Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C859 Isn't That a Human Trafficker
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C859 Isn't That a Human Trafficker
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C859 Isn't That a Human Trafficker

Remembering a few days ago, when he saw this woman, the wounds all over her body, and the way she looked like she was on the verge of death, made one's heart ache even more.

Her husband and mother-in-law were not good people.

The reason why they picked her up was probably because they took a fancy to her gorgeous appearance. Perhaps it was because it could bring them some benefits!

In that case, let alone spending money to hire a doctor for her.

When she was changing her clothes, she also found Lingzhi in the woman's arms.

With an attitude of wanting to give it a try, she tore off a small piece and fed it to her.

Although she did not understand medicine, it seemed that there was still some effect.

Later on, she was afraid that her husband and mother-in-law would see the Lingzhi as her own, so she hid the Lingzhi on her body.

With her watching over the house, even if her husband had evil thoughts in his heart, he did not dare to act recklessly!

After all, her uncle was the village chief of the Liu Family Village!

The dog's remaining eyes were glued to Lan Xuehan's body. When he heard the old woman's question, he carelessly waved his hand and said, "What trouble can there be? Perhaps this woman is the concubine that escaped from the Liu Family!"

A woman who looked like a demoness and was covered in injuries was picked up from the riverside.

In such chaos of war, she was definitely not a good son!

If she was cured...

Staring at Lan Xuehan's beautiful face, the lustful light in the dog's eyes made people nauseous.

When that old woman saw her son's expression, she knew what he was thinking in his heart!

His old face had a vulgar ugliness, and his turbid eyes flashed with a gloomy light.

"No, she can't stay! If she dies in our house, then it will be troublesome!"

Even though he didn't know what kind of identity this woman had, dying mysteriously in their family was truly unlucky!

The remaining wife, which was Ying Niang, heard their conversation.

With pity on her face, she turned around and tried to persuade them.

"Mother, this girl's injuries are too severe! Let's get a doctor for her. After all, this is a human life! "

The old woman frowned," Invite a doctor? Don't be so kind. Our family is so poor that we can't even open the pot. Where would we find the money to hire a doctor for her? "

Originally, when he heard that Ying Niang wanted to invite a doctor for this woman, he thought that if he treated her, he might even get a lot of benefits from her!

If possible, he could enjoy it for a while.

However, his own mother's words woke him up.

He had the heart of a thief, but not the power of a thief!

"Yeah! Ying Niang, how can we have the money to hire a doctor for her? Why don't you borrow some money from your uncle? "

The remaining dog had a wretched look of anticipation.

When Ying Niang heard this, her expression changed.

She angrily said, "All these years, because of your matter, you have caused quite a bit of trouble for uncle. I don't even dare to go to aunt's house anymore. Do you still have the face to ask me to borrow money from them?"

Furthermore, whether or not the borrowed money could be used to treat this girl's illness was still uncertain!

When Gou Yu heard this, he was unhappy. "It's you who wants to be that rotten good person. Why are you asking me to borrow money from us?"


Seeing that her son and daughter-in-law were about to start arguing, the old woman's expression turned cold.

She rudely said, "Enough, why are you quarreling over an outsider?"

Glancing at Lan Xuehan who was lying on the bed, a trace of disdain flashed across her turbid eyes.

"Such a woman, with one look, it is obvious that she is just a concubine of a rich family. With her appearance, how could she look like a dignified person?"

He turned around to look at his son. "Go and find Second Master Wang!"

Second Master Wang?

Wasn't that a human trafficker?

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