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C9 monophasic self

Li Tianle was somewhat stupefied, and maintained his vigilance. He looked at everything in shock, and forgot to release his hand. He looked at Yao Haoyu, as if he was waiting for Murong Jinxuan to cry for help.

"This is my fiancée, why aren't you letting go!" Yao Haoyu said angrily.

After saying that, Li Tianle became even more confused. What hero saving the beauty, this is the husband and wife playing house! What did he meddle in?

Ah, my god, my old immortal master is right, a good man is hard to do, where is the justice of the world!

However, these words caused the surrounding quiet dao gate disciples to be extremely frightened, especially Li Junnan's group.

Back then, when they took the portrait from Yao Haoyu to search for the person, they thought that he was someone the Yao Family wanted to capture. They never thought that it would be his fiancee, so they attacked without restraint.

Now that he knew Murong Jinxuan's true identity, he was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat.

The surrounding crowd had strange looks on their faces, gloating as they looked at Li Junnan's group. Although they didn't know who Yao Haoyu's group was, they could guess that Li Junnan's group was about to be screwed.

Seeing the respect Wang Tianyu had for the other party, and knowing that Yao Haoyu's identity was not simple, they all panted in anticipation of the upcoming show.

"Hurry up and let go!" When Yao Haoyu saw Li Tianle still standing there, his expression became extremely gloomy, as if there was a storm on the eve of it.

Only now did Li Tianle seem to react, and abruptly flung off Murong Jinxuan's warm little hands, as if they had been electrocuted.

"Hey!" Li Tianle, go easy on me! " Murong Jinxuan suddenly shouted out from the pain as her hand was flung behind.

Li Tianle did not care about her, he quickly retreated, maintaining a certain distance, and maintained a high vigilance. He felt that the person in front of him was extremely dangerous, he could not even see through his opponent's cultivation, especially when he was infected with the devil in his heart.

Yao Haoyu glared at Li Tianle, feeling extremely unwell. A burst of white colored Demonic Qi appeared from the corner of his eyes, and in the blink of an eye, it was retracted.

Li Tianle frowned, seeing this, he felt that this person was smiling even more, and was slowly retreating.

Yao Haoyu gently caressed Murong Jinxuan's hair and said: "Little Sister Hailey, you don't want to get married with me, so just tell me straight out, I'll explain everything between you and Uncle and Aunt."

Yao Haoyu extended a hand and gently caressed Murong Jinxuan's nose, then gently embraced her in her embrace and took a deep breath of her fragrance. "Did you know that when you left without saying goodbye at the wedding, Uncle and Aunt Murong were already sick from anger?

"Wuu, sorry brother Hao Yu, I'll go back with you, go back with you!" Murong Jinxuan thought about what she had done, thought about her parents, who were in Yao Haoyu's embrace, pounding his chest.

Li Tianle watched on from the side and felt his heart ache. He cursed in his heart: "Damn you, you actually dare to make me become a light bulb for you guys!"

"Cough, cough, can't you guys take care of the feelings of a bachelor dog by scattering dog food on the streets? Do you guys think that doing this is ethical?" Li Tianle could not resist coughing.

"That big brother Hao Yu, wait a moment, this is the friend that I just made, Li Tianle! If not for him, I might not have been able to see Big Brother Hao Yu today! "Woo woo!"

Hearing Li Tianle's voice, Murong Jinxuan awkwardly broke free from Yao Haoyu's embrace, ran to Li Tianle's side and pulled him over, and immediately introduced him while crying.

It was like a little girl introducing a good friend that she had just made to another child and recounting her grievances.

Hearing this, Li Junnan and the other disciples of the quiet dao gate turned pale, afraid that Yao Haoyu would come and settle the score with them.

Looking at Li Tianle, he gritted his teeth in hatred.

The surrounding crowd stared at each other in anticipation.

When Li Tianle saw the color that represented the degree of affection Yao Haoyu had for him change from its original white to its deep purple, he knew that the other party had already become his enemy.

Yao Haoyu's eyelids jumped, his anger was suppressed, it was obvious that he remembered about Li Junnan and the others.

After that, he cupped his fists towards Li Tianle and spoke in a somewhat sarcastic tone: "I have heard of the former Young Sect Master Li Tianle of quiet dao gate for a long time, it is my pleasure to meet you!"

Yao Haoyu did not mention anything about saving Murong Jinxuan. In his opinion, without Li Tianle's trouble, Murong Jinxuan would have long ago returned to his side. Furthermore, because she was close with Murong Jinxuan, he had already been hated by him.

"Ahh, really, people really are afraid of fame. Even a nobody like you has heard of me for a long time. It's really the sorrow of a famous person like me!" Don't you know that unrequited love is painful? Give up your admiration for me and I will feel guilty. "

Li Tianle shrugged his shoulders helplessly, looking like he knew a pretty boy.

"Haha, trash, don't be so shameless. Who doesn't know that quiet dao gate's Young Sect Master is a complete piece of trash!" When Yao Haoyu heard Li Tianle's sloppy words, his anger rose to a new level.

"Hypocritical! If you want to say I'm famous for being a trash, just say so. You even f * cking say I've heard about you for a long time, and I've even heard about your sister! Do you have a sister? Let me admire you for a long time! "

Li Tianle was surrounded by Yao Haoyu like a hooligan who despised and pointed at him, causing his face to become more and more unsightly, his body trembling, his fists clenched tightly, as though he was going to erupt at any moment.

Murong Jinxuan was anxious. She reached out and grabbed Yao Haoyu's hand, then pulled Li Tianle's hand. She placed their hands together and earnestly said: "Li Tianle! Big brother Hao Yu! Can you two stop quarreling? For my sake, just get along well, okay? "

Li Tianle removed his hand with a look of disdain: "About that, I don't like men! Especially this kind of unknown pretty boy, I hate him! "

"You're still single thinking of me? Pah pah pah!" How disgusting! I felt goosebumps all of a sudden! Hurry up and get away from me! "

"You! "Trash, you're courting death!" Yao Haoyu was infuriated, the profound energy on his body surged, and a substance-like profound energy condensed in his palm, as his palm struck towards Li Tianle.

"A True Profound Realm martial artist!" Such a young True Profound Realm martial master, is simply a demon! "

The moment Yao Haoyu's profound energy appeared, the surrounding people immediately cried out in alarm. One could tell from the quality of this profound energy that he was a True Profound Realm Martial Master with a look of only seventeen or eighteen years old.

"Diamond Shield Talisman!"


Li Tianle casually threw out a talisman, and a palm-sized shield blocked Yao Haoyu's attack. His body flickered, and in a few steps, Li Tianle had already dodged it.

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