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She had really got to get this behind her. No matter how huge or how sad it is. She had never in her lifetime imagine James would do something like that to her. She should have noticed it from the day they got married during the dinner night. Ugh, there she goes again, she had to stop thinking about it. It’s been three months already and nothing. Just to go to work only to meet an annoying boss who would do nothing but pester her all through the day, then to return home to a silent house. Life wasn’t smiling at her at all.

She stood up from her bed and took the advantage of the early morning to wet her flowers, that alone could take away her sad life story which she remembered this early morning. She went to her store and brought out her wethering can, she filled it up and walked towards her flowers to wet. She hummed a song she heard some times ago and decided to listen to music. That could also help lift her dead soul, she thought. She dropped her can and went inside to fetch her headphone.

On her way back to continue her activity she cut a glimpse of someone watching herfrom her garage. She moved towards it and checked the entrance for anyone but she didn’t see anyone so she thought she was hallucinating. After she was done with wetting her plants she dropped the can and dropped her headphone on her neck. She decieded to move around her compound but she heard someone move. She move towards her garage as her compound was not very big. The garden was just beside the garage. She opened the door to the garage and was about entering when when someone pushed her back outside. She almost fell but staggered . she was surprised to see

“Techna, what the hell?”

“Did I scare you, oh I’m so sorry. You almost fell?” she said moving towards Flora to help her “I am sorry I was picking on you”

“You made me scared to death” Flora said as she rest her hand on the door handle.

“Sorry, let’s go inside, wait what were you doing outside in the first place. Isn’t it to early to be outside?”

“Didn’t you see me. I thought you were picking on me?” she asked confused

“Um,… yes … of course I did. Let’s go inside, its cold outside. So what are your plans for today?”

She really did not have any plan for the day as it was weekend. Just to stay at home and watch series and eat maybe read then sleep. “Nothing really, just wet my flowers and lazy around the house. You look beautiful packing your hair up you know. You should do it more often”

“You know I don’t do such, so how about going to the mall ….” Flora cut her

“When did you start going to the malls, Techna?”

“Oh, common, you know I don’t go to malls for personal reasons. This is strictly business, workmanship reasons." She said

“So tell me what do you have in mind to do, scientist?” She said pulling Techna inside the house

“Well, it’s a surprise, don’t wanna drop”

“Alright then, let me get dressed and we’ll get going” She rushed towards the stairs but suddenly stopped and said “Did anyone ever tell you, you had fault in anything?”

Techna wasn’t expecting that question but she answered anyways “Well yes, everyone except you”

“Well, I want to tell you, you are the best friend I’ve ever got. You tend to all my worries without even realizing it. Thank you” She ran through the stairs

Techna didn’t know or understand what just happened so she just over looked it and got herself a bottle of water to drink while waiting for her.

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