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C8 Yao Haoyu

"Li Tianle?"

Li Tianle was startled, and instantly knew who this person was. Just now, when he was thinking about this matter, he really did not notice who this person was.

"Wang Tianyu, you bastard! "He's not dead yet!"

stopped at a place not too far away from there and turned around as he scolded. There were all sorts of people dancing with Second Senior Brother around them, making it difficult for him to leave. Furthermore, he was not willing to leave, as the mission had not been completed.

Wang Tianyu was the adopted son of Li Junnan's father, Li Pinghai. Naturally, he was also the direct disciple of, the sect master of quiet dao gate.

"Haha, Li Tianle, I'm destined to live longer than you!" Wang Tianyu looked at Li Tianle playfully and laughed, looking like he wanted to eat Li Tianle alive.

"Wang Tianyu, since you've met this Young Sect Master, call me by my full name. Where are the sect rules!?"

Li Tianle frowned, he knew that this person did things in a straight line, always using rules to talk, today this handsome guy is also going to use rules to suppress you.

"Haha, you are the Young Sect Master? In the years that you have been missing, not one day in quiet dao gate can go without a master. My master has already succeeded as the sect master, so of course the Young Sect Master is only me, Senior Brother Li Junxiong! "

"Haha!" Without the Sect Master Token, the sect master's name would not make sense! "Then it's against the rules!" Li Tianle laughed and criticized loudly.

"Brother Tianle, trigger the hidden quest: Clear the traitors. There is no limit on the number of times you can do it. The rewards varied from 1 to 10,000 Game currency, so the experience couldn't be determined! Depends on the level of the traitor! "

"Remarks: As the owner of these Blissful Games, how can you tolerate traitors acting so arrogantly in front of you? Clean them up like they're trash, you have to clean them up, only then will you feel satisfied! Blissful Games cannot hide any dirt! "

Li Tianle scratched his head helplessly., you are forcing me to be a bad guy, I am a kind person.

Sou sou sou!

A white energy drifted over. Immediately, the dance of the second senior brother came to a halt. The light music that came from somewhere also disappeared in a strange manner.

Suddenly, hundreds of quiet dao gate disciples rushed over and quickly dispersed, surrounding the entire street so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out.

The crowd looked at the scene in front of them in a daze, and only after a few seconds did they come to their senses. They all took a deep breath, sweating profusely as they panted.

When Li Tianle saw this scene, he was also shocked. He asked in his sea of consciousness: "Xiao Le, what's going on? Why can you dispel the game's illusion techniques?! "

"Aiya, it's my Heart Demon Seed! It was caused by the infection in my heart! " In his sea of consciousness, Xiao Le seemed to be shocked and was in a bit of a panic.

"Inner demon seed? What is that? " Li Tianle was stupefied, his head full of fog, but he knew that the matter was not simple.

"Brother Tianle, you … you fused with the soul of the previous Temple of Eastern Universe Technique Sect Master — Chu Batian, and a group of friends in Miaofeng Divine Realm. Your good friend Di Shisheng, for the sake of monopolizing this opportunity, schemed against all of you.

At that time, my main body was occupied by inner demons, and all of them were taken by him! I never said anything about this, afraid it might affect your training in this life.

Li Tianle was stunned, all sorts of images quickly formed together in his mind.

Weng! *

He felt dizzy and almost fell down, his face pale.

Murong Jinxuan reached out to hold Li Tianle's hand, and asked with concern: "What's wrong with you?"

Li Tianle did not answer her, only his expression changed. His gaze became deep and ruthless as he clenched his fists, and emitted crackling sounds.

Very quickly, Li Tianle suppressed his emotions and smiled: "I'm fine!"

However, Murong Jinxuan felt a chill in her heart, and took a few steps back, looking at Li Tianle with a complicated expression.

"Ahem, about that, little sister Jin Xuan, let's settle the matter in front of us first!" Li Tianle rubbed his nose, looking at Murong Jinxuan as he reminded him.

Murong Jinxuan looked around vigilantly, and walked closer to Li Tianle, saying in an embarrassed voice: "I'm sorry, we've harmed you, we might not be able to escape from this calamity today!"

"Hehe!" I asked for it! "

Li Tianle chuckled, he did not say anything else, but Murong Jinxuan's heart thumped, feeling that the young man in front of him had changed. He was a lot more unfamiliar, but of course, he was not very familiar with him either.

Li Junnan slowly woke up and his body shook violently, as if he had received a huge shock. He wanted to stand up, but he didn't have any strength left, and thus collapsed onto the ground.

His face was filled with fear as he looked around. When he saw that his surroundings were filled with quiet dao gate disciples, his fear was finally relieved.

It was only then that he noticed Wang Tianyu standing in front of him, and as if he was a child being bullied and seeing his parents coming over, he started to pour out his feelings, "Senior Brother Tianyu, that fake Li Tianle, he's so scary.


Wang Tianyu glanced at Li Junnan, snorted coldly, and with a face full of contempt, he ignored him.

He shook his head, thinking that he could do anything trivial, yet he actually allowed this trash Li Tianle to live.

"A nation cannot be without a ruler for a single day, furthermore, I am a great quiet dao gate, and your father, Li Qing, was the founder of the quiet dao gate, not bad, and my master, Li Pinghai, was also one of its founders."

"As the Sect Master, Li Qingzheng did not care about righteousness just because of a woman. He threw the entire quiet dao gate into chaos, not caring about how to establish a foothold in the Eastern Divine Region!"

Wang Tianyu looked at Li Tianle with a serious face and said. He seemed to be saying this to Li Tianle, but in reality, he was saying it to the clear-headed spectators.

"As for us, we did our best. We originally wanted to wait for you to mature and pass on the position of sect head to you."

"And you are also extremely irresponsible, disappearing just like that. Where is your justice? As for the rules, they were set by the people. Our sect master set the rules, and if you obey, then you are in accordance with the rules! "


A graceful youth, dressed in white and holding a fan in his hand, suddenly appeared beside Wang Tianyu.

Then, a dozen or so quiet dao gate disciples who were already awake came over quickly through the crowd and checked on Li Junnan and the others' injuries.

When the white-clothed youth appeared, he immediately noticed Murong Jinxuan. Murong Jinxuan also suddenly raised her head to look at the white-clothed youth, and opened her mouth to speak.

As for the white-clothed youth, when he saw Li Tianle holding onto Murong Jinxuan's hand, he frowned and coldly snorted at Wang Tianyu while cupping his fists:

"Brother Tianyu, my matter has caused you all to put in great effort, and it is rather embarrassing. Now you have even harmed Second Young Sect Master and the disciples of quiet dao gate. I am very sorry."

When Murong Jinxuan saw the white-clothed youth approaching, her eyes shifted and she became a little flustered.

Brother Hao Yu is too polite, you coming to our quiet dao gate as a guest is already something that gives us face.

The white-clothed youth, Yao Haoyu, Murong Jinxuan's fiance, an offspring of the Primordial Yao, one of the biggest families in the Eastern Divine Region.

"Un, Brother Tianyu. I have some private matters to attend to, so I will be leaving first!" "I'm sorry!" Yao Haoyu apologized to Wang Tianyu and quickly rushed to Murong Jinxuan's side, extending her hand out to pull her.

Wang Tianyu stood there in shock as he looked in Murong Jinxuan's direction.

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