Blind Billionaire Bride/C5 A thief at the park
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Blind Billionaire Bride/C5 A thief at the park
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C5 A thief at the park


(They call it madness but he calls it love)


THEME: A thief at the park



Mr Jack Bryant, the founder of Lint Corporation is one of the richest men in the United States of America. Actually on Forbes list, he ranked first as the richest man in Chicago. His corporation is rated top one in America. Lint corporation dabbled in everything, hotels, restaurants, spas, technologies and textiles. It is a multi billionaire industry.

His wife, Mrs Perla Bryant is a famous Jeweler in Chicago. She is the owner of Perla Jewelries, the biggest accessories store in the state. His first child is Josie and she is in charge of the hotels. The second child named Lauren is in charge of the restaurants and spas. The third child is piper and she is in charge of the textiles industry.

The fourth child and only son is Ian Bryant. A tall handsome man. A perfect combination of good looks and wealth. His brown hair is gelled up to fit his perfectly sculpted face. Wrestlers shoulders were part of his muscular physique and a well chiseled chest. His eyebrows are thin and narrow, piercing black eyes and well defined cheekbones. He has a charisma that would entice any woman. He has a domineering attitude and the aura of authority hovered around him. He is twenty six years old.

Ian Bryant has everything, striking good looks, intelligence, riches and women pooling at his feet. He is a billionaire. He is the one overseeing all the corporation activities as the chief executive officer.

The voIp phone on the desk binged and Ian picked it. "Hello sir, the files you requested from the technological branch just entered into my system." Grace, the secretary said over the phone.

"Transfer it to my system now.” Ian Bryant instructed.

“Okay sir.” Grace replied.

"Grace, please call me Ramsey. I need to talk to him.” Ian added.

Grace hummed a positive response before the line went off. Seconds clicked by and his system beeped signifying files transferred from his secretary’s system. A soft knock sounded on the door at the same time.

"Come in, Ramsey." Ian said loud enough for anyone outside the door to hear him.

A handsome looking man walked in with the company's tablet and some paper works in his hands. Ramsey is the CEO’s personal assistant. "Sir, here are the paper works you requested."

Ian tapped on the desk and his personal dropped the files on it. Being a chief executive officer is stressful and tiring. Ian barely has time for himself or even some breathing space because he is always buried in files, paper works, contracts and deals from several branches of the corporation. And he can’t leave any work undone or else it would affect the smooth running of the corporation.

“Ramsey, do I have any meeting today?" Ian asked.

“Yes sir.” Ramsey replied as his eyes flickered at the tablet to check his boss schedule.

"Who am I supposed to meet after handling these paperwork?" Ian questioned without looking up from the system.

"Sir, you have a meeting with Miss Lorna Simmons." Ramsey answered.

Ian couldn’t help but roll my eyes. "Please call her and let her know that I am too busy to meet up with her today.” He rubbed his temples gently.

"Olay sir...but Miss Lorna might decide to come here herself.” Ramsey said.

“Well if Lorna comes around just tell her that I am in a meeting with the board of directors.” Ian replied.

"Okay sir but—“

Ian glanced up at his personal assistant. "What is it again Ramsey?" He demanded. Ramsey never gets tired of using the word but especially when it concerns Miss Lorna Simmons.

"Well Sir, you know how funny Miss Lorna can be..I mean she might decide to barge into the meeting just to see you.” Ramsey stuttered.

Yeah he is right! Lorna can actually do that to confirm if Ian is really in a meeting. “She is such a pain in the neck.” Ian muttered as he placed his palms in his face. "Do I have any other meetings again?" He doesn’t have the strength to deal with Lorna today.

"No sir.” Ramsey answered.

"Are there other files remaining after these ones?" Ian asked.

"No sir.” Ramsey replied.

"Okay..okay then I will leave the office soon. I need to clear my head.” Ian loosened his tie.

"Should I get the car ready?" Ramsey asked.

"No, I will just take a taxi and probably stop by at a park to relax myself. I don’t need a company.” Ian responded.

"Sir, is there anything else that you need?” Ramsey’s gaze met his boss.

"Hmm yeah...get me my dark glass and a nose mask just to hide my identity.” Ian answered.

"Okay sir. I’ll be right back with the items.” Ramsey bowed slightly before he walked out of the office



Ria, Phoebe and Phoenix walked down the street, singing a rhyme as they headed straight to a mini park not far to their home. Phoebe held Ria’s right hand with her purse in her other hand just in case they needed to buy something at the park while Phoenix held Ria’s left hand.

“Mom, there are not much people at the park today.” Phoenix said after her eyes surveyed the area.

"Well could it be because today is Friday and not Saturday?" Phoenix asked.

"I am not sure. If you don’t like it here then we can go to a restaurant if you want, Phoenix.” Ria replied.

"Yeah I love that! So we can buy ice cream!" Phoenix jumped by her side.

"That's a waste of money since we ate before leaving home.” Phoebe scolded her brother with a glare.

"No Phoebe, we don't have to buy some thing all that expensive. I mean an ice cream will do." Ria said to her.

