Blissful Alchemic God/C12 Do you miss me?!
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Blissful Alchemic God/C12 Do you miss me?!
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C12 Do you miss me?!

Do you miss me?

"It's Wang Tianyu from the quiet dao gate, so it wasn't that the quiet dao gate wanted to kill them all, it was actually an array set up by Li Tianle. I didn't expect that after three years of not seeing him, he had actually become a formation master! "How enviable."

"What?" I think he must have obtained some formation treasure from that treasure trove. Think about it, he has so many talismans, could he still be a talisman master? So many geniuses want to become an arcane master but couldn't find a way, how could he become an array master and a talisman master in three years? "He must have gotten lucky and obtained some powerful being's treasure!"

Wang Tianyu's words once again caused an uproar, and for a moment, everyone confirmed one thing, that Li Tianle had obtained the treasures and had a huge amount of wealth, causing people's hearts to be moved.

This matter later on, had really troubled Li Tianle a lot. On the surface, but secretly, many forces followed behind him, wanting to eat this fat sheep of his.

"Brother Tianyu, don't be impatient. The formations can be broken through!" "Wait for me to sense it!"

The scene was so chaotic, I am afraid it will affect their plans, Yao Haoyu could not sit still, he spoke out, a white light flashed on his body, and he started chanting!

Instantly, a strange energy enveloped the entire battlefield, roaming about in all directions.

However, at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly rang out, "Hi, everyone. Did you miss me?"

Isn't that the voice of Li Tianle who they thought had already left? Hearing his words, everyone was speechless. Who would miss you? It was better to hate you.

"Li Tianle, we have no enmity with you, so hurry up and activate the formation and let us go. Otherwise, even if one of us is here, we will be irreconcilable with you!"

Suddenly, the whole street started to boil, all sorts of curses and swears rose and fell. Li Tianle could clearly see that the bar above his head, which represented their affability level, had turned purple. It was clear that they already viewed Li Tianle as their enemy.

But Li Tianle's voice did not appear again, as though he had disappeared once more.

However, no one noticed a ghost-like figure shuttling through the crowd on the main street, quickly arriving at Li Junnan's side.

"Extreme Delight Magic Card, I wish you happiness!" After saying that, she brought out a card which floated towards Li Junnan along with a multicolored light. Under Li Junnan's terrified gaze, she disappeared into his body.

Li Junnan was so frightened that he immediately dropped to the ground and dodged, but he obviously could not hide anymore. After that, he realized that there was nothing, so he carefully examined his body and took a deep breath.

"Uh-huh, uh — uh — scared the hell out of me! Li Tianle, just you wait. The matter today is not over! " Li Junnan gasped for breath, his face was full of fear, his face deathly white, as he roared.

But Li Tianle's voice had disappeared a long time ago, just as everyone was looking warily at their surroundings, Li Tianle's hateful voice sounded out once again.

"You bastards of the Dao City of Clearing, I'll gift you with good fortune! Haha!" Cleansing Intestine Detoxifying Smoke Talisman, Explode. "

Puff puff puff!

After several explosions, countless talismans on the street exploded, releasing a green oily smoke. The slightly spicy smell caused the people in the array to cough continuously as tears and snot flowed down their faces.

"Haha, I wish you guys a good time. Bye bye ~" From then on, Li Tianle's voice never appeared again, only leaving behind the sound of coughing from before.

"Cough, cough!"

Other than the continuous coughing on the street, he could no longer hear anything else.


However, the next moment, the sounds of stomachs rumbling filled the entire street.

It was very strange, like a group of hungry ghosts, but there was no sign of them.

"Break for me!"

With a loud shout, sparks of electricity lit up. In front of him, there was a sense of absent-mindedness, as if the clouds had been pushed aside and the sun had appeared.

Cough cough!


After a few coughs and a few rumbling sounds from their stomachs, everyone finally saw the people around them.

The meeting scene was a bit strange. There was no joy, no excitement.

This was an extremely awkward situation. Almost everyone was clutching their stomachs with pale faces, staring blankly for a few seconds. After which, they finally realized that they had inhaled a type of medicinal powder.

Yes, it was a cathartic drug, stored in large quantities through a type of spatial talisman, and then released through detonation talismans, allowing people to be poisoned through inhalation.

Everyone suddenly split up, quickly searching for the nearest five valleys' area of reincarnation.


Embarrassment occurred again as mournful screams rose and fell one after another. Suddenly, a street even more frightening than the one where pigs were killed appeared.

Too terrifying. For the sake of fighting over the road, he had accidentally been knocked down and stepped on by a group of people one after another. This was simply an Asura hell.

And the most awkward part was Yao Haoyu. Just now, he had no choice but to endure the waves rolling in his stomach as he deciphered the formation in front of him.

Breaking through formations was a huge project, and he also needed the help of Bloodline Martial Spirit s to sense it as well as circulate his profound energy and perform some hand seals.

It was a pity that the beautiful Bloodline Martial Spirit behind him had already become illusionary, obviously he had consumed too much energy.

In the end, it was fortunate that the formation was broken. His body's profound energy had not been used up yet, so the Bloodline Martial Spirit Goddess was absorbed into his body.


However, after relaxing, his unruly stomach started growling once again. Forcing himself to endure, his face flushed red and he glanced at Murong Jinxuan embarrassedly. He did not want to embarrass himself in front of her most beloved person.

However, Murong Jinxuan's appearance became even uglier. It was obvious that she was heavily poisoned as well, and her stomach was about to be cleaned up.

"Damn it! Li Tianle, don't let me see you again, otherwise, I will definitely pull your tendons and skin out of your body, and train your blood and soul! " Yao Haoyu's teeth were trembling in hatred, he had already given Li Tianle the death penalty.

Poor Murong Jinxuan, who was covering her stomach and looking at Yao Haoyu with a blushing face, had actually been targeted by Yao Haoyu. She shyly lowered her head, and with a myriad of emotions, she swore continuously in her heart, "Li Tianle, you bastard, you're so disgusting! Damn it! Let me be embarrassed in front of Big Brother Hao Yu, I'm so angry! Oh god, don't make me …

pleaded pitifully, while secretly observing Yao Haoyu. When she realised that his brother Hao Yu was the same as her, she immediately felt relieved. As long as she wasn't the only one who was embarrassed.

"Ahhh!" In a corner not far away, Li Tianle had set up a barrier and was observing the situation over here. His face was filled with schadenfreude as he watched the shocking scene on the street, and suddenly sneezed.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped his nose as he scolded, "Grandmother, it must be that little Hailey scolding me. The next time I catch her, I'll definitely spank her!"

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