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Dear readers,

I would really like to hear your comments about my book. I'm still an inexperienced writer so a little help from you guys won't hurt.

You can had comment by long pressing the book's cover, at your library, then you press details. After pressing details you rate then comment.

Much love from Sam ❤


Techna and Flora were in the kitchen preparing dinner when Flora suddenly burst out

“You know what Techna” She said dropping the knife that was on her hand “My job sucks, Biggie is taunting me and I hate him for that. He is using the excuse of the sudden disappearance of James to take advantage of me. Who the hell even told him he is not around?”

“Calm down dear, but what do you mean taunting you?”

“There was this time he cut me in a corner and wanted to start rubbing me” She moved her hand round her body to demonstrate “I have decided, I’m quitting the damn job. He has done enough already, and I don’t want to implicate him by reporting him to mum and dad. Or what do you think? Come to think of it, I can’t imagine any lady in her right senses saying yes to date that man” She shows a disgusted look “well,…… excepts he finds true love” She laughs to herself on the last sentence, to her that is not even possible

“So in summary, you’re quitting?” Techna asked

“Of course I am and I’m not ready to start any anytime soon” She said with finality

“Yes!!!” Techna said silently

“What do you mean yes?” Flora asked confused

“Well you could help me with my stuffs if you don’t mind”

“As much as I would like to help, I really don’t feel like doing anything” Techna had a down casted look “but ..…….” Her face brightened “I could help anytime you need me”

She jumps happily and hugs Flora “Thanks love”

“Anytime, but why don’t you consider showing your inventions to the world….”

“No, no, no, you know I don’t wanna do that”

“What about to my mum?” The room became silent for sometime. Flora sees that Techna is having a hard time deciding whether to do it or not. “I’m not forcing you though, it’s your decision but you know I just want to help, right?” Techna still didn’t talk. Flora continues chopping the vegetable when Techna suddenly answered

“ Alright, I’ll try. But only to your mum” She said with a warning gaze

“Promise, all we need to do is call my mum and tell her about it”

“Why didn’t I think of your mum since all these years. That’s the spirit girl, you’re getting It already” Techna said hugging Flora again

“You know this is supposed to be my field before I gave in to dad’s plead to work in a company”

“Whatever but my dear you have a lot to learn from me” Techna said with pride

“Whatever you say master” Flora said bowing and they laugh at her gesture

“But you know you can always be the boss you are born to be wherever you are right? Biggie disturbing you is because you gave him room. I don’t mean you are a frivolous woman but you’re just too gentle with them and when you need to give orders they are bound to disobey you. I have always told you this Flower

“Always take your stance my dear. There will be a day you won’t have to be kind to people and they will just forget all the good deeds you’ve done in the past. You.ve gat to watch yourself dear and you just have to know I will always be there for you.” She hugs her again and gave her a peck on the forehead

“Thanks a lot Techna but when did you become to speak like this. I like this you.”

“I’ve learnt from you”

“Awwwwwwwn, I’m pleased”

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