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"Let me go, please" a lady pleaded as she was dragged forcefully by some masked guys

"Shut up! Who told you it's safe at night, especially for ladies like you? A hefty masked man dressed in a black jacket and trousers with red shoes stepped in and yelled loudly. The man has a large deep old cut on his face which gave him this dreadful look. He had this red hat above his scattered black hair. In his hand, lay a short cigarette which he has been smoking since.

"I'm sorry, but please just let me go, I promise not to be late again." She replied trembling greatly with fear.

"Everyone leave at once and Pablo, get me Moon" He growled. The boys left immediately as if their lives depended on it.

Pablo, stood there trembling in fear.

"And what's with you? The hefty masked man from earlier asked.

"Stone! You know how callous and ruthless Moon is, he may have my head if I knock on his door without notice," he replied facing downwards, shivering.

Stone gasped and dialled a number. "Your presence is needed here" he ordered and the person on the other side of the phone hung the call immediately.

"Bastard! He yelled into his phone and sat on his huge black chair.

"What a fine bitch, we got here! He stared at her through his mask seductively as he chuckled. The lady has short blonde hair with oceanic eyes, a fair skin. Her lips glitter and are a bit glossy. She's a bit plump. She couldn't stop shivering. Her eyes were full of terror.

A young masked man stepped in, he wore black throughout with a long black jacket hovering in the wind.

"Welcome! my most trusted gee! He clapped slowly and continued "we saw this damsel wandering around and I thought it wise to bring her to you as my gift for yesterday's operation." He chuckled, massaging his jaw.

"I don't have time for such, Stone. Girls are out of my priorities" the young man whose name happens to be Moon, scoffed while glaring hard at her.

"Seriously?" Stone let out a low laugh and caressed the lady's cheek.

"She has flawless skin, She's endowed. I would have had her for myself, I thought I was being kind." He pushed the lady and she fell, immediately. While he lighted a cigarette.

"If that's why you called me, I will take my leave then." He made to leave but Stone spoke up, making him stop

"Not so fast, Moon! I still have the records here. I can play it anytime I want, to the police and you know things won't be nice." He smirked, twirling a tape.

"That's all you can do, Blackmail!" Moon clenched his fist. "If not, for one thing, you would have been dead by now. Old goat" Moon snarled and turned to him.

"Now come along, I control your every move. With this baby" he kissed the tape and stared at him. "you are powerless" He laughed hysterically and stood up. Coming closer to Moon, he whispered to him.

"Go and do what I instructed, I don't care about your priorities. Lay with the girl or I'll do it myself. You remember Rose!"

Immediately, Moon turned and punched him so hard, leaving him on the floor. "Don't you ever mention her name again!" He yelled with teary eyes.

The guys turned to attack Moon while Stone halted them. He cleaned his busted lip and stood up abruptly as he chuckled.

"She was so sweet, but unfortunately, you know what." He licked his lips and continued laughing.

"Do what's right, Moon." He smirked and left the building while two other guys outside followed him.

Moon facepalmed himself as he remembered Rose. She was his fiancée.

He sighed and moved towards the lady. He stared at her, she was indeed pretty and looked all innocent. Ever since what happened to Rose, he swore never to like any girl. Girls swarm around him but he didn't give a damn. His heart belongs to Rose alone and that's it. He hardly gets sentimental. He's one cold mean gee.

"And what were you doing outside, young lady?" His deep voice came out clearly.

"I...lost track of time, I ...tried getting home early using this shortcut and I was caught." She stuttered shivering in fear.

"I see" he breathed out a sigh, brought out a cigarette and lighted it. He sat down on a seat, crossing his legs.

"Next time, try to be careful!" He ordered.

She nodded in fear.

"And you know why I'm here? He asked.

She became mute for some seconds and finally spoke up" he instructed you to lay with me"

"Hmmm, What should I do? He asked letting out a cloud of smoke. The room became quiet. After a while, she spoke up.

"Please, don't. I beg of you" she pleaded, crawling up to his feet, with her face upon it.

"I don't have time for such and he knows that, he just wants to get on my nerves." He sighed deeply.

"What should I do with you?" he muttered, facing the lady.

"Huh?" She asked

"What do you suggest? I have to prove to the boys outside that I laid with you, they are there to convey information to him. He added.

"Then ...we put up an act" She stuttered, she can't believe that she was discussing with a man sent to rape her.

"Seriously!" Moon half yelled as he spat out his half cigarette.


A noise was heard inside. The two guys stood still with the assumption that Moon is making his move on the lady

"That lady is dripping hot," one of the guys said.

"Moon must be having a good time over there, I wish I was him. With the way, he acted like he didn't want to do it, I almost thought he was gay." The second one added

"I can already imagine having the girl in my arms already"

"Snap out of it!" the second guy hit the other one, hard on his head.

Immediately Moon came out pushing the lady. Get going" he yelled

"You weren't even worth the time."

