng finally understood what it meant to be a place left behind by a miracle!

If the trees at the foot of the mountain were dark and blocked out the sun, then the spacious peak was like a blinding white light.

This white was not the white that was piled up by the heavy snow, nor was it the white that was laid out by plants.

It was the white of nothing.

There were no creatures on the white, only the rocks that were exposed to the sunlight.

However, they were not the first ones to come up.

This white patch... had already been destroyed.

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