Blind Billionaire Bride/C2 Murdered in cold blood
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Blind Billionaire Bride/C2 Murdered in cold blood
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C2 Murdered in cold blood


(They call it madness but he calls it love)


THEME: Murdered in cold blood



Mr Nathan Robert heard a loud bang on the door and he couldn’t help but frown deeply when he looked at the alarm clock next to their bed. The time was 3:45 a.m in the midnight so who could be at the door?

“It is way too early for anyone to be here.” Mr Nathan grumbled. But maybe it is one of his wife's customers that is here to collect his or her dress even though it was way too early to come for a dress. He thought.

Mr Nathan rubbed his sleepy eyes as he made his way to the door deciding that whoever was out there would receive glares and words for knocking at this hour.

“Who is out there?!” Mr Nathan yelled angrily when the bang came on the door again.

"I am so sorry, Mr Nathan but I am here to get my dress from Mrs Robert.” A feminine voice said.

“Please come back to get your dress in the morning.” Mr Nathan replied.

"Please Mr Robert, I have an interview as early as 7:00 a.m.” The feminine voice said again.

“Please come back by 6 or 6:30 to get your dress because my wife is asleep right now and I don't want to disturb her.” Mr Nathan was about walking back into the room when he heard a masculine voice.

"Open this damn door or else I will break it down!"

That might be her husband and he sure meant business. Mr Nathan thought. And not wanting anyone to bring down the door he replied. “Okay..okay.. Just a minute let me get my wife to give you the dress.”

"No...Mr Robert don't wake her up just open up and let me get my dress and leave.” The feminine voice countered.

Mr Nathan yawned out loudly. Well most of his wife’s customers always come in to get a dress whenever she is not around to attend to them. “Are you sure you can identify your dress?” He asked.

"Yes Mr Robert.” The feminine voice replied.

Mr Nathan Robert walked back to the door and immediately he opened it a hard blow landed on his right eye. Mr Nathan screamed in pain which awaken his sleeping wife and blind daughter. Madison became frightened when she got to the living room to she see four well built men and a lady. They were all dressed in black outfits and masks on their faces and with guns in their hands.

“Who are they Maddie? She only said that she wanted her dress.” Mr Nathan winced in pains as he touched his bloodshot and swollen eye.

"Shut the fuck up!" The gang leader snarled at him.

“Dad, are you there?”Ria asked holding the walls trying to find her way to the sitting room.

"Bring the girl here!” The leader who was in his thirties gestured to one of his guys to bring Ria closer.

“Please what do you want from us?” Mr Nathan demanded after realizing that they are dangerous humans with weapons..

"You will find out very soon.” The gang leader replied.

One of the men dragged Ria to the centre of the room and sat her down forcefully beside her mom and dad.

“My child.” Madison mumbled as she touched her daughter.

“Mom.” Ria wrapped her hands around her mom quickly.

"Lock the door speedy.” The leader instructed and one of the guys named speedy went to lock the door.

“Please..who are you?” Mr Nathan asked in fear.

"Mr Robert, we are the money make life gang.” The leader laughed wickedly.

“Money make life gang? Please...I..don’t know what you want..from us. But we have no money.” Mr Robert stammered.

"Well many know us in Idaho as MML.” The leader replied and the Robert gasped out in fear.

"Do you know us now?"

They all nodded fearfully and the gang laughed out loud. The leader dragged Ria away from her mom and caressed her cheeks while she shivered in fear.

“Please.. don't..touch her..she is just a little girl.” Madison pleaded.

"Your daughter is a beauty, Mr Robert.” He tried to kiss Ria on her lips but she avoided him which was surprising to him. "Can your blind daughter see me?" He chuckled at his own question. How can a blind girl see him?

“She can't but..she can only feel..things around her.” Mr Nathan replied shakily.

"What's her name?!" The leader demanded.

“R..I..A. Her name is Ria.” Mr Nathan answered.

"Hmm...a beauty with a nice name. Ria do you know who the MML are?" The leader asked.

Ria nodded slowly. “We are really famous boss..even the blind one know us.” Speedy joked and they all laughed.

The money make life gang are notorious robbers and hired assassins. Every young and old souls in Idaho know the MML but no one has ever seen their faces before and all effort to apprehend them have proved abortive.

"Perhaps should we take her with us Kelly?" The leader asked the only female among them as he grabbed Ria's jaw.

