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C18 Liu Wufeng

"Were you framed by them three years ago?" Hearing Li Tianle's words, Wu Yutong seemed to have guessed something as he furrowed his brows and asked.

"This family has gone bad. You should know that." Li Tianle did not answer directly. Instead, he said with a profound look.

"En, I understand. Let's go tomorrow, then where is Senior Brother Liu Wufeng?" Wu Yutong asked worriedly as she looked at the Li Tianle who had transformed into Liu Wufeng.

Li Tianle rubbed his temples and said indifferently: "I'm sorry, I'm already Liu Wufeng."

Wu Yutong nodded, she already understood in her heart, and said sorrowfully: "Senior Sister Liu Wushuang is his sister, she knows that she will be hurt."

"Yes, I will be her brother. Bring her with you tomorrow!" Li Tianle frowned, and said while deep in thought.

"I heard that quiet dao gate's disciple recruitment this time around was a bit too much because of their extensive income!" From Liu Wufeng's memories, Li Tianle found out that the quiet dao gate taking in disciples for three days in a row was an unprecedented event.

"Yes, I heard that this is a distinguished guest from the ancient Yao family. They have recruited him in the name of the quiet dao gate, and they are taking him away to cultivate him! Later on, we, the quiet dao gate's disciples, will be incorporated into it. "

Wu Yutong nestled in Li Tianle's embrace and said indifferently, as if she was talking about something insignificant.

"Do you know? quiet dao gate was once my home. My mother left, my father also left, my uncle also changed, my brothers and sisters also disappeared, and then this family was also given to someone else. This might be the final conclusion of every family, but I'm back! "

Li Tianle's eyes were deep, and the corners of his mouth carried a disdainful chuckle. His voice was a little cold, and caused Wu Yutong, who was in his embrace, to shiver.

"Senior Brother Tian Le, don't do anything stupid, you can't stop us, the Yao is an ancient clan and has a huge power. Furthermore, the senior brothers from the sect want to leave this barren land and have a lot of resources to cultivate to become a strong warrior."

Wu Yutong was afraid that Li Tianle would do something too extreme. quiet dao gate was established by Li Tianle's father, she knew that he treated this place as her own home, but the reality was cruel.

Actually, Wu Yutong also wished for a better cultivation environment and condition, and walked out of this place towards the legendary cultivation holy land.

"Hehe, little junior sister Tongtong, let's meet tomorrow. We'll go visit the Qingyou City together!" I still have some matters to attend to tonight. You should rest first, see you tomorrow! " With that, Li Tianle disappeared in front of Wu Yutong's reluctant gaze.

Li Tianle vaguely remembered that his mother was called Yao Shishan. Could it be that she was also someone from the Yao s?

Actually, Li Tianle did not go down the mountain for no reason, he had a mission to complete, it was just that he also came to the quiet dao gate to fight for the karma from three years ago.

According to Master, the world was going to be chaotic, and many great powers were plotting a great fortune, but the entire Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique had actually entered society.

"Hmph, Brother Tian Le still has a lot of things he wants to say to you. You're leaving just like that!" Wu Yutong stomped her feet in anger, but there was nothing she could do, she could only return to her room to sleep, in order to regain her energy, she quickly fell asleep.

Early in the morning, at the foot of the mountain of the main mountain, a group of disciples from the Hall of chores were quickly searching.

"Reporting, Captain. We found the unconscious Liu Wufeng. The others are gone."

"Bring me there!"

Under the guidance of the disciple, the captain quickly arrived at the Liu Wufeng who was being watched. Liu Wufeng was lying there motionlessly, his body unharmed, only his face was bleeding profusely, as if he had lost all face.

When the team leader saw this, he felt a wave of disgust, telling his subordinates to bring the medicine over as soon as possible.

Five disciples. Fortunately, two of the disciples went to Li Junnan's place at the time, otherwise, it would have been inferior to the five disciples.

This caused the Hall Master to feel endless fear. He heard that there was an explosion on the main peak last night, so how these disciples disappeared was truly intriguing.

It was obvious that there was some kind of secret behind the arrival of Senior Brother Wang Tianyu, who was with the sect master this early in the morning.

This time, he was truly drenched in cold sweat as he followed beside Wang Tianyu, afraid that he would be silenced if he discovered something that he shouldn't have, so he only sent his subordinates to investigate.

In the sect's alchemy hall, the Head of the chore house had a head full of cold sweat. He looked at Wang Tianyu with a flattering face and said: "Senior Brother Tianyu, you have examined him, he is indeed Liu Wufeng!"

"Wake him up! I have something to ask him!" Wang Tianyu looked at Liu Wufeng as his eyelids twitched. Thinking back to what happened last night, he hated him so much that his teeth itched.

However, when Wang Tianyu saw the person who had his face peeled off, he knew that the person last night would definitely not be able to find him. At most, he would just be an unlucky person.

After Li Tianle who pretended to be Liu Wufeng, woke up, and got questioned by Wang Tianyu, he did not know anything. Since there were no results, he could only release him.

"Little brother!" "Little brother!" But suddenly, Liu Wushuang rushed into the hall under Wu Yutong's lead. When he saw the shameless Li Tianle who pretended to be Liu Wufeng, he instantly threw himself into Li Tianle's embrace and cried.

"Wuu wuu, little brother, who dares to harm you like this, big sister will definitely avenge you!" Liu Wushuang sobbed incoherently.

Wu Yutong woke up early in the morning and after tidying up, he and Liu Wushuang went to look for Li Tianle at Liu Wuji's residence. However, they were informed that Liu Wuji had not come back for an entire night and was found by someone in the Alchemy Hall.

"Cough, cough!" It was unknown if it was because he was hugging too tightly or because of some reason, Li Tianle kept coughing.

"Brother, you're awake! That's great!" Liu Wushuang, who was hugging Li Tianle and sobbing non-stop, felt that Li Tianle had woken up.

From Liu Wufeng's memories, Li Tianle knew that the person in front of him was Liu Wufeng's older sister, Liu Wushuang, Wu Yutong's close friend.

With her as proof, then this identity of Liu Wufeng's would not be suspected by others and could be used once.

"Senior brother Tianyu, do you have anything else to ask Senior brother Liu?" If not, then we will be leaving! " Wu Yutong looked at Wang Tianyu, an existence who had once played with him since she was young, and was just like her big brother.

"Junior sister Yutong, please go ahead!" In the face of Wu Yutong, Wang Tianyu didn't have any other choice. After all, she was the precious daughter of the Great Elder, and so many people in the sect gave way to her.

"Junior Sister Wu, this is a pill used to treat external injuries. If consumed, a new skin will grow on her!" When the pill refiners of the Alchemy Hall saw that they were about to leave, they hurriedly sent the pills over. This was a good opportunity to fawn on the Great Elder.

Originally, towards an unknown nobody like Liu Wufeng, he would not take out such a good pellet. However, since the other party's relationship with Wu Yutong was not ordinary, it was different.

Wu Yutong took the pill, glanced at it, and fed it to Li Tianle. She looked at the pill refiner and asked: "How many spirit stones?"

"Thirty-four Low grade spirit stone!" Although he wanted to curry favor with Wu Yutong, he wasn't willing to pay the price of thirty or so Low grade spirit stone.

Ordinary disciples could only receive four Low grade spirit stone s a month. Although their pill refiners were a little rich, they would not give over thirty Spirit Stones to others.

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