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Blockbuster Son-in-law/C1 Borrowing Money to Treat Diseases
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C1 Borrowing Money to Treat Diseases


A palm mark appeared on Chen Hao's face. Chu Yuvwei, who was at the side, started to curse loudly.

"You piece of trash. I was blind to marry you back then, and I couldn't even pay for my daughter's hospitalization. What a good-for-nothing!"

Chen Hao's daughter was only three and a half years old, weak and sickly. In order to treat her daughter's illness, Chen Hao and his wife Chu Yuvwei had spent all their money and were heavily in debt.

Chen Hao's mother-in-law was just an ordinary working family with a bit of savings, but seeing that his granddaughter's medical expenses were a bottomless pit, she decided to leave it at that.

His wife, Chu Yuvwei, was the sales director of a cosmetics company. Her salary depended on her sales commission. Sometimes high and sometimes low, it was unstable.

As for Chen Hao, he was a storekeeper, so his salary was only around 3000.

The heavy financial burden on Chu Yuvwei, who was originally weak, had become irritable and irritable.

As of now, Chen Hao only had dozens of dollars on him, so he couldn't afford to pay his daughter's medical expenses.

"Chen Hao, my daughter is suffering from illness due to insufficient expenses. It's all because of you!" When Chu Yuvwei saw Chen Hao's helpless look, anger and panic surfaced on her face as she yelled at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn't get angry when he heard Chu Yuvwei's scolding. Instead, he looked at Chu Yuvwei with a pained expression. He also blamed himself, but as a hero, he couldn't afford to steal the bank because he really couldn't afford to.

Feeling helpless, Chen Hao took out his phone and dialed the number that he had to call several times every month.

"Mouse, are you in the hospital again? I still have over 3000 points, I'll call you all of them. " Before he had even spoken, he already knew what was on the other end of the phone.

Chen Hao did not know what to say. His name was Zhang Wei, his colleague, and his salary was not high. Chen Hao often asked him for money, but this was his fourth time this month, and there was still more than ten thousand more he had yet to return.

Chen Hao was moved by Zhang Wei's kindness. He thanked him profusely before paying the bill.

"Yo, borrowing money from your friend again? Heh, being your friend sure is unlucky. " The nurse saw Chen Hao's every move. She had seen it many times and her eyes were filled with contempt.

"Do you need to mind my business?" Chen Hao frowned.

Upon hearing these words, the payment staff was enraged and said: "You piece of trash, if you don't have the ability yourself, you will have to rely entirely on the help of others. Why don't you give it to others? Your wife and daughter are even more unlucky to have a good-for-nothing husband and father like you. "

"You …"

Chen Hao was very angry in his heart, but he had long since gotten used to this kind of ridicule and ridicule. He was worried about his daughter so he quickly handed over his bank card.

Just then, Chu Yuvwei ran over and saw that Chen Hao had not finished paying his bill, she immediately scolded him: "You good-for-nothing, why are you so slow to pay your fee? Let me tell you, if you don't pay a fee, how can you treat it? "

Chen Hao was about to say something, but the personnel laughed and said: "Three thousand. How many days can it last? I say, beautiful woman, let your husband pay in one go! Do you really have to get kicked out of the hospital after three days? "

"Three thousand?"

When Chu Yuvwei heard that, her face immediately became miserable. Her tears flowed uncontrollably, "Chen Hao, don't you know how long this hospital will stay for? Do you want your daughter to go out on the street? You are such a useless trash, why would I have set my eyes on you back then? "I'm really blind!"

Chen Hao's face was also full of helplessness. He had already borrowed from someone who could borrow money, but he didn't return it. How could he afford to borrow money from someone like that? The only friend who could borrow money, he had already given it his all.

"Chen Hao, I'm too disappointed with you. If you can't pay the hospital fees, then we'll get a divorce!"

Chu Yuvwei had threatened Chen Hao with divorce countless times, but this time, she made up her mind. Even if it was for her daughter, Chu Yuvwei didn't want her daughter to have an impotent father.

When Chen Hao heard this, he clenched his fists so hard that his nails almost dug into his flesh. He was indeed useless. He couldn't even help his own daughter.

"Three thousand yuan is only enough for three days, and you still have to pay twenty-five thousand yuan. Seriously, after so many times, how long will it take for his daughter to live in the academy without any credits?"

At this moment, the tolling staff handed over the list of fees, not forgetting to mock him.

Basically, he had to live in seven to eight courtyards a year. Each time, he had to spend several tens of thousands of yuan to make his family, which was considered relatively well off, become heavily indebted.

Chu Yuvwei was filled with despair. She used to be a great beauty with a petty financial status, but now, she was stuck with money every day. Not only that, she was also ridiculed by a payment staff member.

She had had enough of this life!

"Chen Hao, you are just a punching bag that I can't support. You have really disappointed me!" Chu Yuvwei's tears fell like rain as she looked at Chen Hao. There were traces of disappointment and determination in her eyes.

Facing Chu Yuvwei's expression, Chen Hao was not only a bit panicked, but he also felt a lot of heartache. Most of the hardships Chu Yuvwei was facing now were her own responsibility.

Chen Hao gritted his teeth and made up his mind to pay the admission fee, no matter what!

Thinking about that, Chen Hao turned around and left decisively.

Chen Hao turned around and fell into Chu Yuvwei's teary eyes. Her heart softened for a moment, but she bit her lips to harden her heart. She could not repeat the same mistake, otherwise her daughter would be ruined.

At the same time, she didn't want her daughter to grow up knowing that she had such an impotent father.

Chen Hao walked out of the hospital gate and bitterly smiled in his heart. He thought he could support his family and love, but who would've thought that life would give him a few big slaps at the end.

He raised his head and took two deep breaths, as if he had made up his mind. He then took out the phone and flipped to a certain number.

After hesitating for a while, he still dialed a number and said:

"Lend me some money."

"Borrowing money is nothing out of the ordinary. As long as you sign it, I will send all of it to you." A voice filled with pride came out from the phone. Just from the tone alone, one could tell that the other party was smiling.

Chen Hao didn't want to waste words with him, so he went straight to the point, "Fifty thousand yuan, do you want to borrow it or not?"

"I've already said it. With just a signature, you can give as much as you want. How many people would want it so much!?" There was even a hint of disappointment in the other party's voice.

"Are you forcing me?" Chen Hao roared.

"That's right, I'm just forcing you to do so. You want me, the number one rich man in Chuzhou, to humbly force you like this, can't you give me some face?"

Hearing the aggrieved tone of the other party's wife, Chen Hao gritted his teeth and said, "Alright, wait for me to give you this face."

"Great! Young master, come here. I must catch the face you've given me!" There was a commotion from the phone, and the voice was very excited.

Chen Hao was helpless in the face of this oily old man. Without caring about anything else, he directly ran in front of a magnificent building.

This was the Century Tower, built at the beginning of the new century. It was more than five hundred meters tall, towering like the clouds, and was the headquarters of the Chuzhou Century Group.

The entire building had a total of over 50,000 people. Just by standing below, one could see people coming and going.

Chen Hao walked straight to the front desk without any hesitation.

"I want to see your chairman!"

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