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Blockbuster Son-in-law/C14 A Migrant Worker?
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C14 A Migrant Worker?

Chen Hao frowned and asked: "Don't feel any pressure, then won't I have the final say?"

"Of course, the young master is in charge!" Tian Sanfu nodded respectfully.

Chen Hao followed Tian Sanfu with satisfaction.

Looking at the two's departing figures, Chu Xiaoling had an unsettled expression on her face!

Was that middle-aged man really Tian Sanfu?

Was he mistaken?

How could Tian Sanfu know Chen Hao, and call him Young Master, and leave billions of dollars to Chen Hao?

Fake, it must be fake. That man must have looked like Tian Sanfu.

Maybe Chen Hao knew from Chu Yuvwei that he was going to come here, so he deliberately spent money to hire someone to act, so that he could change his opinion of him!

"Hmph, it must be so! Do you think you can fool me just because of this little trick? "

Chu Xiaoling seemed to have thought it through and turned away with a "hmph". She didn't even bother to take a look at the ward.

If Chu Yuvwei asked, she would say that Chen Hao hired someone to act for her and disgusted her!

At the Nine Tripod Commerce Clubhouse.

Chuzhou was the most famous and top-notch business club. People who could come here to discuss business and entertainment were either rich or noble.

In addition, with a membership system, ordinary people might not even be able to spend money here. From this, one could see the high threshold of this clubhouse.

It was said that the owner of this clubhouse was a woman. Furthermore, she was a beauty with a mysterious identity who ate both black and white!

However, very few people could meet the Lady Boss, let alone know her background!

At the entrance of the Nine Tripod Commerce clubhouse, an official line of people were waiting with their heads held high. Just by looking at their expensive attire, one could tell that these people were definitely not ordinary.

"Isn't that the Chairman of the Trusted Group, Suen Kairui? Why is he standing at the gate?

"Not only Suen Kairui, but most of the shareholders in the company are also around. This battle is really scary!"

"It can't be that some super noble family's tycoon has appeared in Chuzhou, right? Other than Tian Sanfu, who else in Chuzhou is worthy enough for Suen Kairui to bring along the entire group's shareholders and welcome them personally at the door? "

"Is Suen Kairui that awesome?"

"You don't know? It is said that Suen Kairui has a value of more than four billion and is one of the top ten rich people in Chuzhou, alright? If you don't even know this, how did you get in here? "


Many people in the surrounding area looked at the grand spectacle in front of them and whispered to each other.

"Dad, who exactly did you make an investment appointment with? You actually want so many of us to personally come to greet you? " Suen Binn couldn't help but complain to his father.

"What do you know?" This time, it was Richest Person Tian himself who had pulled the strings! Even Richest Person Tian has to see other people's faces, what do we count as? " Suen Kairui scolded his son with a look of dissatisfaction.

His son was capable, and a talented one at that.

It was just that he had always been arrogant and ruthless, and he had been spoiled so much that he had developed a proud and arrogant personality.

"Tsk, did you say it was that amazing? Why didn't I know there was someone even more awesome than Tian Sanfu in Chuzhou? "

Hearing this, Suen Binn curled his lips in disapproval and muttered softly.

At this moment, a Rolls Royce stopped on the roadside not far away from the Nine Tripod Commerce clubhouse.

"Young Master, why don't you just go over?" Tian Sanfu asked curiously from the car.

"Isn't it too high-profile for the entrance to be so grand? I like to keep a low profile! " Chen Hao looked at Suen Kairui's group and frowned.

"Then let's go in through the back door!" Suddenly, Tian Sanfu understood and instructed the driver to leave through the back door.

It wasn't long before Suen Kairui, who was still at the door, received a call from Tian Sanfu.

"Director Tian, are you already inside? Oh! "Okay, we'll come in right away!" Suen Kairui looked surprised, but he still answered and hung up.

"Go in, he's already here!" Putting away his phone, Suen Kairui turned to Suen Binn and the other shareholders.

"What the hell? So many of us have been blowing cold winds at the door for over half an hour, and yet he has already entered without making a sound? " When Suen Binn heard this, he became even more angry and started to complain.

"Shut up! What do you know? Remember to be more polite and don't speak carelessly! " Suen Kairui glowered at his son, unaware that Suen Binn was not listening at all.

The fourth floor of the Nine Tripod Commerce building was not open to the public. It was a place for the higher-ups to work and rest.

"Sister Hong, Tian Sanfu is here, and he is accompanying a young man!"

After knocking on the door and entering the office, a young man in a suit reported respectfully to a lady in a red windbreaker behind the desk.

It was impossible to see any expression on the red sister's beautiful face. She lowered her head to look at the financial statements on the table and asked unhurriedly, "Do you know who she is?"

"He looks very ordinary, I've never seen him before. Furthermore, wearing shabby clothes, your entire body would probably not exceed 100 yuan. Those who do not know where this migrant worker came from! "

The young man hesitated for a moment, but he still reported it truthfully.

Sister Hong's hand that had just finished signing her report suddenly stopped. She finally looked up and frowned. Obviously, she was also surprised by the youth's report!

"Are you telling me that Tian Sanfu came to our club with a migrant worker? What were they doing here? See how migrant workers move bricks? "

The beautiful and peerless face of the Red Sis looked to be only twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old as she asked with a playful tone.

"Sister Hong, what I said was the truth. If you don't believe me, you can go and see for yourself. And from what I can see, Tian Sanfu's attitude towards him is quite … How should he put it, it should be called respect! It's just like being a follower of that kid! " The young man quickly explained.

Elder sister Hong's phoenix eyes flashed. Finally, she revealed an expression of interest. "Really?"

"I am not lying!" "If that's not the case, I wouldn't have come to disturb you, Sister Hong!" The youth said with a serious expression.

"Go down first and watch over him. Tell your subordinates to watch out for him. I'll be back later!" After a moment of silence, Sister Hong made up her mind.

After the youth left, she turned on the computer in her office.

She could connect directly to the club's monitoring system, and easily found the scene of Tian Sanfu accompanying Chen Hao into the club. The surprise and curiosity on her pretty face became even stronger.

"Interesting … "I wonder which family's young master is pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger?"

After thinking for a moment, Sister Hong took out a card with gold edges and diamonds from the drawer.

This card even had the logo of this clubhouse on it. It was one of the only ten VIP Supreme Diamond Cards in the entire Nine Tripod Commerce!

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