Blissful Alchemic God/C11 Who told you to take revenge?!
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Blissful Alchemic God/C11 Who told you to take revenge?!
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C11 Who told you to take revenge?!

Li Tianle was elated, his harvest this time was truly bountiful, especially Li Junnan and the other disciples of the quiet dao gate, they had all been taken care of by him, he wanted to quickly get rid of this group of trash and go and take inventory.

He was just looking for Murong Jinxuan, this new friend, to share some fun. This was the party member of this game, she wanted to give her some benefits, but who knew?

"Who let you take revenge!" Murong Jinxuan stomped her feet, and stealthily glanced at Yao Haoyu, afraid that he would be unhappy.

However, Yao Haoyu didn't seem to mind. Feng Qingyun looked at Li Tianle like he was a clown, causing Murong Jinxuan to heave a sigh of relief.

However, he still glared at Li Tianle unhappily, signalling for him to quickly leave this place.

Murong Jinxuan already knew that her own Big Brother Hao Yu had big plans in the quiet dao gate, and all of these could be a misunderstanding.

If she still wanted to care about all these, then it would be hard for Big Brother Hao Yu to do.

"Alright! See you then! "Bye bye ~" Li Tianle shrugged his shoulders. Since the other party did not want to share the rewards and did not insist, then forget it, he just waved goodbye to everyone politely.

"Li Tianle!" Wang Tianyu who had reacted from the shock shouted angrily. With an ugly expression, he walked to Li Junnan's side and squatted down to check on his injuries.

If Li Junnan died, then he wouldn't be able to explain it to his master. After realizing that Li Junnan was fine and just fainted, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He stood up, took a deep breath, looked at Li Tianle, and issued his ultimatum: "No matter what, we must catch Li Tianle, regardless of life or death!"

"Yes sir!"

The surrounding quiet dao gate disciples replied in unison, their imposing manner was astonishing.

Yao Haoyu quickly arrived at Murong Jinxuan's side, glared at her, and pulled her into his embrace as he gently said, "Don't talk to this kind of trash anymore, okay?"

"En, got it, Brother Hao Yu!" Murong Jinxuan cuddled up in Yao Haoyu's arms and replied sweetly.

Li Tianle looked at Yao Haoyu with a sour feeling in his heart as he silently cursed, "Isn't it said that heroes save beauties, and beauties are all that sort of thing? This plot is wrong, it seems like this is the wrong person to do it with. Fine, then I'll let you be proud for a few days. This beauty will be mine sooner or later.

Seeing the group of quiet dao gate disciples surrounding him, he quickly left without wasting any time on them.

However, what made the disciples of the quiet dao gate depressed was that Li Tianle's speed was extremely fast, and strangely, he did not seem to want to leave.

What made them even more confused was that whenever Li Tianle managed to escape a certain distance, he would always stop. His hands quickly formed hand seals, giving them the chance to escape.

Yao Haoyu only had a cold smile on his face but did not pursue Li Tianle. In his opinion, Li Tianle was already unable to escape even if he had wings, and did not want to dirty his own hands.

"Big Brother Hao Yu, can you let them let Li Tianle go?!" Murong Jinxuan looked at the figure in front trying to avoid quiet dao gate's captures with all her might, and felt somewhat guilty, and begged Yao Haoyu.

"Little sister Jin Xuan, this matter has nothing to do with us, this is an internal matter of the quiet dao gate, I cannot get involved!" Yao Haoyu glanced at Li Tianle with ridicule and disdain, lowered his head, and replied as he looked at Murong Jinxuan with a gentle gaze.

He felt that he had not added insult to injury, which was already considered his greatest kindness.

"A bunch of ungrateful bastards from the quiet dao gate actually dared to chase after your grandfather! All of you kneel down to this young master! "

Li Tianle seemed to have purposely lowered his speed, and was quickly surrounded by the group of quiet dao gate disciples.

Li Tianle smiled with the success of his scheme, he then took out the diamond-shaped badge, and used his Spirit Qi to create a brilliant display.

Immediately, a wave of imposing aura pervaded the air, and all the quiet dao gate disciples were trapped, trembling, and kneeling down!


Boom! *

"I want this token!" A white clothed silhouette suddenly appeared, and kicked Li Tianle's hand, then his chest.

The order badge was kicked away, Li Tianle spat out a mouthful of blood and flew out.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Bastard!" Li Tianle scolded, he placed a recovery pill into his mouth, following that, he activated the teleportation talisman, causing Li Tianle's figure to disappear!

felt an unbearable pain in his chest, as though it was going to explode. Gritting his teeth, his body moved, and quickly formed hand seals.

"Li Tianle!" Murong Jinxuan's face was filled with anxiety, and without caring about Yao Haoyu stopping him, she ran towards the Li Tianle that appeared once again.

Seeing this, Li Tianle wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and laughed: "Murong Jinxuan, clean yourself and wait for this handsome guy to come and get you. As for Yao Haoyu, don't think too highly of me. Again, this handsome brother likes women! "

"Lala lala, it's getting late, I'm going home to eat. The next time I need a warm bed, little sister Jin Xuan will inform you, there's no need to be in such a hurry! "Mm, you guys take your time. Bye bye!"

Li Tianle smiled mischievously as he waved goodbye to everyone. With his other hand, he formed a profound seal, and immediately, Li Tianle's figure disappeared and the entire street started to distort.

"Not good, it's a formation!"

Yao Haoyu, Wang Tianyu cried out at the same time. They never would have thought that this useless and famous trash Li Tianle could actually cast formations.

Recalling his previous actions of scurrying back and forth, he immediately understood what was going on. It seemed that this fellow had been feigning ignorance the entire time. With his speed, he should have been able to escape easily.

This time, the quiet dao gate was in complete disgrace. Under the watch of so many onlookers, he acted out such a scene, and in the end let him run away. Moreover, his entire group was trapped within the formation.

Especially because quiet dao gate would be recruiting disciples tomorrow, at this time, everyone in Qingyou City was a cultivator who had come after hearing the news, so within a day, the news would spread.

"Ah, why is there a fog all of a sudden? I can't see anything!" The surrounding crowd was watching the commotion with great interest. Suddenly, they became flustered.

"It can't be that the quiet dao gate wants to silence us by killing us, right? Think about it, even though so many people want to capture a trash, Li Tianle, this is such a big joke!"

"Yeah, it's possible, what should we do?"

Suddenly, the entire street was thrown into chaos. They could not see anything, and could only hear sounds and begin to let their imaginations run wild.

Immediately, all kinds of trampling sounds rang out, some were from passersby, some were from quiet dao gate disciples. Because they were chasing after Li Tianle, they had already mixed together with the crowd.

"This is an array set up by Li Tianle. In order to prevent unnecessary injuries, everyone don't move. Keep quiet, we will think of a way as soon as possible!" Hearing the discussions of the crowd, Wang Tianyu knew that something was wrong and had to come out to clarify the matter.

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