Blissful Alchemic God/C7 Second Senior Brother Dance
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Blissful Alchemic God/C7 Second Senior Brother Dance
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C7 Second Senior Brother Dance

"Run! This fake young master knows demonic techniques?"

The crowd was in chaos, but the lack of orderly escape restricted them. They had nowhere to go, no doors to go, all kinds of screams, and all sorts of trampling. In short, it was like a pig market.

Li Tianle looked at Li Junnan who was trying to please him like a pug smiling and patted his head lightly.

"Stupid, the wonderful moment is here! Ladies and gentlemen, everyone stop, this time we will give you the exciting show. Next, our flirtatious Li Junnan and his friends will bring you an unprecedented scene, where no one has ever come here before, where no one has ever come before, where no one dances before or where no one dances before, Second Brother dances, please look forward to it! Shout! "Let's dance!"

Li Tianle slowly stood up, with a happy expression, he controlled the atmosphere in the place, causing the messy crowd to suddenly stop, as if they were possessed. No matter what state they were in, they all looked over in shock, it was extremely strange.


Li Tianle snapped his fingers, raised his arm and started a tempo as he shouted: "Music, light, rhythm, dance!"

The entire world seemed to be responding to Li Tianle's summons, as it changed at this moment, as though it became a stage. The light and the music intertwined together, it was extremely strange.

"A group of pigs, Zuo Yao Yao, ran down from the mountain in front of our door. Swing to the right! We are a group of cute second senior brothers! Roar! Roar! Roar!"

"Second senior brother! Carry my wife! Yiyayiya! Oh!"

"Second senior brother, you're hardworking! Wahaha!"

"Second senior brother, you're so hardworking. You woke up earlier than a chicken and slept later than a dog. Really, you're so hardworking, so hardworking!"

On the street in the center of Qingyou City, as if in a dream, everybody sang along with the lights and the music. It was as if at that moment, they could only dance with their second senior brother.

"What?" "What happened?!"

The commotion attracted the attention of the rest of the Qingyou City, and they all rushed over with puzzled expressions.

"Someone is dancing on Central Street. What kind of dance is this? How interesting!"

Some of the young women were traveling together, curious to find out what was going on.

"Look over there, isn't that quiet dao gate's second young master, Li Junnan? I didn't expect him to be able to dance. She sure is incredible. No, no, I want to dance too. I can't stand it anymore! "

On the main street, Second Senior Martial Brother's dance seemed to have a unique magic that attracted people one by one.

Seeing that more and more people were gathering, a satisfied smile appeared on Li Tianle's face. He looked especially at Li Junnan's group and muttered to himself in the end, "This Blissful Games, Little Heavenly King, will repay the grievances with virtue, enjoy yourself! "Haha!"

Li Junnan had still become the leader of this Second Senior Brother Plaza Wu, and was worthy of being called Second Senior Brother.

Seeing their blissful and happy expressions, Li Tianle could not bear to disturb them. He could only look for something to do.

Releasing the bindings on the beauty was a good thing. Li Tianle thought the same way, so he happily did it.

"Thank you, Young Master, for saving us!" After obtaining her freedom, the green-clothed young girl stood up and slightly bowed as she expressed her gratitude.

However, seeing the strange scene from before, as well as the people dancing crazily right now, Murong Jinxuan shrank her neck out of fear.

"Haha!" "What's the matter!" This was the first time Li Tianle was thanked by a beauty who was like a crescent moon shaped flower. He was momentarily at a loss as he embarrassedly touched the back of his head, giggling foolishly while waving his hands.

Seeing Li Tianle's cute appearance, the girl in cyan was slightly relieved. She covered her mouth and laughed: "Little girl, Murong Jinxuan, what might you be called, Young Noble?"

"Li Tianle!" Li Tianle stopped smiling and said seriously.

Murong Jinxuan covered her mouth with her hands and said with a face full of surprise, "You really are the Young Sect Master of the quiet dao gate!"

"En, but it doesn't seem to be of use anymore," Li Tianle replied jokingly.

"Giggle!" Murong Jinxuan covered her mouth and chuckled lightly, thinking, if they knew you were a person from that world, I wonder what they would think.

Li Tianle touched the back of his head, and looked at Murong Jinxuan with a foolish smile. He still wanted to get to know more, but just as he was about to open his mouth …

"Brother Tianle, you still need to punish those evil bullies angrily before you become a hero to save the beauty. Please complete it quickly! Otherwise, they will have to accept the punishment brought by the Blissful Games! " Xiao Le's sweet voice sounded out from his sea of consciousness, interrupting his speech. However, thinking about the punishment given by the Blissful Games, his body shivered, and he did not dare to delay any longer.

He thought to himself, this bro has already lived for three years and hasn't even had a girlfriend yet. If there's a chance, we have to grasp it. How can you ruin my plans? Even if you are a God Equipment, you can't be like this.

But? After a moment of daze, Li Tianle laughed awkwardly: "Cough cough, little sister Jin Xuan, look, I forgot about the important matter. Big brother will avenge you first!"

After he finished speaking, Li Tianle reached out and grabbed onto his small hand. It was so slippery that Li Tianle nearly fainted over when he touched it. He walked towards the Second Senior Brother's dance team with a serious expression.

"Ah?" "Ya!"

Murong Jinxuan was suddenly ambushed, and even though she did not react, she screamed, and was dragged away by Li Tianle.

She blushed deeply as she looked at Li Tianle. Upon realising that the other party was serious, she felt even more embarrassed.

In his heart, Murong Jinxuan shyly shouted, "Ah, this one only treats me as a bullied little sister. Help me go!

Murong Jinxuan was wary of Peng Peng jumping around. She really wanted to beat herself up a little. She suddenly felt that her mind was not healthy and wanted to find a place to hide.

However, Li Tianle, who had a serious look on his face, held his soft and silky hands in enjoyment and walked over slowly. He hated that the distance was too short and that he reached there in a second, and released Murong Jinxuan's hand with a look of reluctance.

Li Tianle pretended to be fierce, and rubbed his fists together, walking towards Li Junnan and the others.

However, Li Junnan was still immersed in Second Senior Brother's dance, and did not care about Li Tianle's actions at all.

"Starting of mission, punishing evil bullies in rage! [Big Dipper Divine Fist]! I'll fight! "Fight!"

In an instant, the heads of Li Junnan and the group of quiet dao gate disciples who were dancing appeared. Li Tianle was familiar with these stripes.

Li Tianle's face was full of excitement, his Northern Dipper Divine Fist quickly headed towards Li Junnan and the others.

Puff puff puff!

"How dare you!"

A loud shout came out and a green clothed figure quickly rushed over, blocking in front of Li Junnan. In the time it took to strike out with a palm, the figure had completely received Li Tianle's Northern Dipper Divine Fist.

Li Tianle did not manage to punish the evil being furiously, and did not continue to fight. He quickly dodged, grabbed Murong Jinxuan's hand, and pulled him backwards.

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