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C8 008

Erin and Suki each grabbed and arm and led me in front of the entry mirror. When they stopped, Erin had me spread my legs again. Suki removed my mask and I blinked a couple times in the light, then looked in the mirror. My nipples were squeezed between the little clamps on the chain, almost like a miniature vise. The tips were purple. My breasts were sticking out from my hands being cuffed behind my back and with my legs spread, I looked like I was on display. Maybe I fell in love with my body for the first time. I'd always found things to criticize about myself. I think all women do, but at that moment, I looked like something brought to life by Michelangelo or Boticelli. I stared at myself for almost thirty seconds, taking it all in.

"Do you like what you see?" Erin said.

"I do."

"If you want," Suki said, "Erin can demonstrate the whip on you. A couple swats, nothing to worry about, but it will give you an idea of what it feels like."

I thought about it hard. I'd never considered doing anything like this before, but I had to admit to myself I had enjoyed the bondage and clamps so far. It might be something Tanner and I could explore at a later time. Gosh, this was weird, but I did want to try it.

"Okay, but no more than five. I still have to try on the other things."

"Of course," Suki said. "I want to put the blindfold back so you cannot see. The anticipation is half the fun."

"All right."

They brought me back to the living room. Erin picked up the whip and Suki covered my eyes again. I waited, wondering how it would feel, but nothing happened. I was about to say something when I felt the strands of the whip lightly touch my bottom. I started to anticipate the pain again, but nothing happened. Then the strands lightly tickled my breasts and nipples and they got even harder if it was possible, but again, nothing. I felt the strands brush my arms and I got goose bumps. Suddenly, a light snick over my butt and it was a couple seconds before I realized it actually stung, though not badly. The next one landed across my nipples, already a little sore from the clamp. The actual sting didn't arrive until moments later. Perhaps it was because I could not anticipate as I could not see, but there always seemed a delay from the sound of the whip striking me and when I actually felt the sudden burn. Erin also did a flick on my upper thighs, another to my bottom and one more to my breasts.

Suki removed the blindfold and I stood blinking in the sudden light.

"How was it?" Taylor asked. "Did it hurt?"

"A little, but it wasn't that bad," I said. "Is this how hard you use it on Shizuko?"

"I strike her about twice as hard as I did you," Erin responded, "but she's used to it and can tolerate more now."

"This might hurt a little more," Suki said. "I need to remove your clamps." She paused a moment before touching my nipples. "May I?"

"You put them on. Why not take them off."

Suki nodded and unscrewed one clamp. The blood started rushing back into my nipple and I groaned. It definitely hurt, but she quickly covered my nipple with her palm and rubbed it around a few seconds and the pain quickly subsided to a lingering but rapidly decreasing soreness. She did the same to the other one.

"It's time to try on my other things. Yvonne, if you could help me get the corset off again."

"Of course."

We went back into the bedroom and Yvonne unlaced the corset so I could squeeze it over my hips. It felt good to take a few deep breaths. Yvonne left me alone to dress and joined the others in the living room. Before I tried I on one of Cheyenne's mesh body stockings, the red one, I used some tissues to wipe my vagina. I was feeling more excited than I wanted to around my girlfriends. Putting it on and seeing my pubic hair poke out of all the little holes in the mesh made me realize once more Donna was right. I needed to whack the weeds as she so quaintly put it. I went out and showed off this outfit and got some more complements on my appearance. I told Tiffany I'd be happy to take her up on her offer of a wax job and she told me she'd get an appointment for tomorrow; rush job for a wedding. I thanked her and went back to try on Taylor's two bathing suits, the white one first.

As expected, the thin material of the white suit showed the shadow of my bush and areolae and my nipples were eraser sized bumps on my breasts. The plunge in the front went even farther down my stomach than I'd expected and dark brown hair was peaking over the top. The dental floss back showed all of my ass and I was glad I kept it toned with swimming and volleyball.

I went into the living room and did a pirouette for my audience.

"Something more to drive Tanner crazy, Taylor. Thank you again. I guess you don't want me doing anything outside the bedroom on our honeymoon."

"Oh, no," Donna said. "You can do it in the kitchen, in the living room, in the car, in the pool. You don't have to confine yourself to the bedroom, honey. The whole house is made for fucking. You might even get a quick shag on the beach if you come out of the water wearing that suit."

Everyone laughed again. She wasn't wrong. I tried on the other suit, too, since it was so different from the white one. It was pretty much all string with a couple wider patches of cloth at the crotch and nipples. I was right. The breast pieces were so small, they didn't quite cover my areolae. My areolae were on the large side and stuck out on all sides of the fabric. My nipples were so pronounced right now, it tented the little triangles to the point they barely covered the base of my nipples. The cloth on the bottom was so abbreviated, even if I had no hair at all, it might barely cover my cleft. I felt around with my finger and there was no more than a fingers width of space between being covered and showing it all. I don't know how anyone expected me to actually wear this on the beach or at the pool. I stepped out in the living room and twirled around. Tiffany handed me another glass of wine.

"Mama likes," Erin said, giggling. "You sure you don't want to join us instead of marrying Tanner? There's two of us and one of us can show you more pleasure than a man can, let alone two of us."

"Sorry, but I'm pretty sure I'm more into guys than girls."

"How do you know?" Maria asked. "You haven't been with either one. I have and I like both."

"Let's just say I get all melty inside looking at a hot dude, and I don't get near the tingle looking at a woman," I answered.

"If you ever change your mind, Brooke, you know where to find us," Suki said.

"When you go put your regular clothes back on," Tiffany said, "put this on." She handed me the Vibe she'd given me as a gift. "It will stay put and you can try it out. One of the advantages of this little gadget is it can be used anywhere. It's very quiet. Just make sure you push on this little bump after you have it inserted. It's what turns it on and allows the remote to work."

"I don't know if I should, Tiffany. It almost breaks my no sex rule."

"Nonsense. You'll be dressed. No one will be touching you and you won't be losing your cherry, so give it a try."

I pondered for a moment. "Okay. I'll give it a shot." I hugged her. "Thanks for the party. This was really sweet of you."

"That's what BFF's are for," Tiffany said, hugging me back.

I went into the bedroom again and took off the swimsuit. Looking at the little vibrator again, I almost reconsidered putting it on, then decided I was amongst friends, so what the hell. I sat down on the bed and I thought I might need some lube or something to get the one end in my vagina, but upon touching myself, I was still remarkably wet from earlier and it slipped in rather easily. I adjusted the other side over my clit. It wasn't uncomfortable being inside me. I found the bump and depressed it. Nothing happened and I wondered if I'd pressed it hard enough when I remembered the remote control probably turned it off and on once the button was pressed, so I left it alone and put on the rest of my clothes. I joined everyone else and took another sip of wine.

All of a sudden, the little vibrator in my crotch went off and I jumped. I looked at Tiffany and she held up the remote and smiled. She increased the speed a couple times and changed the vibration patterns. There seemed to be about ten of them. Before things got too bad, Tiffany turned it off. I was thinking of getting ready for bed when the doorbell rang.

"That would be my present," Sydney said. "The entertainment is here."

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