Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C855 She must Still be Alive!
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C855 She must Still be Alive!
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C855 She must Still be Alive!

It's really as painful as it was at that time!

He had always thought that what he had seen in the past was merely an illusion, but there were some things that happened... as if it was fated.

It was just that she was fortunate enough to be blessed by the heavens, so she was always safe and sound.

This time... would it be the same?

Furthermore, her master had once said that there was still a calamity in her life. She could not live in peace... but it was not for death!

Then... Would she be safe and sound this time as well?

Dongfang Jin, who had never believed in fate, firmly believed what Old Man Tianshan had told him back then.

He was afraid... he was afraid that if he didn't believe this, he wouldn't believe it. ...

Then there would be no more sunlight and warmth in this world!

Dongfang Jin used all his strength to suppress the uneasiness in his heart, and a cold voice sounded.

"Find, you must find her! She..."

At this point, it was as if he was telling others and himself.

Her tone was firm and resolute, as if the heavens and earth had suddenly returned to being a person's deep affection.

"She... must still be alive!"

The danger in Seventh Peak had been swept away by Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin.

Dongfang Jin ordered people to search for Lan Xuehan for five days and five nights, but they did not find any trace of her in Seventh Peak.

But five days later, the people he sent finally found out the geography of Seventh Peak.

But the result made their hearts sink even more.

Dongfang Jin's cold eyes swept across Mo Feng, his voice hoarse and low to the point of breaking.

"What did you say? Under the cliff of Seventh Peak is a river?"

Mo Feng's forehead was covered in cold sweat as he replied with great pressure, "Young master, the area around the Longshan Mountain is surrounded by water. The bottom of the cliff of Seventh Peak is really a river!"

The river was the second largest river in the Zihua Country, and it flowed through half of the Zihua Country.

The Seventh Peak was a place where divine miracles were left behind, so there were very few records about it. No one in the world knew that it was a river that fell from the cliff.

Then... In this way, Crown Princess's situation became even more difficult to predict!

Dongfang Jin pursed his thin lips, his expression cold to the point of making people tremble in fear.

After a long time, he ordered, "Prepare the horses! Go to Hua City!"

Hua City?

Mo Feng was shocked. "Young master, now..."

He was just about to persuade Dongfang Jin that they were in the territory of Lan Yuhua of the Zihua Country.

However, when his eyes met Dongfang Jin's cold eyes, he swallowed his saliva and swallowed all of his words.

Even if the mountain collapsed, the sky would collapse and the earth would sink, and it wouldn't be as important as Crown Princess!

Dongfang Jin ordered his men to deliver the news to Su Qinglan of Seoul as fast as they could.

He also spread the news of Lan Xuehan's death in Longshan Mountain.

In just a few days, this news caused a huge uproar.

Who was Lan Xuehan?

There was probably no one in this world who did not know, and no one did not know!

She was a direct disciple of Skysnow Mountain, the wife of Dongfang Jin, the leader of all Four Young Masters in the world, and Crown Princess of Linfeng Country.

She became famous during the Four Nations Banquet, and later on, she displayed her outstanding talent in the battles in Li City.

How could the sudden news of such a heaven warping genius's death not make people feel shocked and regretful?

Lan City, in the tent of Holy Snow Country.

Beiming Yu's handsome face, which had always been calm and collected, had a blank look on it.

He asked in a daze, "What did you say? Who did you say was dead?"

Ming Yi said, "Your Majesty, a spy came to report that Concubine Prince Xu died in Longshan Mountain!"

After hearing it clearly once more, Beiming Yu suddenly stood up. His body was filled with a murderous aura.

"Shut up! Who allowed you to create such a rumor? She is such a smart and talented person, how... how could it be... "

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