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Flora and Techna were talking on the phone when Flora brings up Ray’s request for lunch

“Techna, the thing now is that this same guy asks me out on a date and as much as I don’t want to get attached to anyone I can’t just go not looking good, right? So I need your help”

“Did I hear you right?”Techna asked a bit confused


Techna laughs and says “Though you come to the wrong person for fashion ideas but I think I can help. I think the box I left for you at the lower part of your wardrobe would be of help, but asking for help from me is a totally wrong idea”

“Hang on, I’m going to check

Flora moves towards her closet and tries to opens the lower part of her wardrobe but it didn’t open.

“Why isn’t it opening?”

“Press the green bottom you see their and say ‘dress’ and It will come out”

“When in the world were you able to do all this?” Flora asked shocked

“Well, on one of your busy days”

“Whatever, maybe I need to get a restraining order for you cause I also need my privacy sometimes to you know?”

“Whatever, check the dress already”

Flora press the button and took out the dress and her mouth moves into a smile

“Well how do you like my surprise. That’s part of my surprise for you, so do you like it?”

“Techna, this is amazing” Flora says as she looks at the green sunflower dress in her hands. It’s a spectacular material good for the weather.

“You bet I do like it, its so lovely” Flora says breathlessly

“Meaning I did well so you’re not going to be annoyed at me if I sneak into your room again?” Techna says with a low voice though audible

“Not a chance, but WTH you’re still going to come anyways so why bother.”

“Yeah you know I’m a stubborn child so I will still come. So when are you going to tell him about James?” Techna asks and Flora goes silent but she replies

“Soon, I promise. Though I don’t really want to tell him”

“So you want to start building your relationship on a lie?”

“Of course not, I’ll try to tell him today during our lunch”

“That’s good”

“Alright I will go now so see ya later, byeeee” He drops her phone and undress.

She to a shower using her best fragrance, she extra shampooed her hair and washes it thoroughly so it would smell nice.

She has no idea why she is going through all this trouble to look and smell nice when she wasn’t even sure of the feelings she has for him but one thing is certain she would never commit to any man again. Passing him on is something she didn’t want to do either, making him think she really likes him when she doesn’t. then why go through all this trouble then?

She stops the shower and went into her room. She cleans herself dry and starts dressing herself. She looks at herself in the mirror thinking whether to apply makeup or not. After ponding on to for some time she decided to use a light makeup.

After applying it she looks at herself, she really looks good. Just then she hears the bell ring.

New chapter is coming soon
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