Bleeding Hearts/C1 Chapter One
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Bleeding Hearts/C1 Chapter One
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C1 Chapter One

She just received a call from her mum informing her about the stay-at-home order. She despised thinking that the outbreak of this so-called disease is the most dreadful and saddest news she had ever heard.

“Ughhhh, self-isolation, self-isolation more of a self-detention and self-destruction” she muttered to herself.

Her wedding ceremony was just next week Saturday and now what, a restraining order. She stood up from her bed and made a move to her dressing mirror. She stood there for some time and pushed the chair forward to key into the locker. She walked to her sitting room and recollected something and went back to the room. She needed to inform Techna about the postponement of her wedding ceremony. She dialled her number

“According to my calculations, I detect your mood is 0.00001 not in a good shape…”

“Oh, just stop it already, will you? Flora said angrily”

“Oh well at least I was right about your mood after all. Not good, not good, not good at all. At least I need a compliment for that” “Alright Techna, my …”

Techna cur her “The wedding has been postponed because of the outbreak of the viral infection, no P, we’ll manage. Should I come over …”

“Where do I meet you? Or ...“ she was cut short

“Ah, apparently, I’m under a cherry tree at Venice street Los Angeles” Techna said. “Alright, could you please just stop that, I know you are expecting me to ask you what you just discovered with your language and talking styles presently. So have you?” Flora asked

“Finally, I just finished making an air-fly, flying around Angeles, look behind you” Flora looked behind her to see a little plane at her transparent window. “Um, Techna, is this a little plane or what?”

“Uh, don’t you dare abuse the power of technology I call it ‘The Air-fly’ dan dan dan dan” She made a beat with her mouth.

“Oh crackers, I don’t mind you moving over but first, let me meet you at your house junction so you keep packing until I get there I want us to go to James' house together”.

“Noooo problem” she said stressing the ‘o’ “see you then” she hanged up.

She stood up and went to her room to change her dress. She took her car key and went to the garage. She drove silently along the street, she thought of putting on the stereo but she declined the idea.

Minutes later she saw Techna on the road and was amazed with what she saw. “What the hell?” she drove closer to her

“Hi, flower, how are your plants coping?”

“At least they are doing great until I saw” she made a round gesture with her hand “this” “Come on, the holidays might take forever so I don’t want to stop working, you understand"

"No I don't understand, cause I don’t know where you are going to put all of this." Flora repeated the gesture.

“Relax” she brought out a remote from her purse and pressed a button, all the boxes disappeared except the one on her hands. “Whaaat!!!?, oh common why should I be surprised no one should ever be surprised at you starting from your name, Techna”.

“And that’s why I’m special” she moved her body and closed her eyes revealing a smug face. She got into the car and Flora drove on to James house

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