Kelly rolled her eyes. “She is blind. And she will be of no use to us.” She replied out of jealousy.

He sat down on the closest couch "She will be Kelly..because she is giving me a hard on.” The leader said pointing to his already protruded member down his pant which caused his team to laugh again.

“Boss, we can take her with us so she can serve you for a very long time.” Speedy replied.

“ don't take her away. She is just a little girl. Please just tell me whatever it is you want.” Mr Nathan pleaded.

Madison crawled to the couch that the leader sat on. “Please don't take her away from us..she is our only child.” She held on to the leader's leg. "She is just a little girl.” She begged.

"Well I like little ones.” The leader replied as he kicked Madison hands away and speedy threw a kick in her stomach and she screamed in pain.

“Mom!” Ria screamed as the leader released her. She tried to find her way to her mom but Kelly dragged her hair and held her down to a spot.

“Please don’t hurt my family..please tell me what you want I am willing to pay you.” Mr Nathan begged.

"How much do you have with you?” The leader asked.

“I don’t have enough money but I can spare you...a five hundred dollars.” Mr Nathan stuttered.

The leader chuckled deviously. "You are so poor Robert. A poor man like you can't pay us.”

Mr Nathan looked up at the leader. “Please that's all I made from my driving and minor jobs yesterday.”

The leader did a tsk tsk sound. "Well I am not here for your money.” He collected a brown envelope from one of his guys and threw it to Nathan.

"I need you to sign these papers then I and my team will leave in peace.” He said in a flat tone.

Mr Nathan eyes scanned through the papers in the envelope. "It is the paper work to the inheritance your late father left for you so all you have to do is sign it.” The papers contained the transfer of inheritance to someone.

Tears clouded his vision. “Did Frederick send you get me to sign these papers so he can have all my inheritance?” Mr Nathan asked.

"That’s none of your business just sign it!" The leader snapped.

Frederick is Nathan’s step brother. Frederick is an illegitimate child of Mr Frank Robert but he is the new CEO of Limos company. Mr Robert loves his mistress Antonia but ignored his legally married wife Emma because she couldn't bear him a child after ten years of marriage. Antonia became Mr Robert mistress in the eleventh year of his marriage to Emma then she had a son. Fortunately Emma had her own son two years after Frederick was born.

Mr Nathan has never felt like a son to his dad and things got really worse for him after his mom passed away when he was barely sixteen. He was maltreated by Antonia and her son and went through series of hardship in their hands until he left home when he was eighteen. Nathan became a chauffeur and all sorts of jobs at that age just to put himself through college forgetting home completely but it was so unfortunate that he couldn't get a better job after he graduated. Nathan had every chance to leave the state but he didn't want give in to the thought because Idaho was where he was born and where his mom was laid to rest.

Nathan met Madison in a local factory where he worked as a truck driver. She was the seamstress in charge of sewing the workers wears. Madison is not so educated because she had dropped out of high school when she couldn't afford to pay the tuition fees and she had no one to turn to because she was an orphan. When Ria came into the picture, at two results proved that she was blind and a solution was provided. Nathan started working several jobs per day just to feed his family and save up for his daughter’s eye surgery. They were happy with the little they had on the table and one could call them a happy family despite being poor.

On sick bed, Mr Frank Robert made his will and gave his companies to Frederick and he left millions of dollars for Nathan but it wasn't compared to the value of the companies he willed to his illegitimate child. One day, Nathan Robert received a call about the death of his father and that he has some inheritance.

Nathan was not interested in owning any of his father's properties but his wife convinced him to accept it for their daughter’s sake. Nathan also knows that with his inheritance, Ria could get her eye surgery and he would even have enough to get a big space for wife’s sewing business and also live the good life they have always envisioned. Nathan got a lawyer and used his saving for the inheritance process. Everything was fine, he had received a call that he could have access to the money and they were happy their dreams would come true. But Frederick has hired this gang to make him sign the transfer of inheritance document.

Mr Nathan shook his head in disagreement. “ can't sign it.” He declined.

The gang exchanged glances. “You’ll sign this papers and let me and my gang leave.”

Fury crashed over him as he looked straight at the leader. “No I won't sign this papers! I won’t give my inheritance to that bastard!”

Madison looked up at her husband. “Nathan, please sign it..just do it and let them go.” She pleaded with her husband.

