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C15 Chen Hao's Atmosphere

On the third floor in the Supreme One box, Tian Sanfu sat with Chen Hao on the sofa in the middle and gave him a brief summary of the investment.

Not long after, Suen Kairui, Suen Binn and the others knocked on the door and walked in.

Naturally, everyone present knew who Tian Sanfu was. However, when they saw Chen Hao, they all looked at a loss or surprised.

Honestly speaking, Chen Hao was dressed like a migrant worker and did not dare to be praised by others. This made him seem out of place when compared to the style of the luxurious private room!

"Why is this migrant worker in the box? "Where did you sneak in?"

Suen Binn was the first to react. He thought Chen Hao had snuck into the clubhouse and immediately snapped.

Tian Sanfu was stunned and was about to open his mouth to introduce Chen Hao, but he was stopped by a glance from Chen Hao.

"How can you be so sure I snuck in?" Chen Hao stared at Suen Binn indifferently and asked.

"Do you know what kind of place this is? Look at your clothes, do you have 100 pieces of equipment on you? "Those who come in and out of this place are all either rich or noble. Since when have migrant workers been able to come in?" Suen Binn snorted at Chen Hao proudly.

"Suen Binn, shut up!" Director Tian is still here.

Suen Kairui was also suspicious, but Tian Sanfu was still there. He had not expected his son to go to a 'migrant worker' to show off his superiority without even greeting him.

"Director Tian, didn't you say you were going to introduce me to an investor? Could it be this little brother? "

Suen Kairui asked with a smile, polite enough to address Chen Hao as such.

In this respect, Suen Kairui had more brains than Suen Binn.

"Dad, are you kidding? How much can this guy invest in you? Fifty or a hundred? " Before Tian Sanfu could open his mouth, Suen Binn, that damned bastard, once again opened his mouth!

It was as if he couldn't express his sense of superiority and existence without belittling Chen Hao.


Even if Chen Hao could endure it, Tian Sanfu would not be able to!

How could he be proud that his young master was being ridiculed?

"Sorry, Director Tian. Kids don't understand. Please don't lower yourself to the same level as him!" He did not expect Tian Sanfu to be so angry. Suen Kairui's heart tightened and he quickly apologized.

"He's not younger than me, is he? He's just a kid, what am I? " When Chen Hao heard this, he couldn't help but sneer.

Suen Binn did not expect Chen Hao to still dare to talk back. Just as he was about to berate, Suen Kairui warned him, "If you dare say another word, get out of here immediately!"

Suen Binn's expression turned extremely ugly, so he could only shut his mouth unwillingly.

"Director Suen, your son should be taught a lesson! You don't even know when the hell will happen, who knows, maybe you will fall for it too! If not for the fact that we were friends for so many years, just now, just because your son dared to yell at my Young Master, I would have had a reason to make your Suen Family irreparable! "

Tian Sanfu snorted coldly with an ugly look on his face.

Once he said that, the entire audience fell into silence. Everyone stared at Tian Sanfu and Chen Hao, wondering if they had heard wrongly!

"Young, Young Master?"

Suen Kairui confirmed with some difficulty.

"That's right. Let me formally introduce you to my young master, Chen Hao, who is also your investor. I can't make the decision on the investment you want, but you have to agree to it, young master! " Only then did Tian Sanfu officially introduce Chen Hao's identity!

At this moment, Chen Bin was staring at Chen Hao with a face full of shock. His face turned green and white, and there was no way to tell what he was feeling in his heart.

Tian Sanfu's words were like a meteorite that directly smashed into his chest, almost causing him to faint!

"Alright, my time is precious, so let's not waste any more time. I'm in a hurry to go back and accompany my daughter!" Chen Hao reminded Tian Sanfu with a look of dissatisfaction.

"Understood, Young Master!" Tian Sanfu quickly answered.

"Young Master Chen, just now, my son …" Suen Kairui secretly cursed the darned Suen Binn. Just as he was about to explain a few words to ease up the atmosphere, he was interrupted by Chen Hao.

"No need to explain. Just tell me how much you want it for! " Chen Hao went straight to the point.

Suen Kairui licked his dry lips before he smiled and said, "I talked to Director Tian for one billion yuan!"

"Since you are the one who has spoken, then you should know the future of this investment better than I do. Should I vote? Can you give me a reason? " Chen Hao asked, looking directly at Tian Sanfu.

"The future of this investment is not bad. Within five years, it should be able to bring us at least 20% or more of the profits!"

Tian Sanfu had obviously done his homework as well, so he said very straightforwardly.

"One billion, how much shares do I have in the Trusted Group?" Chen Hao asked again.

"Seven percent." Tian Sanfu said again.

"Let's do it like this. I'll give you two billion, but I want 15% of the shares! If there's no problem, sign the contract immediately. I don't want to waste any time! " Chen Hao said straightforwardly.

"Two... Two billion! " Hearing this, Suen Kairui was overjoyed.

He did not expect Chen Hao to be so straightforward, even increasing his investment by 1 billion. This was a huge blessing for him!

Everyone present was shocked by Chen Hao's magnanimity. At the same time, they admired his magnanimity, and did not vent any of their anger on Suen Kairui and Xin Yi because of Suen Binn's earlier taunt of him!

Everything went smoothly, and the two sides signed the contract right on the spot in the room.

"Xiaodong, hurry to my car and bring the two dragon and phoenix jade rings back!" Suen Kairui immediately instructed his driver.

Not long after, the driver called Little Dong handed over a beautiful rosewood box to Suen Kairui.

"Young Master Chen, this is the first time we've met, so there's nothing much to see us off. "These are a pair of jade rings that I just bought from the auction a while ago. They're not worth much money, if you have a little good intentions, please accept them!"

Suen Kairui smiled as he opened the box and held it out to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao subconsciously wanted to refuse, but when he saw the pair of crystal clear dragon and phoenix rings inside the wooden box, he was moved.

Chu Yuvwei had forced him to buy a silver wedding present for her parents. This was quite suitable for the Jade Ring Society!

"I'll take it. Since I also need it, I won't be polite with Director Suen. "I'll accept this favor. If you need any help in the future, you can contact Tian Sanfu directly!"

Chen Hao thought about it and then took the two jade rings.

This scene caused Suen Binn's expression to turn extremely ugly. Suen Kairui had already agreed to give the two jade rings to him and his fiancee!

Hearing this, Suen Kairui was overjoyed.

Rejecting Suen Kairui's request, Chen Hao thought about his daughter and together with Tian Sanfu, he quietly left from the back door of the clubhouse.

However, just as he descended the stairs, an elegant figure appeared in front of him.

Chen Hao raised his eyebrows when he saw a beauty wearing a fiery red windbreaker appear in front of him.

He could feel the woman's gaze on him.

When did he become so charming?

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