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As she flung her hair Ray, who was beside her already could smell her hair shampoo, all strawberry. It makes him wonder if she still remembers him.

“Wait a sec, …..” Flora said facing him heads up, like she remembers something

“Aren’t you the same guy at my wedding?”

“Of course, it’s me” He said with a smile. Just as he thought she might not remember him gain

“Then why didn’t you say anything earlier” Flora asked with a sign of embarrassment

“I thought I might be seeing the wrong person” He lied. “And now I’m sure you are the beautiful bride I saw then. Still beautiful though” He could see a rising blush on her check and he was glad he could at least get a reaction from her. “Mind my manners, how is your husband?” He asked to brake the sudden silence.

“Oh ……um,……..about that. Um, he is doing great. Thanks for asking. My name is Flora by the way” She said bring her hand forward hesitantly thinking he might not accept it due to her earlier behaviour, but he accepts it and a slight look of amazement showed on her face. He took longer shaking her than necessary cause he likes the feel of her hands on his hand. He suddenly felt the urge of pecking her hand when he finally released it. He didn’t want to pass his boundaries.

“Nice to see you again”

“Same here and I apologize for the day’s experience” she said flinging her hair again.

“No problem as I can see it’s already a culture…..”

“Pardon?” He said the latter part of the sentence as a murmur so she could not hear.

“Nothing, So what are you still going to shop on” Ray asked

“Nothing really, just pick some more snacks and fruits then that will be all”

“Alright would you mind us shopping together”

“I don’t see why” Flora replied

Ray stood behind her and he wished he could take three more steps closer to her so he could get a real smell of her. At the thought, he tightened his grip on the shopping cart.

He needed something he could say to get over his emotions and she succeeded in doing that for him as she asked

“Shopping for family?”

“No, not really, single and living alone. So just for myself”

“Oh” They decided to shop together, side by side till Ray said he was done with shopping and he excused himself but he collected her number first

“Expect my call anytime or would he mind?”

“ He………., you mean?” Flora asked confused

“Your husband”

“Oh that, no problem, just call me anytime. Had a nice time shopping with you today” Flora said slightly blushing again.

He sees that she felt uncomfortable so and he didn't want to bother her by teasing her

“Same here”

“Alright see you later, bye”

She waved and went to the paypoint. Ray stood and watched her going, he couldn’t deny he had a nice time with her this morning.

He had his reasons for not following her to the paypoint, so he moved his shopping cart before she caught him staring at her

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