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Flora decided to take a morning jog, not really a thing she is used to, but just to free her mind before going to Techna’s place. She has jogged for 10 minutes when she rests by walking a little. That’s when she notice Ray few blocks away from her.

She jogs towards him, and she was so shocked she had to stop for a moment and process herself. He seems to also be on a walk as he is sweating profusely, his sweatshirt were all gulled to him and he looks so god damn amazing. All manly and muscular.

Flora once more cautioned herself and tells herself she wasn’t supposed to admire someone who she would later abandon eventually. A serious relationship is not on her list at present. She shook her head and moved towards him. He did not notice her coming till she got to him. When he sees her, he has a wide smile on his face

“A good morning to you Miss Flora”

“Morning to you too Mr Bid”


“Flora, then” Flora says and they both laughed at their silliness

“You live around here?” They both chorus and smile

“So I’ll go first. Do you live around here?” Flora asked

“Not exactly, but I do have an apartment here, just few blocks away.”

“I also live not long from here”

“That’s great news meaning I can come over and have dinner with you and maybe a little chat when you are less busy?” He asked slightly unsure

“Well, affirmative but I’ve gat work to do” At that moment Techna called and told her, her aunty is coming over and the matter is very urgent so she has the time off.

“Well it looks like luck is on your side, so I’m less busy today” Flora said smiling. The idea of being in the same room with this particular man is enticing but anxiety filled her. If she has her doubt, then why did she give him the go ahead? She knows the answer without even being told, she is attracted to him, but that was a no go area.

“No problem, see you during lunch time then?” He asks as if he still wasn’t sure she just allow him to take her for lunch him

“Yes, I’ll see you then. You call it a date” Flora asked blushing. She seems to blush a lot around this young man

“If you say so, but won’t he mind?”

“He who?” Flora asks confused

“Um,……… your husband”

“About that, we will talk about it later during lunch. So till lunch time?”


“You still have my phone number right?”

“Sure I would never in a million years misplace it” As he says this words Flora’s heart shook a bit. Hearing these words means a lot to her but she knows she can’t entirely take them to heart

“I will come to pick you up but I will call first before coming. I hope that’s alright with you?”

“Sure, I’ll be expecting you” Flora smiles and jogs away she had a smile on her face till she got to her apartment.

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