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Blockbuster Son-in-law/C16 Liu Hong's Passion to Please
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C16 Liu Hong's Passion to Please

"Chief Liu?"

Tian Sanfu recognized the woman at a glance, and his expression was one of slight surprise.

"Director Tian, you didn't even greet me when you came. Are you looking down on me?"

The woman had a faint smile on her face, but her beautiful eyes never left Chen Hao.

Chen Hao frowned slightly. This woman seemed to want to see through him with her eyes, making him feel uncomfortable!

Seemingly sensing Chen Hao's thoughts, the woman finally looked away. She smiled at Tian Sanfu and said, "Director Tian doesn't intend to introduce this gentleman to me?"

Tian Sanfu smiled bitterly, "This is my young master, Chen Hao."

When the woman heard this, she revealed an 'as expected' expression, and the light in her eyes became even brighter.

"Young master, this is the boss of the Nine Tripod Commerce, Lau Yuhong!" Tian Sanfu introduced Chen Hao to the woman.

"So it's CEO Liu!" Chen Hao nodded and greeted him.

"Calling him CEO Liu is too distant. If Young Master Chen doesn't mind, you can just call me Sister Hong!"

Lau Yuhong was truly a charming and beautiful woman. With every frown and smile, she would give off a peerless feeling. Chen Hao couldn't help but want to get close to her.

"Sister Hong, can you not call me Young Master Chen? Call me by my name!" Chen Hao smiled wryly.

"Then it's a deal. Since you've adopted me as your sister, you should come visit me more often." This is the vip diamond Supreme Card of our clubhouse. Treat it as a gift from Big Sis to little Bro when we meet for the first time! "

Lau Yuhong giggled as she handed the Supreme Card over to Chen Hao.

Looking at Lau Yuhong's smooth jade-like hands, Chen Hao was speechless as he took the card.

"I won't be polite with Sister Hong. However... "How can you be so sure that I'm your brother?"

Chen Hao touched his nose. After all, he was still 28 years old. From the looks of it, this Lau Yuhong was only around the same age as him. Maybe she was younger than him!

"Elder sister, I'm 33 this year! "What do you think?" Lau Yuhong asked with a smile.

This woman was thirty-three?

Chen Hao could not help but be surprised!

It was impossible to tell from his appearance. He looked like he was at most 27 or 28 years old!

"Elder sister's age has never been mentioned to anyone before. It's rare to get along with you, but you definitely can't tell anyone else!"

Lau Yuhong suddenly leaned forward, her jade-like face almost touched Chen Hao's cheek as she giggled beside his ear.

As Chen Hao smelled the alluring fragrance of a mature woman, his heart couldn't help but flutter and his old face couldn't help but blush.

"Cough cough …"

Tian Sanfu, who was at the side, suddenly coughed lightly twice, breaking this ambiguous atmosphere.

Lau Yuhong kept her distance from Chen Hao and said with a smile, "Sister, I still have things to do. Remember that you promised to come visit sister often when you're free!"

With that, Lau Yuhong turned around and walked back upstairs.

Chen Hao took a deep breath, glanced at Lau Yuhong's flirtatious back, then looked at the Supreme Card in his hand, and shook his head with a wry smile.

With his mental fortitude, he would never have thought that there would be a time where he would be flirted with by a woman until his face turned red.

This Lau Yuhong was a little interesting. She was definitely a demoness!

It seemed like it would be best to avoid dealing with such women in the future!

Putting away the card, Chen Hao and Tian Sanfu were about to walk to the back door when a group of people suddenly rushed into the hall on the first floor, causing Chen Hao to stop in his tracks.

Because he saw Chu Yuvwei among the crowd!

Why would Chu Yuvwei appear here?

You're here to discuss business again?

Almost at the same time, Chu Yuvwei also saw Chen Hao. Her pretty face was full of surprise.

When she saw that Tian Sanfu was still standing next to Chen Hao, she immediately felt relieved!

"Yuvwei, why are you here?" Chen Hao came forward and asked.

"I signed the contract with Zhang Jiang yesterday, so the colleagues of the company decided to come out and celebrate together. Why are you here?" Chu Yuvwei explained casually before asking a question in return.

"Miss Chu, we meet again. I was talking about business here, but I didn't expect to meet you so coincidentally! " Tian Sanfu greeted him with a smile and helped Chen Hao out.

"Since you guys have met, then I won't disturb you two. See you next time!" Tian Sanfu tactfully took the lead.

However, Chu Yuvwei frowned and urged Chen Hao, "You should go back as well. I still have a lot of colleagues on my side.

Chen Hao had no intention of staying after asking for the details.

Few of Chu Yuvwei's colleagues thought highly of themselves. If they really wanted to stay, they would be asking for trouble.

Chen Hao was not such a despicable person!

"Then have fun. Oh yeah, I've already prepared a present for your parents. You're not still angry, are you? " Chen Hao nodded and asked.

"At least you're smart. I'm not as petty as you!" Let's talk about the presents when we get back. My colleagues are all here, I'll let people see them later! "

Chu Yuvwei's expression eased up a bit. She took a glance at her other colleagues who were walking in and hurried Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was speechless. Why was he acting like he was having a secret love affair with his wife?

Although he was a bit unhappy, for Chu Yuvwei's sake, Chen Hao still chose to respect her wishes. He nodded and prepared to leave.

"Yo, and here I thought I was seeing things. I didn't expect it to be Chen Hao!" "Yuvwei, today we agreed to celebrate together. What did you bring this trash here for?"

However, the sky wasn't happy with what others wanted. Chen Hao didn't have the time to leave before a discordant voice sounded out.

Chen Hao couldn't help but narrow his eyes as he looked at the approaching person.

The one who spoke was Chu Yuvwei's immediate superior, Zhao Tianqian. It was said that he had a girlfriend who was secretly scheming against Chu Yuvwei.

This matter was no longer a secret in Chu Yuvwei's department. Almost all her colleagues knew about it.

Furthermore, when Chen Hao had started his own business, he had warned Zhao Tianqian not to have any ideas about Chu Yuvwei.

"We just happened to bump into each other. He's leaving right away, we're just playing with us!"

Chu Yuvwei obviously didn't want to cause any more trouble, and in front of her colleagues, she showed an attitude of alienation towards Chen Hao.

"Oh. "Then, you guys take a seat in the main hall for a while. I'll see if the private box has been reserved!" Zhao Tianqian greeted Chu Yuvwei and the others with a smile.

Hearing this, Chu Yuvwei chatted and laughed with a few of her colleagues as she walked towards the resting area.

Chen Hao clenched his fists tightly. Chu Yuvwei's coldness was in stark contrast to Lau Yuhong's earlier enthusiasm, making it hard for him to accept.

However, Zhao Tianqian looked at Chen Hao with disdain and sneered, "I advise you to divorce Yuvwei as soon as possible. A piece of trash like you is not worthy of her at all! "

Chen Hao snorted: "What a joke, I'm not good enough for you. Are you even good enough for me?"

"Look at you, what qualifications do you have to be with Yuvwei?" This kind of place can also be used by trash like you? "

Zhao Tianqian laughed out loud, shaking the lowest level ordinary membership card in his hand, his face full of disdain as he sneered.

"Did you see that? I have a membership card for this clubhouse. You know to open a box here, don't even think about it if you don't have a membership card. You're not going to be in the lobby drinking free water from someone else's house, are you? "

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