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C5 005

Everyone laughed at that. This Pinot Grigio really was good; very smooth and it was going down easy. I was feeling a little light headed and the tone of the conversation did have me a little excited. I tried not to think about sex too much to avoid wanting to have it, but these questions were making me think about things I didn't consider very often.

Sydney was next. "Would you ever want to be DP'd or airtight? Do you think Tanner would ever let you be with another man?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you just said. What's DP'd or airtight?"

Sydney laughed. "You are naive for someone who went to college. DP is double penetration. Theoretically, it means having pricks in any two of your three holes, but more usually, it means being penetrated in your pussy and ass at the same time. Airtight means you have a prick plugging all three holes."

"My God, you're kidding me! Who wants to be fucked in the ass?" I asked, so shocked I used the f-word, even though I hated it on general principles.

All nine of my friends slowly raised their hands, kind of watching what the others were doing.

"All of you!" I exclaimed. "Erin and Suki, you're lesbians, when would you ever get anyone to put their penis in your butt?"

"Kind of the purpose of a strap-on, Brooke," Suki said. "Any time we need a cock like object in our body, the other one can provide it for us. Just because I want to be with a woman does not mean I do not want to feel something in my pussy or ass."

"Really? The butt?"

"It has almost as many nerve endings as your clitoris," Tiffany said. "It feels good to have someone fuck you there as long as they're the slightest bit careful. Haven't you ever watched any porn?"

"My Dad told me porn is not an accurate representation of love between a man and a woman. He said it tends to objectify women and turn them into vessels for men's cum, and not two people in a loving relationship."

"He's right. Most porn is designed for men and I hate how all men think you should do everything a porn actress does, but there is some better stuff out there which does porn more from a woman's point of view. At least if gives you a clue about what men might expect."

"In answer to Sydney's question, I'd give an emphatic no to being DP'd or airtight. I doubt if Tanner would want me to be with another man. I can't imagine he would. After fighting so hard for me to have sex with him, why would he want me to give it away to another person. Tiffany, I guess you're next."

She thought for a moment. "Since you're not having sex with Tanner, what are you doing for sex? And what is Tanner doing? I can't imagine he's gone without any sex at all for the last six to eighteen months; whenever he decided to go exclusive."

"I can't speak totally for Tanner. I only know what he does around me, but he masturbates, and I do too, although it's always after he's left."

"But you've never seen his dick?" Donna asked. "How's that work?"

"He goes into another room so I'm not tempted to help him or otherwise participate."

"You don't even let him rub himself in front of you? How you hold on to this freak? Hasn't he got any sex drive?" Donna asked.

Good old Donna, no playing around with her. I shrugged my shoulders. "He must love me."

"That don't sound like love to me. Sounds like you got this mo-fo so pussy whipped, he don't know which way is up. Most of the boys I know, throw you down on the bed and plug you hard and fast you pull any of that shit on them."

"Thank goodness I'm not marrying any of the boys you know."

"Maybe you should be. I'm worried Tanner won't know what to do with you when he get you. No offense, Sydney. Your brother don't sound right in the head."

"Maybe he's saving himself so he can fuck her half to death on their wedding night," Sydney said laughing.

"Well if Brooke ain't walking bow legged the following morning, he done fucked that up too." Everybody laughed again and Tiffany suggested more drinks. Everyone was glad to drink more.

While she was getting drinks, Tiffany said, "Taylor, if you're going to ask a question, nows the time."

"How do you masturbate, Brooke? Do you use a toy? Surely you put something in your vajayjay?"

"No more than two fingers. I'm an old fashioned girl. If it needs batteries or a power cord, I don't use it."

"Why the hell not?" Tiffany asked, handing me another wine.

"If I'm not going to surrender my virginity to a guy before I'm married, why surrender it to a machine? A guy would be preferable and I'm not doing it with him, so I won't do it with the other."

"Surrender your virginity?" Sydney asked.

"Yeah, I mean I guess I still have my hymen. I haven't done anything which I thought would break it. Hopefully, it means Tanner will pop my cherry."

They all burst out laughing. Sydney and Taylor were doubled up they were laughing so hard and it didn't sound like Maria or Donna could catch their breath. Cheyenne was hiccuping. Tiffany patted me on the shoulder and I turned to look at her.

"Oh, honey, you're talking about one of these things," and she pulls this ten inch monstrosity out of her purse and waves it in front of my nose. "I suppose if you fucked yourself with one of these, you'd pop your cherry." There was another wave of laughter and I had to smile, even if I was the source of all their laughter. "But not all toys are this big. Some toys are much smaller and will leave your hymen intact for Tanner." There was a lot more giggling and tittering. "I think it's time the bride-to-be opens up her presents, don't you girls?"

"Hell yes," Yvonne said, "but I haven't asked Brooke my question yet."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Have you tasted yourself on your fingers?"

Everyone looked at me again, waiting for my answer. You could have heard a pin drop.

I grinned at her and said, "Yes, I have."

"You go girl," Erin said. "You're halfway lezzie already."

"Whatever made you decide to taste yourself?" Yvonne asked.

"I had to know what I'd taste like when Tanner finally licked my cunt." I hated using that word, but God, I needed to get a few quick digs back.

Everyone started laughing again, whooping it up.

"Just wait until you taste yourself on Tanner's big dick, Brooke," Taylor said.

I said, "Huh," and they all started laughing harder.

Donna stopped laughing long enough to say, "You ain't never tasted pussy as good as your pussy on his prick, honey, and that's God's honest truth."

"Let me hear you say, Amen, sisters," Cheyenne said.

"Amen," six or seven voices said.

Surely they weren't thinking I would suck his penis after he made love to me, were they? I hoped not. Everyone retrieved their gifts for me.

"I'd like to propose a rule before Brooke starts opening her gifts," Tiffany said. "I think Brooke needs to model or try out any of our gifts to her for us. All in favor, raise your hand."

Nine hands shot up. Mine the only one not wiggling at the top of an upraised arm. "I'll agree on one condition," I said. "I'm not going to do any sex act, no matter what kind of gift I get, so if one of you is giving me a strap-on, don't expect me to use it on anyone; or for it to get used on me. Not going to happen."

"Shit!" Erin said, "there goes my gift."

Everyone laughed again. I smiled at her. "I'll open your gift first then."

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