Blissful Alchemic God/C2 Enemies have a narrow road
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Blissful Alchemic God/C2 Enemies have a narrow road
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C2 Enemies have a narrow road

Shua shua shua!

Suddenly, countless eyes turned towards them in unison. They stopped in their tracks and looked at Li Tianle in shock.

"Ha ha!"

All of a sudden, they laughed out loud and pointed at Li Tianle.

"Look at this crazy man, he actually spoke so wildly, and wants to go to quiet dao gate to cause trouble? I think he's just tired of living, hanging himself from an old longevity star! "

"Haha, this country bumpkin has never seen the world before. Seeing how gaudy his clothes are, it's obvious that he's a nouveau riche who came to the city with gold. How dare he say such big words, I'm guessing he doesn't even know which way the quiet dao gate is heading! "

"Let's go!" What's the point of watching a madman? Time wasted! I heard that the quiet dao gate has opened its doors, widely accepting disciples, this is a rare chance, quickly go line up. "

"Haha, tell me, if I were to report this person to the quiet dao gate, it might be because of a huge contribution, I don't even need to line up, and will directly enter the sect!"

Li Tianle looked left and right, and then started to laugh along with the surrounding people.


The laughter was loud, as if it was trying to cover up the laughter around them.

Seeing Li Tianle laughing loudly, the surrounding people's mocking laughter suddenly stopped. They all looked at Li Tianle and asked in confusion: "What are you laughing at?"

"Whatever you guys laugh at, I'll laugh at!" Li Tianle crossed his arms in front of his chest, the Spirit Qi on his body was released, his eyes sharp as he looked at the people around him and said.

When they felt the aura from Li Tianle's body, under their friends' reminders, they shut their mouths and quietly dispersed.

Li Tianle quietly watched the figures of these people. He pinched his chin and thought for a while before muttering: "Is it time to recruit disciples?"

Li Tianle felt that it was like someone was giving him a pillow right after he fell asleep. He had snuck into the recruitment of disciples, and was planning to join the quiet dao gate to step on their genius disciple.

Suddenly — —


Suddenly hearing the familiar voice, Li Tianle's smile froze, he staggered, and scolded in his heart:

"Don't tell me your luck is that bad? You were discovered just like that. Let me check, Li Junnan, I'll f * * k your grandmother!"

Needless to say, this voice was something that Li Junnan, who brought along a group of people to ambush him three years ago, could recognize even after he turned into ash.

Li Tianle helplessly shrugged his shoulders, and his heart steeled. A new plan appeared in his mind, and with a mischievous smile he muttered: "Li Junnan, consider yourself unlucky, it deserved your bad luck and sent you to this handsome brother's hands. New and old debts will be settled together!"

Li Tianle suddenly turned his head with a face full of viciousness, preparing to suppress Li Junnan in terms of aura. A figure dressed in green flew towards him, his eyes quickly widened, and it was already too late for him to dodge.


"Eh …" Li Tianle's face was filled with astonishment. The soft fragrance entered his arms and he was momentarily stunned.


was clever, he woke up from his stupor and laughed ecstatically: "Heh heh, looks like my luck isn't bad today, am I destined to be in trouble here?"

"I'm sorry!"

In a flash, the fragrance in the room faded and her arms felt empty, as if she had lost something, leaving only the girl to apologize.


Li Tianle's face was flushed red, he reached out his hand with a face full of drunkenness, and called out to the beautiful figure in front of his affectionately.

However, the green figures swarmed over one by one, causing Li Tianle to hastily dodge in fright as he cried out: Oh my god, oh my god!

No one paid attention to his scream, this group of green-clothed people fearlessly rushed over, Li Tianle had no time to dodge, and was struck instead.

One green figure after another bumped into Li Tianle, and without any intention to dodge, they rushed over.

Boom! *

"Your sister!"


"Damn you!"

Peng Pengpeng!

Li Tianle was knocked like a rattle drum, rolling back and forth, cursing endlessly. However, the group of fellows wearing the quiet dao gate's green robe, seemed like they did not see it at all.

If he had not cultivated before, perhaps he would have already been knocked into the air and trampled upon. This was something uncle could endure, but aunt could not tolerate it, especially since he destroyed such a wonderful fortuitous encounter. This was simply inhumane.

The group of people disregarded Li Tianle and quickly chased after the beautiful figure. They did not realize that there was anything wrong with doing this, so it was obvious that they were already used to doing such things.

Li Tianle became even more unhappy and quickly chased after him. He magically took out a talisman and the talisman shone with a bright light, in a blink of an eye it had turned into a gigantic shadow horn.

Li Tianle shouted at the loudspeakers, "You bastards, you, Goudan, rat egg, stop right there!"

As for why there were so many eggs, how could Li Tianle care about that.

Crash! * The windows of all the shops along the street cracked, and a group of people ran out of the shops in fright to see what was going on.

"Which bastard is shouting so much!" Everyone shut their mouths when they saw the person holding a large, glowing megaphone in his hand. They all thought that this must be a master; to think that he would actually use a talisman to shout something.

Suddenly, Xiao Le's cute voice rang out in his mind again, "Brother Tianle, the Blissful Games has received a quest, anger punishes the evil tyrant, and the quest of saving the beautiful young lady is — — Hero, save the beauty!"

"The words of the Blissful Games: Who cares what kind of egg you are, all of you f * * k off! What? How can you be so rampant in front of me? Do you think you're a crab? Let go of that beauty, let me do it! "

Hearing Xiao Le's voice, Li Tianle was stunned for a moment. He stood there, looking at the details of the mission that appeared before him.

Reward: A worn-out piece of silk cloth. Experience 1, Gold 1. Fame Points to be determined. Obtained the Extreme Mirage Card.

"Motherf * cker, I've received a Blissful Games mission in the Godly Mountain of the Big Dipper Technique, but I've never received such a reward. It's already opened the main line, why … why is it still not as strong as before? This is too … that scam is so stingy."

Li Tianle thought about it crazily, and suddenly felt like he had been cheated.

Especially when he saw this worn-out silk clothing, he wanted to vomit. This type of worn-out mink leather jacket, cloth clothes, leather pants, and other things, Li Tianle's virtual storage bag was already filled up.

However, it was a good thing for a hero to save a beauty, and might even be able to make a beauty repay him with her body. Li Tianle already couldn't wait to think of this.

However, the shout that Li Tianle had shouted caused all of the disciples in the Clear Underworld Sect who were standing in the center to turn their attention towards him.

They wanted to see who in the Qingyou City, quiet dao gate's territory would dare to call themselves disciples of the quiet dao gate.

However, when their eyes met, when they saw Li Tianle's appearance, everyone was shocked. They rubbed their eyes in disbelief and stared wide-eyed, to see that it was still Li Tianle who had been dead for three years.

Immediately, the group of people felt as if they had seen a ghost. Cold sweat dripped from their foreheads, and their lips trembled.

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