Blissful Alchemic God/C19 Disciple Recruitment Ceremony
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Blissful Alchemic God/C19 Disciple Recruitment Ceremony
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C19 Disciple Recruitment Ceremony

Early in the morning, Qingyou City once again welcomed the morning sun. Numerous huge dragons stretched and conversed in the streets of Qingyou City, bustling with each other.

Today, quiet dao gate had opened its doors and widely accepted disciples. As long as one was under the age of 30, they could participate in the selection without any restrictions.

Thus, all cultivators that came from far and near, as long as they met the requirements, would all rush over upon hearing the news.

Long queues were formed in the early morning of quiet dao gate. Due to the large number of people, the queues extended all the way to the entire Qingyou City, as if they were outside of the city.

The people on the streets of Qingyou City were fighting to be the first to rush over, flocking towards the quiet dao gate.

"I heard that none of them exist, but I heard that the main reason why the quiet dao gate is recruiting so many disciples this time around is because the ancient Yao is controlling the recruitment process!"

"Of course I heard about it, or else I wouldn't have come. Our family's cultivation technique is also very good, not much lower than his quiet dao gate's. I heard that Yao is bringing these disciples for great effort to nurture them, saying that they are fighting for some great fortune!"

"Haha, looks like everyone knows. I wonder if this news is true or not!"

"If you don't believe me, look at the top. Those white garb cultivators with special patterns embroidered on their bodies. The pattern is clearly the word 'Yao'!"

"I saw it, I saw it, and I'm relieved. Brother, you're truly a genius. Now that you've discovered this, you will definitely have great achievements in the future!"

The disciples lined up in groups of three to five on the street were excitedly conversing. The content was all about this.

However, there was a group of people who were incompatible. Wearing quiet dao gate training robe s, they departed from the quiet dao gate and headed towards the quiet dao gate, chatting and laughing.

They were naturally the Li Tianle who had changed into Liu Wufeng, Wu Yutong, Liu Wushuang and the group of disciples from the Great Clan Elder's mountain peak. Of course, other than Li Tianle, the others were all female disciples who usually had a good relationship with Wu Yutong.

However, Li Tianle was wearing a mask now, the skin on his face had been peeled off, it was impossible for him to do it so quickly under normal circumstances.

"The disciple recruitment for the Clear Serenity Sect is truly spectacular. However, I am actually interested in those stalls up ahead. Maybe we'll be able to find some good stuff there. Senior-apprentice Sister, Junior Sister, what about you?"

Li Tianle looked far into the distance, and directly skipped past the disciples who were waiting in line to clear the Ethereal Palace, to see the beautiful stalls on the ground.

"Yes, Junior Brother Liu (Senior Brother) is right. Let's go look for treasures!" Everyone answered in unison.

With a smile on his lips, Li Tianle brought along a group of beautiful mischievous treasures. It was a form of enjoyment, but it did add a bit to the scene of the boring and boring disciple recruitment ceremony.

"Which great figure of the Qing You Sect is this? Why are there so many beautiful senior sisters accompanying him while wearing this mask? I'm so envious of us!"

A cultivator was queuing up with an envious expression.

"Mm, looking at his clothes, he's only an outer court disciple, how could he be some great figure!"

Naturally, someone with a keen eye could immediately see that this was the identity of the clothes on Li Tianle's body.

"What? Outer court disciples have this kind of treatment? I can't wait to become a disciple of the quiet dao gate!"

Very quickly, all of the cultivators in line became excited and started fantasizing, wishing that they could immediately become a disciple of quiet dao gate and replace Li Tianle.

In an instant, a commotion arose wherever Li Tianle and the group walked to.

Waves of disturbance attracted the attention of the crowd of important figures on the high platform of the quiet and secluded doors.

On the high platform, the Sect Leader of quiet dao gate, Li Pinghai, was seated in the middle. On the right was Great Elder Wu Zhenghao, and on the left was the esteemed guest, Yao Haoran, as well as their guard leaders, Yao Lifeng, adviser Yao Zhong, and butler, Yao Kaizhi.

The Qingyou City, and even further down the flying cloud pavilion, Pavilion Master Zhao An, as well as a few nearby clans, small sects, and representatives of the powers.

Then, a group of elders from quiet dao gate and a group of quiet dao gate's service disciples sat not too far away from them, waiting to serve these important figures.

They ate Spirit Fruits and Spirit Fruits, drank Spirit Wine, and chatted with each other from time to time. They were quite satisfied.

"Great Elder, your daughter is getting more and more beautiful! It has added a bright and beautiful feature to the originally somewhat boring disciple recruitment ceremony! "

Sect Master Li Pinghai had also noticed Li Tianle's group. Upon seeing Wu Yutong, he turned around and smiled at Great Elder Wu Zhenghao.

"Haha, Sect Master is too polite. That girl, Yu Tong, is a bit too unruly. It's good that she didn't cause any trouble for the recruitment ceremony. The event was truly spectacular!"

The Great Elder laughed, but changed the topic and looked towards the disciples lined up in the square.

Li Pinghai also said with joy: "It's all thanks to Young Master Yao. Young Master Yao has given us a endorsement this time, that's why we welcomed this unprecedented disciple recruitment ceremony."

"Haha, what Sect Master Li is saying is that the quiet dao gate has a big reputation. My Yao family has no choice but to trouble Sect Master Li to borrow the quiet dao gate's fame to recruit disciples for this big event! "Thank you very much, Sect Head Li." Yao Haoran laughed, and said politely.

The conversation on the stage, Li Tianle and the others naturally did not hear it. This time, Qingyou City accepting a long line of disciples was a big scene, and Li Tianle's group was also considered a part of the scenery. The most eye-catching view, however, was the many small stalls that lined the long line of people.

"How is Senior Martial Brother Liu? The disciple recruitment ceremony today will be spectacular. Look at the scene! It's unprecedented!"

Wu Yutong said as she looked at Li Tianle proudly.

"Mm. What's there to look at during the disciple recruitment ceremony? I find these booths interesting, so why don't we play a game and search for treasures together to see who finds them first!"

Li Tianle looked at the stalls in front of him and smiled as he explained to them.

"My brother is right, why don't we go to the vendor's booth to look for treasures? Just thinking about it is more interesting than watching him recruit disciples!"

Liu Wushuang looked at the beautiful little stall in front of him, whose eyes were filled with stars, and ran over first.

"Hey, Sis Wushuang, wait for me!"

Wu Yutong watched as Liu Wushuang ran off to the Treasure Shop, afraid that he would lose his treasure if he was a step too late.

Li Tianle, who was originally surrounded by beautiful girls, was alone now. For a moment, he could only shake his head helplessly and quickly chase after them.

In the front, there was no need to talk about the busy merchants who would sell all kinds of food and drinks, those stalls would sell all kinds of cultivation resources, and that would be a huge profit for them. Li Tianle's eyes lit up when he saw this, although he had stolen the treasures from the various mountain ranges of Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique, but who would reject having so many treasures?

Those stalls that sold cultivation resources were filled with people. These people were all here to participate in quiet dao gate's disciple recruitment ceremony, and those that could cultivate were mostly from large clans, not lacking in money.

After entering the quiet dao gate, although he had heard that all of them would be groomed by the Yao, some resources, equipment, and treasures would still be there. They would naturally be faster than others, and if he traveled far enough, he might even be able to change his own fate.

After seeing the items displayed by the merchants, those who had passed the entrance examination came back to the booth. They stood around the booth in groups of three or five and were picking their way around.

Those cultivators who were queuing up could only stare blankly, unwilling to leave their own group.

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