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C19 The Money Businessman Who Throw a Stone in the Underground

The other side naturally heard Chen Hao's words clearly.

The man smiled mockingly. "You're not planning to get a few couriers to support you, are you?"

"To deal with trash like you, I, the courier boy, am more than enough!" However, Chen Hao chuckled disapprovingly.

One had to know that the express company next to the company was the headquarters of the company. Just the number of express boys was calculated in hundreds!

Chen Hao really wanted to see what kind of expression this guy would have when he was surrounded by a large group of delivery boys.

"It seems like you won't cry until you see the coffin!" Zhang Lie's eyes narrowed.

At this moment, two black sedans stopped by the side of the road. The doors of the cars opened and seven to eight young men got out, surrounding Chen Hao.

"Brother Zhang, it's this ignorant guy who doesn't want to lose money even though he bumped into you?" One of the leading young men swept a glance at Zhang Lie and asked casually.

"That's right, this fellow is a son-in-law. I told him to call his wife to send over the money, but she refused!" Zhang Lie stared at Chen Hao and said with a sneer on his face.

"This guy even said to get a group of couriers to support him!"

"A courier? Brother, are you f * * king joking around? " Hearing that, the young man walked up to Chen Hao and patted him on the shoulder.

"Take your dirty hands away. Also, I advise you not to get involved in this matter. My men will be here soon! You may not be able to escape then! " Chen Hao squinted his eyes. He was obviously angry!

"Kid, are you sick of living? How dare you talk to our big brother like that? "

As he spoke, his underlings were about to go up and teach Chen Hao a lesson.

At this moment, beams of light shot over.

Boom boom boom!

The sound of an engine!

Zhang Lie subconsciously turned his head to look, only to see that on the other side of the road, a convoy had appeared out of nowhere.

There were electric cars, motorcycles, even a van!

There were a total of 34 of them!

They arrived side by side and surrounded Zhang Lie and the others!

Following that, one by one, the courier boys got off the van and surrounded them. They got off the van one by one!

Everyone gathered around him.

"Ma, Brother Ma!"

Zhang Lie's legs went limp and he nearly fell to the ground.

Only then did that Brother Ma realize that the situation wasn't right. The few ruffians turned around at the same time, and their expressions immediately changed!

"What are you still standing there for?" Hurry up and run! "

Ma Ge was the first to react, urging his underlings to get on the car and run away.

However, Yushu had coincidentally come from this road and appeared in their line of sight along with dozens of courier boys, blocking their path!

"B-Boss, we've been made into dumplings!" A lackey said in a trembling voice.

"Nonsense, I'm not blind!" Ma Ge could not help but curse and his legs unconsciously shivered.

"Isn't it too late to be afraid now?" Chen Hao stared at Brother Ma and reminded him in a low voice.

"Brother." We're just lost. Everything was him. It was all caused by this guy! If you want to find him, it has nothing to do with us! "

Brother Ma's heart trembled. He knew that he had kicked an iron plate today, so he could only submit.

In this situation, it was impossible for Brother Ma and the others to not admit defeat!

With more than a hundred people against them, the outcome was not in doubt!

"Brother Ma, we're friends!"

Zhang Lie saw that Brother Ma and the others were staring at him with unfriendly eyes. He was so scared that he fell to the ground and began to beg for mercy as he began to play a game of friendship!

"Bullshit of friends, our brothers were almost killed by you today!" You deserve it for your crimes, so don't blame us for being ruthless! " Ma Ge spat and then gave his underlings a wink.

A few people surrounded Zhang Lie and started punching and kicking him. At the same time, miserable shrieks filled the air.

Zhang Lie was lying on the ground miserably. He had already been beaten black and blue, and his face was swollen to the point where he couldn't even look like a human.

This group of ruffians were the best at beating people up. They knew how to avoid vital parts and only made Zhang Lie suffer.

"Brother, are you satisfied with this?" Brother Ma asked Chen Hao with a fawning expression.

"You can barely pass the test. Carry this fellow and scram!"

Chen Hao didn't plan to exterminate them. It would be a waste if he taught them a lesson.

Upon hearing this, Brother Ma and the others wordlessly lifted Zhang Lie up and got into the car. They didn't even want Zhang Lie's motorcycle anymore.

Yushu said to Chen Hao proudly.

"Big Boss, I did pretty well, didn't I?"

"It's quite good." Chen Hao smiled.

"You asked me to come out during work hours, so that doesn't count as absenteeism, right? I still have to go to work, so I'll be going back first! "

Seeing that the matter was settled, Yushu left with her express troop!

A group of people came and left quickly!

"… …"

When Chen Hao returned to the hospital, he saw that Tian Sanfu's two bodyguards were still teasing him.

The little girl was still holding on to Mitch and Minnie, two dolls her size, and refusing to let go.

"Young Master Chen, you're back?"

When the two bodyguards saw Chen Hao enter, they immediately stood up and greeted him respectfully.

"Why did dad take so long to come back!" At this moment, Dot complained with a look of dissatisfaction, but the depths of his eyes were filled with attachment to Chen Hao.

Obviously, the girl was missing her father.

"Be good, Daddy will be back soon after he finishes his work. Can I tell you a story now? " Chen Hao's heart softened as he gently caressed the little girl's chubby face and said gently.

"Young Master Chen, since you're back, we'll go back and report!"

Seeing this, the two bodyguards tactfully did not disturb the father and daughter pair's natural bliss.

Perhaps it was because she was tired from the series of inspections in the afternoon, but the little girl quickly fell asleep.

Chen Hao gave the girl a kiss on her chubby face before covering her with the blanket. Then, he left the ward for dinner and called Chu Yuvwei to ask her when she was coming over.

The moment he walked out of the ward, Chu Yuvwei sent him a text message saying that she was going back to her parents' house tonight, so he could take a look at it first.

Thinking that tomorrow would be Saturday, the day of his father-in-law's silver wedding anniversary, Chen Hao shook his head with a wry smile and didn't mind.

Songjiang Villa District was not considered to be particularly high-class in Chuzhou. It could be considered a villa complex where the people were closest to. An ordinary middle-class family could grit their teeth and buy a villa here.

Chu Yuvwei's parents, Chu Tianhee and Zhang Zhilan, lived in a villa here.

Considering the fact that the Chu Family was only worth a few million, Chu Tianhee had considered buying the villa here for a long time before finally buying it.

Within the main hall of the manor, Chu Tianhee and his wife, as well as their two daughters were present.

"Sis, I don't understand. Tomorrow is the big day for Mom and Dad!" "On such a joyous day, you actually called that trash, Chen Hao, over. Isn't that a burden for our parents?"

When Chu Xiaoling heard Chu Yuvwei say that Chen Hao was going to be there tomorrow, she immediately became unhappy.

Zhang Zhilan's face was also filled with dissatisfaction.

"Little Ling is right, Yuvwei, what on earth are you thinking? We have invited many well-known people to the banquet tomorrow. Why did you call Chen Hao over? That trash will only make our Chu Family lose face, and become the laughing stock of others! "

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