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“Congratulations, congratulations …”

“Thanks, I appreciate your coming, thanks a lot” Finally after two months of staying indoors with Techna and watching all her doing all her inventions, she got married to the man of her dreams, James. And is he? She flung her hair which decided to put down for her dinner party but unfortunately for her it cut someone’s earrings.

“oh, I’m so sorry” She apologized

“Let me help you with that, don’t worry.” The man raised his hand to sort it out but his wristwatch got stuck to.

“Did my hair……oh sorry” She tried to turn her head but she heard the man let out a painful sound.

“Ouch, I think it would be good if you avoid shaking as that would lessen the knots that will be created, cause you’ve formed one more on my curve links”

“I’m sorry about that. Let’s try loosing it before we start to catch attention”

“oh, sorry for not recognizing you, you are the bride, I must say, you look beautiful in both outfits I’ve seen you wear today” Ray said

“Well thank you. We really need someone to help us untie this mess we ceated” At that moment James was passing by and he saw them. He was walking towards them with his facial expression showing anger. The more he walked towards them the more angrier he got. When he stop at their front he spat out angrily

“Seriously Flora, just after concluding our wedding and its just our dinner all the first thing you get to do is to start flirting with another man?”

“No, no, no James, you’re misunderstanding the situation. It was all an accident. Could you please just disattach us?”

“I …”

“What’s going on here ?” Techna came towards their side and asked

“Gracious, Techna could you please untie us. Its starting to get uncomfortable and I’m asking my hubby her but he is not listening” Flora said

“Oh, I see what’s happening here, you’re face to face with jealousy and its strange, you don’t even know how you look, its adorable. Well its nice to see that your love never change, open your eyes and just relax. It was a mistake, so just take heart. Breath in and breadth out, it helps. Now, let’s see, you got stuck flinging your hair, why am I not surprised?” She smiled as she moved towards the two and untie them.

“Now you’re free”

“Urhgg, thank you and I’m so sorry mister” Flora said facing the man

“No I’m alright its nothing, just be careful next time ma’am” he said

“Thank you …”

“I think that’s enough. Flora let’s go” James said as he took her hand and dragged her with him, but before he could move much “I think you should take it easy man. It was just a mistake. Nice meeting the groom and the bride” He said this and he left them

“Well, that ended well” Techna said and also left

“What was that for? Flora who was starting to get annoyed removed her hand from his grip

“Nothing. Just saving you from hungry monsters” James moved his shoulder as he said like he didn’t care what just happened

“See baby relax, as Techna said I was just jealous alright. Don’t be angry at this baby boy for that, alright?” James took both her fingers this time as he moved her towards him

“Alright, just know I love you and that will be all. No need to be jealous. We have each other.”

“I love you too baby” He pecked her smiled at her.

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