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C4 Arrogant Attending Physician

Seeing Chen Hao's serious expression, Chu Yuvwei frowned.

Then, as if she had understood something, Chu Yuvwei's face turned serious once again. She angrily scolded, "At this time, are you still thinking about the dignity of a man? I'm just borrowing money from him. Can't you consider it? "

It was clear that Chu Yuvwei thought that Chen Hao could not afford to give her face and did not want her to borrow money from Huang Jinghua, who had been courting her!

"I'm speaking the truth, Yuvwei. I know that you've been feeling a little wronged after all these years. "I promise, from now on, I will not let you two mother and daughter suffer because of money!" Chen Hao promised solemnly.

Chu Yuvwei stared at Chen Hao in a daze for a while before she burst into laughter.

"Chen Hao, do you really think that I, who had an innocent heart before marrying you, would believe you just because of your sweet words? How much do you have that I don't know? What right do you have to promise me that? "

Chu Yuvwei's heart was bleeding when she said this!

She didn't want to treat Chen Hao that way, but it was a pity that the man she loved deeply didn't live up to her expectations.

"Just based on the fact that I'm really rich now!" Chen Hao took a deep breath and was about to explain when Liu Bairen in a white coat came over.

This fat-headed fellow was the attending physician that his daughter had pointed out. Chen Hao frowned when he saw him.

Every time this guy with green eyes looked at Chu Yuvwei's petite body in disgust, Chen Hao would really want to throw himself at this vulgar fellow and give him two punches!

"Yo, I heard someone spouting nonsense from far away! Those who didn't know actually thought that there was a rich and handsome young master here? Forgive me for being blunt, but you're so poor that you can't even afford to pay for the medical fees, yet you still dare to say that you have money? Young people still need to keep their feet on the ground. Could it be that you're under too much pressure and have delusions? "

Liu Bairen stared at Chen Hao with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, and reminded Chen Hao with a kind 'tone of voice.

"I'm sorry, Doctor Liu. I've let you watch such a joke!" Chu Yuvwei couldn't help but feel embarrassed as she glared at Chen Hao.

"Hehe, it's fine. I've seen a joke more than once anyway!" Liu Bairen smiled as he waved his hand. His gaze once again fell on Chu Yuvwei's body, full of greed.

"I said your mouth isn't clean, but your eyes aren't clean either?" Chen Hao narrowed his eyes and his voice instantly turned cold. The other party had been lustfully looking at his wife, how could he tolerate that?

"That's enough, Chen Hao. Why are you talking to Dr. Liu?" Chu Yuvwei immediately scolded Chen Hao when she saw his expression.

Although she didn't like the look in Liu Bairen's eyes, who told him to be her daughter's attending physician? Furthermore, it was related to the hospital. As long as the other party did not do anything excessive, Chu Yuvwei could only smile and welcome him.

"It doesn't matter! Who asked him to be such a good-for-nothing, and not let others see his beautiful wife? " When Liu Bairen saw that Chu Yuvwei had not resisted, and that Chen Hao was a loser, he acted even more excessively.

He didn't believe that Chen Hao could do anything to him!

When he found a chance to subdue this beautiful girl in front of him onto the bed so that she could softly move around under his crotch, how could this Chen Hao still act as he did?

"Since you want to die, don't blame me for not giving you the chance!"

Chen Hao laughed out of anger. Then, he pointed at two young men in suits who were standing not too far away and ordered, "Go and get Principal Jiang over here!"

These two men were the ones Tian Sanfu had sent over, but they'd forgotten to let them go back, and they were still useful now.

Chu Yuvwei and Liu Bairen didn't pay much attention to the other people around them. They thought they were the family members of the other wards, but they never expected that they actually knew Chen Hao!

When the two youths heard this, they only nodded respectfully and left without the slightest hesitation.

"Chen Hao, who are they?" Chu Yuvwei held back her surprise as she asked.

She didn't remember Chen Hao had two friends like that. From the looks of it, they didn't seem like normal people.

"They are my friends, they have something to do with the principal!" Chen Hao immediately explained.

"Brat, you sure know how to posture. Furthermore, you are related to the dean. Why don't you just say that the dean is your relative?" Hearing this, Liu Bairen could not help but sneer and mock him!

"Who the hell are they? When did you get mixed up with people like that? "

Chu Yuvwei questioned again when she saw this. From the looks of the two young men in suits, it was obvious that they were from the underworld. What if something happened and her daughter was hospitalized?

"Yuvwei, say one or two sentences, I can't explain clearly right now. When they invite Director Jiang over later, a lot of things will naturally be explained!" "You just need to trust me!" Chen Hao said with a serious expression.

Hearing Chu Yuvwei's words, Liu Bairen immediately reacted.

If he didn't know that Chen Hao was a pauper, he would have really been scared off by those two young men!

It had to be known that it was very normal for a rich family's young master to have two intimidating bodyguards by his side.

But the problem was, was Chen Hao rich?

Obviously not!

"Chen Hao, you actually dare to let the random people in society come to our hospital to cause trouble! I see that your daughter doesn't want to be cured, right? "Do you believe that I'll tell the security guards to kick you out right now?"

Since it wasn't a bodyguard of a wealthy family, then it must be a hoodlum!

Thinking of this, Liu Bairen's tone became even sharper, as if he was determined to get Chen Hao.

From his point of view, just two members of society dared to threaten Director Jiang. He reckoned that Chen Hao would not even know how he died.

He was still thinking about how he should get Chu Yuvwei back, but who knew that this would be the right time to strike!

If he didn't let Chu Yuvwei pay the price this time, then it wouldn't be Liu Bairen!

"That's not it, Doctor Liu. There must be some kind of misunderstanding." How could we possibly cause trouble in the hospital? " Chu Yuvwei's face was anxious when she heard that, and her face instantly paled.

He had originally been worried that the medical fees would not be enough, and now that he had offended Liu Bairen, he might even offend Director Jiang.

Chu Yuvwei did not even dare to think of the consequences that would happen next, and in her heart, she scolded Chen Hao thoroughly!

"You saw it too, I don't seem to have misunderstood, do I?"

Liu Bairen would not give up such a rare opportunity, he said with a wry sneer, as if he had already taken Chen Hao for himself.

"Chen Hao!" Hurry up and apologize to Doctor Liu! " Chu Yuvwei scolded Chen Hao with a pale face.

"Apologize?" Chen Hao's face was full of shock, then he frowned deeply.

He didn't expect Chu Yuvwei to actually make him apologize to this vulgar man who had been beating her up!

"I'm afraid it's not certain who will apologize to whom! If you want to play with me, I'll accompany you to the end. Let's see who will get out of this hospital first! " Chen Hao stepped in front of Liu Bairen and reminded him with narrowed eyes.

"Good!" Since you don't want face, then don't blame me for it! "

"Miss Chu, you saw it too. Your husband caused this first! If I don't kick him out today, I won't be the doctor! Security! "Security!"

Liu Bairen immediately took advantage of the situation and wanted to call the security guards on this floor to make the first move!

The security guards had noticed this a long time ago. They all rushed over and stared at Chen Hao with unfriendly eyes.

At this time, Liu Bairen revealed a proud smile and said to Chen Hao:

"Kid, who do you think will be the first to leave?"

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