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What in heaven’s name is happening to him, he has no idea and he really wish he knows. He knows he has not experiences this type of emotions before and he is allowing it to guide him. All he just knows is that he has to own her, all of her, take her through heaven make her feel things she is making him feel right now.

Thanks to the stupid guy who left her, he already had his first impression of him and he knew then that he was not for her, but what could he do when they were already married.

He chucked and said “ Ray, what are you doing?” He asked himself “Going to a …” He laughs this time around.

“Alright, now I have a aim, to own her, all of her, and that’s all” He pledged to himself and steps of the gas


Techna and Flora steps into the mall which had few customers since it was till early. Techna moved to pick up the mall’s map and studies it.

“I think we’re gonna have to part ways here, I’ve got business to do. Why don’t you look around and check for anything you think you might need. Bills on me” Techna said as she was on her way already

“Of course, you moved me here you are gonna have to all for my stuffs” Flora shrugged

“Whatever” Techna said rolling her eyes but Flora didn’t see her do it “Just call me when you’re done”

“Alright, no problem” Flora said.

Techna smiled and left her.

Flora checked for her own map, she looked around to see where she is “fruit section”

“Maybe not now, when I’m coming back” She said to herself.

She walked around and stopped at the dressing section. She shopped for various dress for almost an hour. She dropped her address so the items would be sent there. She left there, since she has not received a call from Techna and she didn't want to call her and disturb her, she decided to shop for snacks.

She was about taking fourth packet of candy when she noticed the appearance of another shopper beside her.

“You know too much of this stuff aren’t good for the body ma’am” The shopper said

“And who are you?” Flora asked annoyed

“Oh, pardon my manners. My name is Raymond Bid. You can call me Ray” he said and brought his hands forward to shake her.

Flora ignored it and said “Well, Mr.Raymond, I think you should mind your shopping and I mind mine” She said politely as she masks her annoyance and moves her things forward to pick other things.

Raymond pretends to shop for other things but distracted. He moves to his things to her opposite direction and faces her

“I’m sorry our conversation started a bit off. I apologize for intruding in the first place” Ray apologize

“I also apologize for speaking that way to you” Flora said as she bends her head and looks into her things instead. Though she is annoyed, she couldn’t deny the fact that the man standing in front of her is an explanation of being handsome. High check bone, pointed nose, lip made to perfection. It is so unladylike of her to think of things like these of another man, but who would look at this man and not at least appreciate the beautiful work of art. She cautioned herself and looked back up to see the man still looking her

“So … shopping for home stock or …”

“Actually a friend dragged me her to follow her but I’m doing some personal shopping” Why did she just say that. What is in this man that made her just say things she could have just given a direct answer to. She flings her hair, she has to move from this man, but who knows the man has other ideas.

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