The lady whimpers and kept on leaping to the car. Her clothes were torn exposing some parts. Her thighs were visible and the boys couldn't help but stare lustfully.

"What!" Moon yelled making them shriek in fear.

"Nothing, since you are done with her, can't we have some taste, she looks appetising" He winked and shamelessly licked his lips.

Moon glared hard at him and he kept quiet. "I can see that you don't value your life, you are lucky, I'm with someone, I would've had your head to the dogs.

The guy moved backwards as his flirty face immediately changed to anxiety.

The girl moved out staggering like she was really wounded while Moon headed to his car and zoomed off. After some meters, he met the girl on the way and asked her to hop in. Well, that was the plan. During the drive, the girl felt really uncomfortable which Moon failed not to notice. The ride was a long and boring one as no one spoke to each other

It was 11 pm when they got to his house. He stays in a duplex in an isolated area. He has no neighbours, the closest estate was a mile away. He loves this isolation ever since tragedy struck him.

Even Stone doesn't know his whereabouts. He makes sure that he leaves no trace of himself. Just that Stone was lucky to know his face and that's his identity. Most of the gang do not know.

"You will stay here tonight and first thing in the morning, you leave my premises." He ordered

"Wow" wasn't that the nice man, I was with earlier?" She thought

He was about to alight when the lady interrupted with a "thank you"

She kept playing with her fingers and didn't look up. Moon stared at her and his eyes caught her exposed thighs. He removed his long black jacket and threw it at her.

"Cover up, you are almost naked" he ordered

The girl was shocked, firstly, she didn't expect much generosity from him and he didn't even try to touch her otherwise.

She slowly picked it up and muttered a thank you. He left the car walking towards his door.

"Stacy! that's my name" She yelled to the hearing of Moon. He turned and saw her holding firmly to his jacket as she used it to cover herself.

He turned back towards the door opened it and walked in. The house was built in affluence. Stacy couldn't help but stare.

"Come, let me show you, your room. Just for Tonight" he led her to a luxurious room with ravishing intern decors.

"Woow" Stacy stared at the walls. It seemed like a palace. She turned to him and thanked him.

"You can use the bathroom as well," he said and left for his room.

After two minutes, he came in with a nice gown and dropped it on her bed. Meanwhile, Stacy was in the bathroom.

She came out with a towel wrapped around her, stopping below her knees. She saw the beautiful gown lying on the bed. Woow" she muttered.

She wore the dress and it fitted her perfectly, showing off her curves though it was a little tight. She twirled gleefully and plopped on the bed.

She held her chest breathing heavily. She was happy, she could have been raped, but things took a different turn. Compare to the stories she had heard about rape, hers was too good to be true. Like a fairy tale.

"A damsel in distress saved by a generous masked knight" she spoke lowly and added an air quote while grinning from ear to ear.

"I wonder what he looks like? He had that mask on all day" she thought.

"I bet he will be a young handsome man, wait! What are you thinking Stacy? Snap way out of it. Even if he saved you, he still isn't a good man for associating with such criminals." She spoke to herself. Landing light slaps on her cheeks and tossed on the bed. She turned off the light but couldn't sleep.

What if? Something bad happens. Her mind was unease. She kept on tossing around the bed. She couldn't get the hang of it again. She stood up and went to the window. She lifted the glass and got a clear view of the moon. The environment was lonely, more trees and grass stood by. No sign of any building, this sent shivers down her spine. The river moved gently. Birds perched to take a little drink.

The breeze swooped into her room, lifting her hair. She breathed in the fresh air and gasped.

"Thank you Lord" she muttered.

While gazing at the lonely night, a bat flew directly at her and she hurriedly closed the window, gasping for air.

"Oops! That was way much close" she held her heart. She left her room since she couldn't sleep, getting to the passway. She saw the other 3 rooms in which one of them was opened. She tip-toed to the opened one assuming it would be her knight in shining armour's room.

She peeped and saw a manly figure on the bed. The lamp was still on and the window was slightly open. Beside the bed was the mask, she had stared at all night. Right now, she was convinced that it was "his" room

She gasped. Could it be? She held her mouth. "I could see his face? She thought.

She tip-toed and went towards the bed. Getting there, she marvelled at the sight of whom she has seen.

His face came to view and some of his hair covered his eyes. His eyes were perfectly closed. He looked gorgeous.

"What a god?" She stood beside him admiring his face. Suddenly, her eyes caught his bare skin, and that was when she realised that she had been staring at a shirtless man since. She gasped.

He had no shirt on, his abs became visible and his duvet covered only his waist down to his toes. With a slight peek, his trousers came into view. He had some on. Thank goodness.

Moving her eyes to his face again, she reached to touch his face when he suddenly opened his eyes.

He caught her hand, dragging her to himself and swiftly turned, being on top of her while she lay on the bed. Her eyes widened, staring clearly at his bare manly chest. He pinned her hands on the bed, beside her trunk.

New chapter is coming soon
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