Blissful Alchemic God/C5 Second Senior Brother's New Skills
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Blissful Alchemic God/C5 Second Senior Brother's New Skills
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C5 Second Senior Brother's New Skills

Only the quiet dao gate s could have such an effect. He could not help but be shocked, but he did not believe that this was the real Sect Master Token.

But how could that be possible? Li Tianle was already dead, he could be sure.

The Sect Master Token had been lost with Li Tianle, and the Sect Master Token could only be activated with the Li Family bloodline from their lineage.

Li Junnan really couldn't think of why things would turn out like this, unless he obtained a Sect Master Token and imitated it, it would be too terrifying.

Thinking of this, Li Junnan looked up at him with a gloomy face.

"What?" "Fake, Second Senior Brother, try forging it. I don't think you can fake it. Other than carrying your wife, all you know is how to be lazy."

Li Tianle looked at Li Junnan with disdain, and stored the Sect Master Token into his storage space.

It was clear in his heart that the entire quiet dao gate would use this method to resist the Sect Master Token. It seemed that the entire quiet dao gate had already harbored evil intentions and treated him as a thorn in their side.

"Sigh!" Li Tianle could not help but sigh. Originally, he still held onto that sliver of hope, but at this moment, he had already confirmed that there were no longer any relatives in this house, and all of them had betrayed their families. He should have long thought of this, otherwise, how would Li Junnan have the guts to scheme against him.


Chirp chirp chirp!

Li Junnan let out a cold snort, and in his hand, a request for help talisman had already been sent out to the sky, exploding in the sky as streams of aura directly flew towards the direction of quiet dao gate.

Li Junnan felt that this was no small matter and not something he could handle.

Li Tianle frowned, and looked at Li Junnan with a smile that was not a smile, and said with a face full of disdain: "Hey, Second Senior Brother, you don't need the Nine-Toothed Soldier Rake, but you actually learned a new skill, and made a ruckus? I remember that this is eldest senior brother's ability. If brother is powerful, why didn't you say so?

Hearing Li Tianle's words, Li Junnan was completely confused. He did not know what he was talking about, what, senior brother's skills, wasn't it just sending out a rescue talisman?

"Hmph, it's too late to regret it now, flattering is useless, you actually dared to come to our Qingyou City to cause trouble, you are simply courting death!"

Li Junnan did not understand what Li Tianle was saying, but he knew that the other party was afraid.

"Well, don't think that I'm afraid of you because you're strong! This is my territory. Carry your wife and don't put green onions here as elephants. See what you can do! Why didn't you go up into the sky? "

Li Tianle was also enraged, his hands on his waist, as he cursed!

Li Junnan was fuming with rage, but he did not know what to say.

"Go!" Walk faster! "Second senior brother!"

"You're the second senior brother, you're both the second senior brothers!"

Suddenly, the group of people who left earlier came back from afar and heard their shouts from afar. Li Junnan was feeling extremely displeased, especially when he heard Second Senior calling out to them, although he did not understand the meaning behind it, he knew it was not a good phrase, and immediately interrupted them.

"Uh-second senior brother, we've already taken him down. Let's go quickly!" He pushed the green-robed girl, who was already imprisoned, out.

"Bastard, let me go, otherwise you will regret it!" The azure-dressed woman gritted her teeth as she looked at the quiet dao gate disciples. She wanted nothing more than to eat their flesh and drink their blood.

The crowd automatically opened up a path, and a dozen over quiet dao gate disciples walked towards Li Junnan while pushing the green-gowned woman.

The corner of Li Tianle's mouth had a smile on it as he sized up the green-gowned woman. The girl was wearing a set of quiet dao gate training robe and did not conceal her temperament. Hmm, he wasn't at a disadvantage when he was hit just now.

Seeing that everyone had returned, Li Junnan instantly had something to rely on. With a mischievous smile on his lips, he looked at Li Tianle and then ordered complacently, "Brothers, this person has come to my Qingyou City to wreak havoc. Take him down, regardless of life or death!"

After hearing these words, Li Tianle seemed to be frightened, and anxiously said: "Are you sure, and sure? If you want to do this, I am your Young Sect Master Li Tianle! "

"Haha, now you know fear? But it's too late. You actually pretended to be my younger cousin and obediently surrendered, leaving behind an intact corpse. Otherwise, you would have been chopped into eight pieces. "

Seeing Li Tianle's reaction, Li Junnan laughed complacently. This was the reaction he wanted.

Since the other party knew that he was afraid, then there was nothing to worry about. This meant that the other party was not that strong either, with a face that seemed to be determined to eat Li Tianle.

"F * ck, you want me to capture your sister and chop her into eight pieces? Your grandpa!" Today, I came here as a hero to save the beauty. Let go of that beauty and let me do it! "

After Li Tianle finished speaking, it seemed as if there was some kind of power that had flowed about between heaven and earth from the body of a group of quiet dao gate disciples. After that, it shifted towards the green-clothed female, locked onto Li Junnan, and flowed into Li Tianle's body in the end, as if it had confirmed something.

Immediately, Xiao Le's voice sounded in his mind: "Brother Tianle, activate [Blissful Games Mode], and let's begin our happy moment!"

Following that, a mystical energy enveloped Li Tianle's body, and for a moment, he felt completely refreshed.

Li Tianle, who was being surrounded by everyone, suddenly took out a banner and with a flick, hung it on the front of the shop perfectly. On it was written:

"Heroes save the beauty! Angry Punishment of the Malevolent Tyrant! Let go of that beauty and let me do it. This made everyone present feel that it was extremely funny.

Li Junnan's face was filled with black lines. What kind of reaction is this? Fine, this second senior brother will endure it and let you shine at the end of your life. Pah pah pah, what second senior brother? You're the second senior brother, your entire family is.

Immediately the atmosphere became extremely weird, the crowd looked at each other, all of them were stunned, this could be considered to be the scene outside the universe.

"Seize him!" Li Junnan ordered weakly.

"Stop!" Wait! I am the Young Sect Master, if you have Sect Master Token, if you have Sect Master Token, quickly kneel! " Li Tianle then suddenly took out his Sect Master Token, like a police officer pulling out a gun, showing it in front of him, making all the criminals cover their heads with their hands.

The group of quiet dao gate disciples looked at the Sect Master Token and looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Li Junnan was speechless and he did not know whether to laugh or cry as he said in a speechless manner: "I already said, your order badge is fake.

This was something that Li Junnan suspected, there was something wrong with Li Tianle's IQ. He thought to himself, is this a lunatic?

But the Sect Master Token looked so much like it was real. If not for him being certain that Li Tianle was already dead, …

"Take him!" he ordered wearily.

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