Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C9 Farewell and Acknowledge Me as Your Master
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C9 Farewell and Acknowledge Me as Your Master
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C9 Farewell and Acknowledge Me as Your Master

After listening to Lan Muhua's confidence and heroic comforting words, Lau Mianyue finally stopped crying. She reached out and held Lan Muhua's hand, which was wiping her tears, and said firmly, "Yes, our daughter is naturally not inferior to dust. I really should not be worrying unnecessarily and add to my troubles."

Ye Xuehan heard their conversation and felt that something must have happened. Who was that old man? How could she not be ordinary? What was the identity of her parents?

She did not think that the imposing aura of that noble and extraordinary person in positions of power could be possessed by an ordinary martial arts alliance master.

While she was sizing her up, Lan Muhua, who had comforted his wife, turned his head around. He said to her, "Han, you have to keep your fate in check. It is difficult to break a person's heart. You are still young, so it is not good for me to talk to you. When you reach the end of the line, I will tell you everything. In the future, you'll have to make the decision of the many things you need to do."

At this moment, Lan Muhua was pulling back his joke, which was more serious and loving.

Ye Xuehan looked at her father in this life and thought about what he had to do with her. Since she had become their daughter, she had to give them proper respect. As for those matters, as a modern general, would he not be able to settle them?

Immediately, she grinned and nodded, "Father, there is no need to force it. My daughter understands."

Lan Muhua looked at his daughter, who had changed a lot. He could no longer find the arrogant and unreasonable look he had in the past. All he could see was the beautiful scenery of Tsinghua University.

He thought to himself that his daughter was just as the old man had said. The changes were huge. Perhaps in the future, the world would change, and his daughter would truly have a place in the world.

However, so what? He didn't care that much, the two women in front of him were the most important people in his life. Even if he had to give up everything, he had to protect them for the rest of their lives.

He touched Ye Xuehan's silk-like black hair lovingly and said, "Han has grown up. This time, her injuries changed her temperament. It can be considered a blessing in disguise. In the past, your mother would still blame me for pampering you to the point of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth. Now, your mother will not blame father anymore. "

When Lau Mianyue heard this, her willowy eyebrows immediately stood up and she said angrily, "You still have the nerve to say it. If not for your indulgence, who in the manor would dare to let a seven year old child like her ride a horse? In the end, I was injured and almost scared out of my soul."

When Lan Muhua saw his beloved wife, although there was anger on her face, her beautiful eyes were slightly red and her lips were slightly pursed. He couldn't help but kiss her. He quickly pecked the corner of her mouth and smiled in satisfaction.

Ye Xuehan saw that when her father came in, he could only roll his eyes at her. A standard wife slave! She slightly curled her lips but didn't make a sound.

Lau Mianyue lightly punched Lan Muhua's chest with her pink fist and said with a face full of happiness and shyness, "In the future, there will be no proper person. My daughter is still here! Be careful that your daughter will laugh at you in the future. "

When Lan Muhua heard that, he smiled and said, "It's fine. She has seen a lot of things. It's not strange. Let her know that her parents are lovey-dovey! "

Ye Xuehan listened to their conversation and thought about the simple happiness she had longed for in the past. It was like a dream. And she hoped that this dream would never wake up.

At this time, Yi slowly walked in. She bowed slightly. Although she was a maid, the temperament of a young lady from a noble family was not the slightest bit tarnished. She opened her mouth and said, "Patriarch, Madam, the medicine of the Young Miss is ready."

When Lan Muhua heard this, he instructed, "Go and bring it over. Let Miss drink it while it's hot."

Yi respectfully replied, "Yes, Patriarch." Then she turned around and left.

Lan Muhua was just about to tell his daughter to stop messing around and drink the medicine when... A burst of bell-like laughter rang out, and he said, "The Purple Tenebrum Qi has come from another world, and it will settle the heaven and earth for the goddess. When the world is in turmoil, the thousand years of Hua Zhang will be divided into three parts."

Ye Xuehan was thinking about the phrase 'the Purple Tenebrum Qi has come from another world', and she thought that the person who came was definitely not simple. She had only been here for less than a day. Someone already knew about her background. Moreover, it was unknown whether she was a friend or foe, which was very disadvantageous to her. In an instant, Ye Xuehan's thoughts spun back and forth dozens of times. She planned to do everything in the worst possible way. She wanted to fight to the death and not admit it. So what if someone came!