Nathan shook his head. “No..Maddie..Ria has waited for too long..Ria needs that money.”

“Dad just sign it..sign it..we will raise another money for my surgery.” Ria mumbled. She was scared of what this gang would do to them if her dad doesn’t do what they want.

“But Ria, that will take more time to save up for such huge amount of money.” Nathan swallowed hard even as he looked at his blind daughter being pinned down.

“Do it.” Ria sobbed.

“No! I won’t sign it! Look you can kill me. I would rather die than give my inheritance to that bastard!” Nathan said in a raised tone.

The leader pointed the gun at Madison and he pulled the trigger.

“Madison!” Nathan dropped down to his feet.

Ria figured her mom has been shot from her father’s words and the sound of the gun. “!” She struggled to free herself.

"I hate stubborn people! Don’t waste my time!” The leader coaxed as Nathan crawled to his wife's bloody body. She was shot in the chest.

“” Ria sobbed.

“Take the girl to her mother’s body.” The leader instructed Kelly who dragged Ria to where her parents sat.

Ria traced her hand on the floor until she felt her mother’s hand. “Is she dead? to me..Dad do something!” She cried.

“ child..always..remember... that.. I to..our dreams..if —“ Her voice trailed off.

“ up..I am sorry Maddie!” Nathan cried as he embraced his wife’s lifeless body.


"Enough!" The leader snarled. Ria and Nathan became silent suddenly . "I hate sad dramas. Now are you ready to sign it? Robert, I’ll advise you sign it or she will be the next.” He pointed the gun at Ria.

“Sign it dad and let them go..I don’t want to lose you too.” Ria pleaded.

The leader threw the paper and pen to Nathan. He laid his wife on the floor and with his bloody hand he signed the papers in tears. All their dreams crashed in one night. He had spend a lot on the inheritance process which was a huge sum of money his dad had left him. He had planned to pay for Ria's eye surgery and establish his wife's sewing business but he won't be able to do any of that anymore. His whole dreams of buying a better house and making his family happy is gone with just his signature. Why did Frederick have to come after him when he has everything?

"Good of you, Robert.” The leader collected the paper and grinned wickedly. "But you know we can't just leave like that anymore. I was willing to help if only you had signed the papers without me wasting my expensive bullet on your wife. But I am really sorry.” He pointed the gun at Ria.

Nathan raised his hands up. “Please don't kill my daughter. I beg you. Please leave..I already signed the papers.” He begged.

“No if I spare your lives you will tell the cops that Frederick sent us.” The leader smirked.

“No, I promise I won't tell it to anyone. I’ll leave town as soon as you leave..before daybreak. I’ll never mention it to anyone.” Mr Nathan rushed out his words.

The leader laughed. "So smart of you Robert..but I don’t believe you. What would you tell the cops about your wife’s body? Frederick already paid for your lives.”

“Please don't kill my dad.” Ria cried.

"Oh sorry about that beauty but don't worry you will be fine without your dad...or maybe you will be with them soon too.” The leader gestured to Kelly to take her away.

“Let me go..Dad.” Ria struggled blindly as Kelly dragged her away from her parents.

"Say your last prayers, Robert.” The leader pointed the gun at him.

“No please don't...kill my dad.” Ria pleaded as hot tears burning down her cheeks.

Nathan looked at his daughter. He knew this was the end. “I love you, Ria.” And then she heard it again just like the first time—the sound of the gun.

“Dad! Somebody help!” Ria screamed out.

Kelly placed her hands on Ria’s mouth. “What do we do with her boss?” She asked.

Ria struggled to free herself. The leader pointed the gun again at Ria but dropped it when they heard a distance siren.

"Damn it! Someone called the cops!" She uttered and pushed Ria away. She was about shooting Ria.

"Don't shoot her.” The leader stopped her.

“Why?” Kelly asked with a raised eyebrows.

“I want her.” He pointed to his erected member.

“But you can't take her here! The cops are around the area!” Kelly argued.

Speedy hit Ria with the bottom of his gun and she passed out and slipped to the floor.

"Why speedy?!" The leader looked at him.

“We don't have time to waste..she is fine!” Speedy answered.

"Carry her! Come on! Move it! We have to leave!” The leader said as Speedy threw Ria on his shoulder and they all rushed out of the house.

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