Blind Billionaire Bride/C3 Physically violated
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Blind Billionaire Bride/C3 Physically violated
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C3 Physically violated


(They call it madness but he calls it love)


THEME: Physically violated



Frederick walked into the dark office with only a dim lamp on the table providing brightness around the area. “Lucas, did you manage to get my brother to sign the documents?” His voice was loud and it echoed in the room.

“Yes, the job was a success.” The gang leader replied with a grin on his face.

A smug smile formed on Frederick lips when he saw Nathan's signature. “He got blood on the papers?” He arched his brows.

“Yeah, his wife’s blood and he signed it with his bloody hands. Don’t worry, you can make a copy of it.” Lucas replied.

Frederick nodded in agreement. “Good job Lucas I know you won't fail me.” One of his men in suit dropped a black box on the table and passed it to Lucas.

The box was filled with money. “Remember our deal Frederick.” Lucas said as Speedy closed the box after examining it.

“Aside this money I have to get 2% of that your brother’s inheritance.” Lucas added.

“Yes Lucas. I will send my men to you next week as soon as I have my stupid step brother buried beneath the earth.” Frederick chuckled.

Lucas nodded. “He is dead right? You made sure he breathe his last right?” Frederick demanded.

“Yes I killed him and his wife.” Lucas demonstrated with his hands how he had fired the gun at the couple.

“What about their child?” Frederick asked.

“I had fun with her in my car before dropping her off a cliff.” Lucas answered.

Frederick smiled happily as he stood up and shook hands with Lucas. “Thank you for the job well done.”

Lucas grinned. “It is nice doing business with you. Call me whenever you need my gang again.”

Frederick shook his head before walking out of the office with his men.

Speedy cleared his throat. “Why did you lie to him?”

Lucas looked at Speedy. “He might insist on killing the girl himself.” He replied.

“But boss don't you plan to kill her?” Speedy asked again.

“I plan to kill her but not yet.” Lucas answered.

“What if he finds out that she is still alive and right here in our den?” Speedy grabbed the box on the table.

“Frederick is out of the picture now. He will never find out the girl is alive. And I just want to have fun with that little angel.” Lucas said rubbing his member that was getting erected.

“It has been a while boss.” Speedy laughed.

“Yes...and I don't know why that little girl turns me on so badly.” Lucas chuckled.

“It must be because you have been too busy to even look at any woman.” Speedy said

"Where is she?" Lucas demanded.

“Kelly locked her up in your room.” Speedy answered.

“Is she awake?”

Speedy shook his head positively. “Yes boss.”

Lucas stood up from the chair. “Speedy, take care of things while I toy with my little Angel.”

He tapped on the desk before walking out of the office.


Ria was curled up in a corner of the room with tears dropping down her cheeks as she thought of her parents. Ria had wondered where she was when she regained consciousness. Ria knew this place wasn't her home and she thought of what they would do to her.

Lucas walked into his room but didn't see Ria in his bed. “Ria.” He called in a childish tone.

Fear gripped Ria immediately at the sound of his voice and she didn't answer. Lucas only heard her soft sobs around his room. Soon he figured where she sat, he went to her and tried to touch her.

“My little angel is crying.” Lucas pouted.

She felt him so close to her. “Don't touch me you monster!” She cried.

“Don't be rude to me!” Lucas grabbed her and carried her to the bed.

“Let me go! Let me go! You monster!” Ria struggled in his hands as Lucas dropped her on his bed before climbing on top of her. Ria tried to fight him off but he was too strong.

“Hey bunny just stay clam so that you won't get hurt.” Lucas tried to kiss Ria and on an impulse she moved her hand and a slap landed across his face. It came as a shock to him. No one has ever dared to hit him.

He loosened his hold on her as she crawled blindly around the bed. “You are a monster! You have no shame! You killed my parents you beast!” She cried out.

Lucas grabbed her again and he made a hit on her face. “I was thinking of going easy on you.” He grabbed her hands and placed it over her head. “But you just broke one of my rules! No one dares to touch me! I’ll have you roughly because it has been a while since I have been with a woman.” He gritted in anger before kissing her full on her lips.

Ria tried to avoid his lips but he grabbed her jaw and gave her a rough kiss. “Please..don't do..this to me.” She said when he kissed her neck.

“Don't blame me Ria but you affect me in a strong way.” Lucas said amidst kisses. He let her go, removed his belt and tied Ria's hands with it before pulling off his trouser.


“Stay still blind one while I pleasure and satisfy you.” He tore off her top revealing her naked chest. “I find it hard to believe you are barely up to eighteen. You are so beautiful.” He sucked on one of her nipple.

Ria knew she was about to be forced into something she never dreamt would ever happen to her. “Please don't..don’t do it..I beg you.” She pleaded with more tears dropping down her cheeks.

Lucas touch only became more forceful, wanting more and demanding more. His mouth moved down to her neck and collarbone with one hand toying with her nipple. He pulled her hips tightly against him. Ria screamed loudly when she felt his hard member between her thighs. She tried to kick at him but it didn't have any effect it on him. Lucas chuckled darkly as he moaned with a frenzied base of desire.

He wanted more fiction. “You should stay still or else I’ll hurt you badly.” His tongue traveled methodically as he kissed her flesh and his tongue coming out in languidly lick. Immediately moisture gathered between her thighs, she didn’t want him but her body was failing her. Lucas shifted her lace pant, rubbed her wet member and licked her folds while Ria cursed her body for reacting to his touch. A deep growl reverberated from Lucas throat as his hands moved to her pant ripping it off her completely as he gripped each cheek of her ass tightly. He rocked Ria against his extremely stiff member and he continued the motion.

Lucas moaned and satisfaction spiked through him. “I am going to take you and no one is going to save you not even your dead parents.” Those words cut deep in her chest even as he kissed her lips

Ria bit him hard on his lips causing him to groan in pain. Lucas hit her hard across the face again. He tasted blood on his lips which made him angrier. “Stop fighting me you stupid blind girl! I am going to bury my cock deep inside that amazing core of yours!” He forcefully dipped a finger in her core causing Ria to scream.

“Deeper than I have ever been in a woman.” He teased her entrance with his cock before plunging deep into Ria as he ripped away her virginity.

“Don't blame me Ria..blame that greedy uncle of yours for hiring me to do this job.” Lucas grimaced.

Ria gave up as she grew weak and tears burned down her cheeks slowly as pain surge through her body. There was no point in fighting anymore and she silently cursed the day she was born into this wicked world. Lucas killed her parents and now he has forced himself on her.

At that point, Ria made a promise that if she ever survive in Lucas hands she would definitely take revenge on Frederick for the death of her parents and for causing her so much pain.

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