"Look mom! There is an ice cream stand over there!" Phoenix screamed in excitement when he saw a man parking his van close to the roadside.

"Where?" Ria asked as if she could see.

"There! Right there..oh I think he is trying to pack the van under the tree!" Phoenix answered.

"Okay. Phoebe pick some notes from the purse and get two ice cream.” Ria instructed.

"Okay mom.” Phoebe replied.

"I will stay with mom while you get the ice cream.” Phoenix said to his sister.

"Alright. I’ll be right back.” Phoebe gave Ria the purse before racing off to get ice cream.

"Mom, there is a bench over there we should go and sit on it.” Phoenix said

"Will it be easy for Phoebe to find us?" Ria questioned.

"Yes mom. It is closer to the ice cream spot.” Phoenix responded.

And he led Ria to towards the bench as they count steps together but all a sudden a man bumped into her and then the purse slipped off from her hand.

“Hey! Can’t you see?!” Phoenix snapped.

“My purse..did it fall to the ground?” Ria trembled.

Phoenix checked the floor but it wasn’t there and his eyes trailed on the man who had bumped into Ria. He smirked at the little boy and placed a finger on his lips to silent him. “He just snatched your purse!” Ria heard Phoenix's cry while she lost her balance when he stumbled in an attempt to get the purse from the man.

"Are you okay Phoenix?" Ria crouched down trying to find him then she touched a part of his body, his leg precisely and he cried. The man ran off too quickly.

"Sorry..Sorry Phoenix.” Ria whispered shakily.

"I am fine mom..but that man just snatched your purse." Phoenix said.

Phoebe heard her brother’s voice from where she stood to get ice cream. "Look that guy running ahead is a thief! He has snatched my mom's purse!" She screamed but it was as if no one cared about going after the thief since there were just few people at the park.

“Thieves at the park again? I should close up before they come rob my earnings.” The ice cream man panicked.

"Are you okay mom?" Phoenix asked.

"Yes..yes..I am fine..” Ria’s voice trembling.

Phoebe rushed back to Ria and her brother. “I will go after him.” She said.

" is dangerous to go after a thief just let him go. We should take care of your brother. Is he badly hurt?” Ria managed to say.

“Somebody help! He just snatched my mom’s purse!” Phoebe screamed again.

"But the money in the purse is enough to feed in the next two days.” Phoenix grumbled.

"Don't worry..I still have enough money at home.” Ria answered.

"It is all my fault. I shouldn't have suggested getting ice cream." Phoenix blamed himself in a sad tone.

"No it is not your fault. No one should be blamed for what happened today okay?" Ria mumbled.

"Okay.” They shook their heads.

"Mom, why don't you just rest a bit before we head back home.” Phoebe suggested.

“Is Phoenix leg fine? Does he have a bruise on it?” Ria asked.

"He is fine.” Phoebe answered before she helped Ria settle down in a bench.

"Are sure your brother didn’t get hurt from that fall?” Ria asked again.

"It is just a scratch." Phoebe replied.

"We should go home and clean it up. It can’t be infected.” Ria stood up from the bench.

About three minutes later, Ria heard a masculine voice."Hello.”

Immediately Ria’s body trembled when she heard the voice. "Mom he brought back your purse!" The children exclaimed.

“I didn’t know someone paid attention to me.” Phoebe added.

Ria tried to control her body. Actually what Lucas did to her has imbibed a fear for men in her. If she comes in close contact with them, extreme anxiety and tremors set in within her. Ria never want to get close to anyone of them again.

"I hope everyone is okay? I am sorry about what the thief did to you. I heard her scream while I was on phone so I went after him. Here is your purse.” Ian rushed out his words even as he tried to breathe out heavily at the same time.

Ria didn't reach out to take her purse back. "Thank you.” Phoebe room the purse from him.

"Thank you for getting back our mom's purse!" Phoenix thanked him.

"You are welcome.” Ian replied.

"” Ria whispered in low tone. It was polite enough to say thank you for retrieving her purse.

"I am glad that..I helped.” Ian replied.

"Let us go home so you can clean up your wound, Phoenix.” Ria said.

"Okay mom.” Phoebe helped her brother up before moving to Ria’s side to hold her hand.

"Bye bye, mister.” Phoenix waved at him.

“Bye.” Ian replied before they walked away from the him.

"Are you okay, mommy?" Phoenix asked her.

"Yes..yes am fine.” Ria stammered.

"But...your palms are sweaty and you are trembling. Is this because of the thief?” Phoebe demanded.

"Am I? I was just shocked..that someone snatched my purse.” Ria said shakily.

It was true. She couldn't control the feeling of fear and she was breathing faster than the normal rate.

"That man is a bad guy!” Phoenix hissed out.

“We can hold on a bit if you need to relax your mind.” Phoebe said.

"No let us just go home. We should leave before something else happens to us.” Ria response was sharp and immediate. She didn’t want to stay around because she was feeling like the man was still right behind her.

"Okay mom.” Phoebe muttered.

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