Blissful Alchemic God/C6 This is the way to behave!]
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Blissful Alchemic God/C6 This is the way to behave!]
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C6 This is the way to behave!]

Hearing Li Junnan's order, the group of quiet dao gate disciples no longer hesitated and replied in unison, "Yes!"

Turning his head, he saw Li Tianle quickly surrounding him, wiping his palms, and pouncing towards them.

Just as they were about to come into contact with Li Tianle, Li Tianle anxiously begged for mercy: "Um, wait!"


A type of quiet dao gate disciple rushed forward aggressively, but suddenly stopped, retracted her fists, and almost fell down.


This caused the surrounding crowd to burst into laughter as they pointed and discussed amongst themselves.

The face of the quiet dao gate disciple was flushed red. Looking at Li Tianle's unfriendly face, she thought to herself, if you don't say what's good for you, I will definitely teach you a lesson.

They thought that Li Tianle was afraid and wanted to surrender. With a way to save trouble, they naturally wouldn't want to waste any time, so they all folded their arms in front of their chest and glared at Li Tianle, waiting for him to surrender or beg for mercy.

"What now?" Li Junnan asked weakly, he had already broken down, he did not think that he would surrender, and surrender, and not let go, and maybe something might happen, he thought to himself, we are enemies, can't you be more serious?

"Are you sure you are my match? This handsome brother is very fierce! " Being surrounded by a group of quiet dao gate disciples, Li Tianle fearlessly assumed a pose that considered himself handsome. With a complacent expression, he pointed at his nose and asked in surprise.

He thought to himself, this handsome brother is someone who has lived for three generations. Although in this life, as Li Tianle, he lived a tragic life, but he is already dead.

I could have been pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger, but I am a good person, I have to remind you guys, although you are very stupid, but you can't just sit by and watch as you go astray.

Li Junnan and the group of quiet dao gate disciples almost fell to the ground, and looked at Li Tianle speechlessly.

"Right, right, right. Brat, you're amazing. You're awesome. I'll beg you to bully us!" Everyone didn't know whether to laugh or cry as they mocked him.

"What?" If you say so, I am relieved. These days, there are people who want money, people who want jobs, and people who want to propose. Ah, today, I've really broadened my horizons and a group of people who are begging for abuse have arrived. But, this handsome brother loves to satisfy their wishes! "

"There will be a lot of activities later on. You will definitely be satisfied. If you're not, don't give me any money. You are honest, just honest!" Li Tianle patted his chest, looking as though he had put down a heavy boulder, with a face full of worry, he touched his nose and said shyly.

Li Tianle looked at the sky and saw that the sun had already reached the middle of the sky and it was already noon. "Aiya, it's already afternoon, time to eat, time is running out, I will cut to the chase.


Li Tianle immediately restrained his expression and stood up with a stern face. He snapped his fingers and the huge words on the banners in front of the shop suddenly floated up and floated into the air, announcing the start of the hero saving the beauty and punishing the tyrant.

"Phew …"

The surrounding people took a deep breath. They had never seen such a magical scene in their lives.

"Pretentious! Take him down!" Li Junnan curled his lips, seeing that his junior brothers around him were still in a daze, he could only helplessly remind them.

A group of quiet dao gate disciples swarmed forward, fists and palms intertwined, and seeing that Li Tianle could no longer live, everyone could not bear it anymore and closed their eyes.

After a few breaths, the entire street was silent. Everyone's eyes widened in disbelief.

Their fists and feet were not bad, and their aggressiveness was not bad, but the moment they touched Li Tianle, they froze.

Li Tianle actually said with a smile, "Blissful Games, it's incredibly fun. Don't be like this, let's play a game together!"

"Be good, be good, be good!"

Under everyone's astonished eyes, Li Tianle quickly patted everyone's heads and laughed as he spoke.

"Mm, we are very obedient!"

The eyes of the group of quiet dao gate disciples blurred, and after that, they replied in unison, as if they had been possessed, and were no longer as aggressive as before.

Everyone in the crowd fainted. You could imagine how funny it was for a bunch of men to be so obedient and babyish in front of a young man!

His face was pale white, and his body trembled as he retreated. He pointed at Li Tianle with his trembling finger, and said with a trembling mouth: "You — you — you are a demon!"

Then he turned around and ran, not caring about his junior brothers, not caring about his second senior brother's image at all.

"Hey, hey!" You don't want your wife? " Li Tianle stretched out his hand and shouted to Li Junnan in surprise.

"Wife? Could it be that the azure-dressed girl who was running away earlier is the daughter-in-law of the Second Young Master? The surrounding crowd looked left and right with puzzled expressions.

Sou sou sou!

The group of quiet dao gate disciples all moved in response, transforming into a few green figures that surrounded the two.

Li Junnan, who was in the midst of stumbling and fleeing in a daze, could run faster than these quiet dao gate disciples who were besieged in an instant.

"Out of the way!" Li Junnan wanted to push away the two quiet dao gate disciples and escape, but the quiet dao gate disciples were as steady as Mt.

Actually, it was very easy to push away Li Junnan's cultivation level. However, because he was frightened, he could only use his instinct and forgot to use his profound energy.

"What happened?" A group of confused people whispered to each other, asking what was happening to the people around them. Clearly, they were confused as well.

The person who saw the scene clearly had his mouth wide open, his face was pale white, as if he was the same as Li Junnan. He quivered stupidly: "He is not Young Sect Master Li Tianle, he is a demon.

Suddenly, the street became a mess and began to scatter in all directions.

Li Tianle did not care about the crowd, as long as it was chaos, it was not his business.

He was still in front of Li Junnan, looking at him with a faint smile. A divine light suddenly appeared in his hands, causing Li Junnan's expression to turn chaotic.

"Mm, that's more like it. "Bam, bam, bam, bam!" Li Tianle reached out and patted Li Junnan's face.

But Li Junnan just smiled with a flattering face, like a pug, as if he was trying to please Li Tianle, and enjoyed himself to the fullest.

The crisp sound seemed to become the main melody. Those who had escaped in the chaos noticed this strange scene and became even more frightened.

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