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C17 Face-smacking

"This card might not be yours, right? "With someone else here taking advantage of their power, only you, Zhao Tianqian, can do it!" Chen Hao sneered faintly.

Before, Tian Sanfu had briefly introduced this clubhouse. Even if it was the most ordinary member, you would still need to have at least five million in assets.

Obviously, Zhao Tianqian, as a standard white-collar worker, would never be able to meet such conditions.

With a single sentence, he stabbed Zhao Tianqian in the face, causing his expression to turn ugly.

This card was indeed not his, but was the boss', Lee Sen's!

Lee Sen intentionally took out this card and told him to bring Chu Yuvwei here to celebrate. At that time, he was still surprised!

He even felt that Lee Sen was trying to please Chu Yuvwei.

Lee Sen did want to please Chu Yuvwei, but Chu Yuvwei had kept her distance from him and had a bad impression of him, so he didn't dare show up in front of Chu Yuvwei. That was why he had Zhao Tianqian represent him.

If Lee Sen knew that Zhao Tianqian had lied about the card being his own, would his nose be crooked?

"Who said this card is not mine? I've already booked a private room! Today, I will open your eyes to the world, and let you experience the life of a person from the upper class! "

Zhao Tianqian was flustered and exasperated. He called over the receptionist and asked, "Have you arranged the rooms that I've booked?"

The front desk looked at the normal membership card in Zhao Tianqian's hand and calmly accepted it. Soon, he returned it. "Sorry, the private rooms in the normal area are full, we can't arrange it for now!"

Hearing this, Zhao Tianqian looked as if he had eaten a fly, and his expression was as ugly as it could get.

He was just bragging in front of Chen Hao, who knew that reality would slap him hard!

"Zhao Tianqian, didn't you want me to see the life of your society? "How can you just let me see how you were stopped at the door?"

Chen Hao also didn't expect such a result and couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You trash, what qualifications do you have to mock me? At least I have a membership card here, but you don't! " Zhao Tianqian roared.

"Sir, if you continue shouting like this, I'll get the security to send you out!"

At this moment, the receptionist warned Zhao Tianqian with an unfriendly expression.

Chen Hao laughed even more. He couldn't help but hold his stomach and laugh out loud.

"Just you wait!"

Zhao Tianqian wanted to dig a hole in the ground, so he glared at Chen Hao and stormed back to the rest area.

"Well done!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but give a thumbs up to the receptionist.

Who would have thought that the beauty would say with a smile, "I just can't bear to see him act that way. He's so conceited!"

"So you're saying that you intentionally said it without a room?" Chen Hao's eyes lit up.

"What do you think?" The beauty asked with a smile.

"Then can I trouble you to arrange a room for me?" Chen Hao smiled as he took out the Supreme Card he just obtained.

"Of course you can!"

The beautiful lady did not have any expression of surprise. She did not accept the card to verify it, but instead arranged a supreme room on the third floor for Chen Hao.

In fact, Chen Hao didn't know that the receptionist had seen how intimate Lau Yuhong was towards him and even passed him the Supreme Card.

Even a fool would know who to help in this situation!

"Director Zhao, how about it?" Is the box ready? This is the first time I am at the rumored Nine Tripod Commerce's clubhouse! "

"That's right, that's right. I feel so excited to be under Manager Zhao's wing today!"

Seeing that Zhao Tianqian had returned, a few of the staff immediately went up to him and asked eagerly.

"I'm sorry, Yuvwei. They said that the box is full. It seems like we won't be able to play today!" Zhao Tianqian walked up to Chu Yuvwei with an awkward expression and explained.

Hearing this, everyone revealed an astonished expression, followed by a burst of disappointment.

"Since there is no box, then forget it. If we have the chance to come back again in the future, we can just change locations! " Chu Yuvwei smiled helplessly, somewhat disappointed.

"Why can't you do such a thing? Don't you always say that your relationship is very hard? " At this moment, Zhao Tianqian's girlfriend, Ma Yue, gave a dissatisfied snort.

"What do you think this place is? "Stop fooling around!"

Zhao Tianqian didn't think that Ma Yue would embarrass him, and a wave of anger rose in his heart at his real girlfriend.

If Chu Yuvwei was really divorced from Chen Hao, he would definitely abandon Ma Yue and pursue Chu Yuvwei with all his might!

It wasn't because Ma Yue still had some looks, but because he had already kicked this vain woman!

"That's right, Director Zhao's relationship is so strong, how can he not even manage a single room?" At that moment, Chen Hao's voice suddenly rang out.

"Why haven't you left yet?"

Chu Yuvwei did not expect Chen Hao to still be here. She frowned and asked with a dissatisfied tone.

"I saw that Director Zhao was in some trouble when he opened the box, so I decided to stay and see if I could help!" Chen Hao explained with a smile.

"What a joke, with just you? Even our clan's Tian Gan was unable to open a room, what right do you have to be a trash? " Upon hearing this, Ma Yue was immediately displeased!

"Chen Hao, this is none of your business. "If you're so capable, why don't you open a private room for me to take a look!" Zhao Tianqian snorted coldly with an ugly look on his face.

"It can't be that Director Zhao really didn't open a private room, right?" Chen Hao looked surprised, and his ostentatious expression was clearly preoccupied with his pretense.

Zhao Tianqian did not expect Chen Hao to 'ask' in front of so many people.

This fellow was purposely making fun of him!

"Alright, let's change locations!" Without waiting for Zhao Tianqian to lose his temper, Chu Yuvwei suddenly spoke up.

"Yuvwei, it's rare that everyone wants to play here. Don't you think it's a pity to leave just like that?" You also want to see the charm of this top tier clubhouse, right? " Chen Hao suddenly asked.

"From the meaning behind your words, you can open a room?" Zhao Tianqian said sarcastically.

Before Chen Hao could reply, the beautiful receptionist walked up to Chen Hao and said respectfully, "Mr. Chen, the Supreme 8 box on the third floor has been reserved for you. You and your friend can go up now!"

The beautiful woman's words of greeting mercilessly slapped Zhao Tianqian in the face!

The truth was better than eloquence. Even if Chen Hao lied, the Staff in this clubhouse would not cooperate with him!

"No …" Impossible! How could you open a private room here, and a private room on the third floor? " Zhao Tianqian asked, staring at Chen Hao with wide, incredulous eyes.

"Nothing is impossible. If you don't believe me, you can go and take a look yourself! " Chen Hao chuckled.

"It can't be true? Can Chen Hao really open a room here? " Ma Yue and the rest also started to hesitate.

"This beauty, you can't be an actor he invited, right?" Zhao Tianqian stared at the beautiful woman in confusion as he asked.

The pretty girl's face immediately darkened as she snappily snorted, "I'm not as bored as you are!"

"Fake? It must be fake! "

Ma Yue, hearing what Zhao Tianqian had said, thought that Chen Hao had come along with the others to fool them!

With Chen Hao's ability, how could he have the strength to open a room here?

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