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The ancient Celestial Domain, the four great forbidden grounds were in an abnormal state. Thick spirit energy gushed out, signaling that countless The Secret Realm of the Ancient Gods were about to be opened, welcoming a chaotic time of cultivation.

All sorts of forces were moving about, planning on how to compete for more good fortune in this chaotic world of cultivation.

It was at this time that the Ancient Aristocratic Families, God's Secrets of Heaven and Earth predicted that the Eastern Divine Region, the Qingzhou and the Demon Nether Stream would reveal their The Secret Realm of the Ancient Gods to the world.

This Netherworld Sword's The Secret Realm of the Ancient Gods, was sealed by the natural Nether Seal, and only Bloodline Martial Spirit cultivators who were contaminated with the netherworld aura could activate it.

As a result, the Eastern Divine Region s near the Unholy Stream became one of the hottest targets to be roped in.

It was the morning of the Qingyou City's mountain. The streets were crowded with stalls, and the sound of people selling goods could be heard. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

Facing the warm morning sun, Li Tianle, a handsome teenager dressed in gorgeous training robe, whistled as he walked in from the gates of Qingyou City that had just opened, accompanied by a crowd of people.

Li Tianle followed the crowd and slowly strolled along the main street. From time to time, he would nod and greet some shopkeepers who looked familiar, as if he was a scholar wandering the streets.

"Ha, I never expected that after I left for three years, Qingyou City's population has increased to such a level. It's really difficult to take a step, it's really bustling with noise and excitement!"

As the youth Li Tianle let out a sigh, it caused everyone around to turn to look at him, and for a moment, they were like a crane among a flock of chickens.

scratched his nose awkwardly and shrugged: "You guys continue, continue, why are you looking at me?"

On both sides of the street, there were a few middle-aged shopkeepers. When they saw Li Tianle nodding in greeting to them, they heard what Li Tianle had said about leaving for three years.

Suddenly, they felt that the young man in front of them was very familiar, as they gathered together and whispered: "Do you guys feel that the young man who greeted us, is a little like the former young sect master, Li Tianle?"

"Hm!" I also felt that it was familiar. Didn't they say that during that trial three years ago, he accidentally fell into the Netherworld Udumbara Flower? There's no one left alive! "

"Sigh ~ How could it be carelessness. I heard that it was because of that second young master of the quiet dao gate, Li Junnan!"

"Shh!" Don't talk nonsense! "You don't want to live anymore?"

"The former Young Sect Master, although his cultivation talent is low and he's a bit of trash, he's still a pretty good person. How pitiful!"

The shopkeepers sighed endlessly. After exchanging a few pleasantries, they all shook their heads with a look of regret and went back to their own shops.

Ever since Li Tianle merged with the souls of his other two lives in the Netherworld River three years ago, his soul far surpassed that of others. Thus, his hearing was especially good, and he could clearly hear the discussions of the shopkeepers.

"Brother Tianle, were you harmed by this so-called quiet dao gate Li Junnan three years ago? Xiao Le will avenge the Brother Tianle! " In Li Tianle's sea of consciousness, Xiao Le heard their discussion. He clenched his small and tender fists and said angrily.

Li Tianle felt his heart warm up, he stopped walking, but did not bring up this matter. He changed the topic, "Xiao Le, this is my hometown, how about it? "It's going to be exciting!"

Li Tianle stood in the middle of the main street, and the people walking past him all went around him, cursing and swearing at him, but he just sank into his sea of consciousness and continued to chat with Xiao Le.

Xiao Le, the divine tool Blissful Games's artifact spirit. Three years ago, Li Tianle obtained it in the Netherworld Udumbara Stream because it had merged with the souls of the other two worlds, restored the body, and obtained rebirth.

All of this was very inconceivable, but after three years of being together, Li Tianle had already gotten used to all of this.

"Humph!" Brother Tianle, you can just lie to Xiao Le, it's just a crappy place, how can it be as lively and fun as Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique! " Xiao Le snorted with displeasure, but the voice was extremely cute, and did not have the feeling of being angry.

"Alright, Xiao Le, Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique won't be able to go back for the time being. After looting their treasure vaults, they will probably be frantically searching for my whereabouts!" Li Tianle thought about how his heart was brimming with happiness after he cultivated in the Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique for three years. Especially what he did before he descended the mountain, it made him feel incomparably refreshed.

"Hehe, Brother Tianle, I think they must have gone mad. But Brother Tianle, are you going home to take revenge?" When Xiao Le thought about the few years they had spent together, he felt a burst of happiness. However, when he thought about the tragic events that had happened to Li Tianle in this life, he asked in a low voice.

"Hmm, it's been three years. It's about time for everything to come to an end!" Li Tianle looked in the direction of the quiet dao gate and asked with a complicated tone.

's father, Li Qing, had led his brothers and friends to establish quiet dao gate. Afterwards,'s mother, Yao Shishan, was born and was brought away by a group of mysterious people.

In order to find his wife, Li Qing abandoned Li Tianle and left the sect.

The quiet dao gate should have been Li Tianle's home, he should have been waiting at the place, however three years ago, everything had changed. His older cousin, Senior Brother and Li Junnan's group of fellow disciples plotted against him, gravely injured him in the sect's trial, and pushed him into the Ancient forbidden area, the Netherworld River.

Li Tianle believed that Li Junnan could at most be considered the executor, and that this was tacitly accepted by the entire quiet dao gate. This made Li Tianle heartbroken regarding this former home.

Li Tianle's mind flashed with the scene that had been sealed for three years, and the flames of fury gradually ignited on his face, then immediately faded.

Li Tianle's face turned sullen, he took a deep breath: "Um, Xiao Le, let's play with the geniuses, play with the strong, we have the great dream of oppressing the Heavens — — Blissful Games, we shall begin from here!"

Li Tianle had already considered this decision for a long time, and had already made up his mind. His return, must be strong, and from his homeland, step over all the experts, torture all the geniuses, and toy with the entire sky, walking down his road to Game World.

"Alright, Brother Tianle, the Blissful Games has opened the main mission: The Taunt of the Sky that comes back from the Blessed Paradise. In front of me, Tian Le of the Blissful Games, even if you are a so-called genius, you don't have to act so arrogantly; even if you are a dragon and you become a worm, you still have to learn to meow like a tiger. "

Suddenly, Li Tianle felt like he was given a mission, but he couldn't really say what it felt like.

"Brother Tianle, how do you plan on starting the mission?" Xiao Le looked at the people who were hurrying back and forth along the main street, as well as the stalls on both sides of the road, which were filled with all sorts of shops. Suddenly, he felt that he and Li Tianle were a little out of place in this world, a little at a loss.

The corner of his mouth rose, full of confidence and complacency. The scene from before was no longer there, and his eyes carried a trace of cunning. Looking at the scene before him, he already had a plan in his heart.

He stretched lazily and said lazily: "Hmm, coming to Qingyou City, of course I have to go to quiet dao gate and play with the quiet disciple. What teasing little junior sister, punching little senior brother, and then another step on the head, haha! How about it? Just thinking about it makes people feel that it's so good, haha! "

Li Tianle did not send a sound transmission in his sea of consciousness, but directly said it out loud.

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