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C13 Shock

Li Tianle was thinking about it. How about this, teach that Little Hailey a lesson, who allowed her to scold him? Of course, regardless of whether she scolded him or not, at least he thought so.

At this time, Xiao Le's sweet voice came out from his sea of consciousness.

"Congratulations Brother Tianle for ruthlessly teasing a genius. Reward: Game currency 200, current: 88850 Game currency, reward: 20 experience points. Current: Mysterious Warrior Stage: 208 experience points."

"You can do that?" Li Tianle looked at the growing Game currency and his experience points in a daze. In his heart, there was no need to talk about how great he felt, especially when it came to teaching that disgusting little white face a lesson.

Especially since as long as he accumulated a thousand experience points, his physical body would be able to undergo leveling up and forging, and his cultivation would be able to increase as well.

The street was still in disarray. Clashing! Clashing! Clashing! Clashing again …

Twisting, you hit me, I hit you, just like a bunch of monkeys with their butts on their faces, whacking and cursing like a shrew.

Miserable shrieks, miserable shrieks, miserable shrieks again … As long as he was knocked onto the ground, he would definitely become a small clump of grass and be ruthlessly trampled by countless people, becoming fertilizer like mud.


Everything was forbidden with this sound!

Everyone seemed to have forgotten what had just happened. They forgot about their rolling stomachs, the fights, the running, the cursing, and the panicking. It was as if they had been halted by a divine tool.

In short, they had forgotten about their own existence, and their mouths were wide open in shock.

What did he see?

How could he forget the pain and be so shocked?

They stared fixedly, their mouths wide open as if they could swallow many things! Everything was frozen in the middle of the road.

In the middle of the road, our second senior brother, Li Junnan, was whistling a loud and clear military horn. He was leading the way with his legs crossed on both sides of the Yellow River.

The machine gun kept firing and the cannon kept firing.

He could not see the water of the Yellow River in the sky. It brought yellow flowers along with it.

How spectacular!


Everyone felt their stomachs churning, but they only saw the other person feeling more comfortable. He hadn't even settled the matter yet.

However, in the middle of the road, second senior brother Li Junnan, suddenly shot his machine gun, causing countless of planes to fall.

Suddenly, the people on the street forgot about their stomachs which were in the midst of striking and their jaws dropped to the ground. This was too shocking!

Li Junnan who had just finished his relaxing, felt that something was amiss. He raised his head to look, and was immediately shocked!

He was being watched, but he was actually being watched. Everyone was staring at him.

He no longer had the time to clean up as he quickly pulled up his pants.

Thinking of what he had just done, his Qi and blood rushed to his brain in an instant. His mystical Qi reversed and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, fainting on the spot.

Before he fainted, he was still thinking, "How did it turn out like this?" How could this be? Heavens! The earth! You don't have to make fun of me like that. I'm finished. I'm finished. My reputation has been ruined.

"Second senior brother!" The disciples of the Clear World Sect were all frightened silly. They couldn't care less about the state of their stomachs as they hurriedly surrounded the two of them.

Wang Tianyu looked at him coldly, and seeing that Li Junnan was fine, he was too lazy to bother with him. He scolded in disdain in his heart, "Useless trash, such a failure is more than enough!"


Wang Tianyu gnashed his teeth as he clenched his fist tightly: "Li Tianle, I don't want there to be a next time, I'll definitely tear you into ten thousand pieces."

"Bring your second senior brother back to the sect!" Wang Tianyu looked at the flustered quiet dao gate disciples, his face completely red, as he shouted in annoyance.

"Brother Hao Yu, I'm very sorry, let's return to the sect first!" Of course, he also didn't forget to greet Yao Haoyu, and then, he took the lead to leave while limping. It was obvious that under these circumstances, he couldn't use any movement techniques to leave.

Yao Haoyu held onto Murong Jinxuan as he nodded slightly with a pale face: "Let's go!"

In the corner, Li Tianle laughed out loud as he saw the cause of all of this: "Haha, Xiao Le, I'll give you a Like, this Extreme Mirage Demon Card is not bad, although it is a virtual one, the effects are still quite effective."

"Of course, this is the Blissful Games's reward, I am a Divine Artifact!" Xiao Le said in Li Tianle's sea of consciousness with a proud expression.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I can't take it anymore! " Screams of pain rang out one after another, immediately bringing a stench to the bustling street.

A cool breeze blew past. A weird smell brought along a group of weirdos with their tails as they disappeared within this bustling Qingyou City.

On this day, a shocking nursery rhyme spread through the streets of Qingyou City.

"quiet dao gate, great scenery, handsome Nan chasing after girls, dancing with second senior brother, in the middle of the streets, there is lost spring sunshine, smelly and coquettish, children and grandchildren are all over the streets, the stench has passed, the weirdness is gone, holding onto their tails, it is truly amazing!" It's really amazing! "

When night fell, Li Tianle entered the quiet dao gate from the bustling Qingyou City.

In his previous life, Chu Batian trained in the Eastern Divine Region, the biggest clan for martial arts refinement — — Sect Master of Temple of Eastern Universe Technique, and after his rebirth in this life, he trained in the Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique for another three years, reaching the pinnacle of mastery in formations.

However, due to the limitations of his cultivation, he could only utilize the realm of an array master's apprentice. It was enough for a small place like quiet dao gate.

Skill refiners were limited by their cultivation base, and their ranks were divided into three ranks: Enlightenment, Beginner, Entry, and Apprentice.

The protective formation around the small quiet dao gate was nothing, and as if it was uninhabited, it quietly went in.

Li Tianle strutted along a small path in the quiet dao gate mountain. Relying on his own memories, he headed towards the mountain he once lived in.

"Who is it!"

Approaching the mountain peak, suddenly four disciples of the quiet dao gate came out from the shadows. When they saw Li Tianle, they shouted out.

Li Tianle rolled his eyes. It was obvious that he was unhappy, because when he lived on this mountain peak, there was no one to guard him. It was obvious that the master had changed, but there were people guarding the mountain day and night.

"Your grandfather I!"

"How dare you!" "Which mountain are you a disciple of? You barged into the main peak at night and you still dare to be rude and pass it down to the Discipline Hall!"

The mountain guarding disciple frowned. He looked at Li Tianle and felt that this disciple was extremely unfamiliar. He thought that this disciple must be an unknown nobody.

"Haha!" "What a joke!"

Without waiting for the opponent to make a move, he attacked first. The disciples guarding the mountain were only at the early stage of the Elementary Profound Realm, they were not Li Tianle's match at all.

They didn't even make a sound from the impact and were all killed by Li Tianle's palm. Even at the moment of death, they didn't understand how the young man in front of them was so powerful, despite looking like he was only fourteen or fifteen years old.

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