Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C858 He Was like a Fairy Consort!
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C858 He Was like a Fairy Consort!
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C858 He Was like a Fairy Consort!

If he had heard such news during normal times, Lan Yuhua would definitely punish him for it.

However, after learning about Lan Xuehan's death today, he was in an extremely good mood.

He only ordered, "Find Dongfang Jin's whereabouts as soon as possible! Also, order the three armies to attack the defensive line of Linfeng Country!"

He wanted to see if the Linfeng Country's morale was still high without Lan Xuehan.

Unfortunately, he looked down on Lan Xuehan's prestige among the soldiers of the Linfeng Country.

When they heard the news of Lan Xuehan's death, the soldiers of the Linfeng Country were filled with grief and indignation. They swore to avenge Lan Xuehan!

Such a talented person was actually gone just like that!

When they thought of their highly respected Prince Xu, the flames of anger in everyone's hearts rose even more!

The flames of war were spreading on this side, but Dongfang Jin's side finally had a trace of a bright light.

"What did you say? Say it again!"

Dongfang Jin's gloomy face that had been gloomy for many days finally relaxed a little. A hint of joy appeared in his dark black eyes.

When Mo Feng saw this, he excitedly said it again.

"According to reliable information, someone once saved a woman in the river downstream. As for the exact situation, someone has already been sent to investigate. I think there will be news soon."

This news was undoubtedly a warm spring breeze for Dongfang Jin, who was in the midst of the broken glaciers.

These days, he had relied on Old Man Tianshan's theory of fate to support himself and constantly forced himself to believe that she was still alive.

But no one knew how empty and desolate his heart was. It was like a grassland that had been burned by a wildfire.

Now, the heavens had finally treated him well!

"Prepare the horses!"

Mo Feng had already guessed that his young master would never wait for the news, so he had prepared everything beforehand.

On the other side, in a simple and crude mud house with a broken dam.

The girl's face was pale, and her fluttering eyelashes cast a shadow on her fair face. Her perfect lips were pale, and her ink-black hair was smooth and soft like satin.

It was as if she was an immortal concubine who had fallen into the mortal world by accident. This woman was extremely beautiful, and she was an existence that could overturn all living things.

This person was Lan Xuehan!

Beside her stood a man with a mediocre face and a wretched look between his brows. The lustful light in his eyes kept sweeping over Lan Xuehan's body.

Behind him came a woman carrying a basin and an old woman with an ugly face.

When the woman saw her husband looking at the woman lying on the bed like this, a dark light flashed across her eyes and the corner of her mouth was tightly pursed.

Such a beautiful woman, even a woman like her would be moved when she saw it, let alone this greedy, lecherous, and lascivious man.

With just one look, she could tell that she was the daughter of a wealthy family. How could she let her entire family get into trouble?

She took a step forward to block her husband's gaze, then pinched her handkerchief to wipe the face of the woman on the bed.

The old woman had a look of disgust. "Gou Yu, it's already been seven days. Why hasn't this girl woken up yet? You picked up a half-dead person. What if she dies in our house and gets into trouble? "

The old woman took a look and knew that her son had been brought back because of this woman's good looks.

It was just that she was handsome, but she was about to die. What was the use of picking her up? She might even cause a lot of trouble!

When the daughter-in-law heard this, her eyes flashed slightly.

She quietly pulled Lan Xuehan's clothes and covered half of the ganoderma that was exposed.

Where did Granny know how to take care of people? It was even more so for her husband, she would not let him get close to her.

Therefore, she was the one who handled this matter of wiping her face and changing her clothes.

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