After thinking of a solution, she raised her head to look at the door without batting an eyelid. What entered her eyes was a white-haired old man with snowy white hair, but his eyes were extremely bright. There was no turbid hair that was close to a hundred years old. There was only a smile on his face. However, that old man seemed to be smiling at him!

She looked at this old man with some doubt, but in her heart, she was thinking about what he would think. He didn't seem like a person who knew the destiny, but more like an old man from the winery. Because there was a wine gourd hanging from his waist. One look and one could tell that he was a person who loved wine. However, her many years of thinking clearly told her that the person who came wasn't simple. Otherwise, how would she know that she came from a different world! Just as she was thinking of how to deal with it carefully.

Lau Mianyue, who saw the person who came, started to cry again. Lan Muhua, who was rarely seen, did not comfort his beloved wife at this time. He only held her hand tightly, the corners of his mouth tightly pursed, and his eyes revealed a contemplative look.

The old man did not see the suppressed atmosphere in the room and took a step forward. After sizing up Ye Xuehan who was looking at him, he laughed loudly and said, "My old man observed the weather a few days ago and saw that the female star was shining brightly. There was purple gas lingering around. Calculating the time, he knew that the goddess had descended. It was almost the same as what he knew seven years ago. And today, he saw that she was indeed extraordinary! It wasn't in vain for me to have thought for so many years to obtain this disciple. I have no regrets."

After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Lan Muhua and his wife. He said, "Patriarch Lan, Madam Lan, what my old man said seven years ago shouldn't be bad, right? Now all of you should be able to see that my daughter has changed in response to the calamity. It is indeed the will of the heavens. I have come especially for your daughter this time. Do as I said seven years ago. You shouldn't have stopped me from taking her as my disciple, right?"

Under the sharp gaze of the old man, Lan Muhua actually showed respect to the strong. He also clearly understood that the old man's martial arts and inner energy were unfathomable. Furthermore, he had not changed in seven years and was still in high spirits. It was not something that an ordinary person could compare with.

If his daughter took this master as her master, it would not be a bad thing. As for fate, it was just as he had thought. Everything had its own fate. He believed in his own daughter.

The old man's expression was calm and composed. His eyes were filled with confidence and joy when they met Lan Muhua's gaze, because he believed that he would definitely take Ye Xuehan away. As for joy? If this disciple was afraid of trouble, he would wake up laughing even in his dreams!

Looking at Lan Muhua's expression at this moment, he must have a plan in his heart.

Indeed, Lan Muhua first solemnly gave a fist salute. Then he said solemnly, "Everything is as senior said, but now my daughter is already seven years old. My husband and I do not wish to impose our wishes on my daughter. After asking my daughter, we'll give you an answer, how about it? "

Lan Muhua's words were sincere. When the old man heard it, he waved his hand and said, "Of course. But this little girl is right here. Let this old man ask her. The two of you just listen."

Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue did not say anything. The old man smiled and asked, "Girl, I want to take you as my disciple. Are you willing? Don't worry. After becoming my disciple, I will definitely teach you everything I have learned in my life. Thinking about it, the current Shenghe Mainland is not a place for me to lie. In terms of martial arts and sword techniques, in terms of medicine, in terms of the stars, in terms of the Hidden Gates, there are very few people who can defeat me in terms of military security. How many people rushed to be my disciple but I didn't agree! How about it? Do you agree?"

Ye Xuehan watched the old man show off and only smiled as she shook her head and said," No, I don't agree. It's boring. I won't go and suffer! "

When the old man heard this, his expression changed slightly and he was still smiling as if Ye Xuehan had agreed to him. However, he immediately revealed a cunning look and whispered to Ye Xuehan, "Three stars accompany each other to birth, one star for you, the other two stars..." He did not finish his words and only gave a meaningful smile. He was sure that Ye Xuehan would agree to him because of this sentence.

Sure enough, Ye Xuehan revealed shock and joy as she looked at the old man. Without her previous self complacency, she eagerly asked, "Do you know where the two of them are? Are they well?"

That old man only shook his head and said, "Heaven's secrets cannot be divulged. However, if you have the ability and ability, in the future, it is also possible to find them. But this world follows the law of the jungle, are you sure you don't want to learn some skills? Are you willing to be at the mercy of others in the future and have no power to resist? I can tell you clearly that your future path and destiny is not simple. If you can't even protect yourself, then how can you protect the people you care about? I won't force you. Think about it carefully before replying to me! "

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