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C5 You Don't Have a Second Chance

"Dr. Liu, I'm sorry! Chen Hao was just confused for a moment, don't mind it! I'll get him to apologize to you right away! "

Chu Yuvwei was really panicking now, and begged Liu Bairen anxiously.

At the same time, Chu Yuvwei was extremely disappointed with Chen Hao!

She didn't care about Chen Hao anymore. She just didn't want her daughter's illness to be delayed because of Chen Hao!

"Oh? It was Miss Chuming who was more reasonable! I really don't understand. How could a sensible and beautiful woman like you fall for a good-for-nothing who only knows how to boast? "Since Miss Chu has pleaded for mercy, I can give her one more chance. It's all up to her now!"

Hearing this, Liu Bairen smirked at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao!" Hurry up and apologize! " Chu Yuvwei quickly turned her head and ordered Chen Hao.

"Apologizing is impossible! Liu Bairen, let me also remind you that there are some things you don't have the chance to regret after you've done them! At the very least, I will not give you any chance! " Chen Hao shook his head grimly, his eyes stinging each word.

"You actually dare to threaten me? If you refuse a toast and refuse a drink, then I, your father, will not let you get out of here today. Liu Bairen laughed.

Naturally, the security guards all obeyed Liu Bairen's orders. They waited for him to give them a meaningful glance before each of them tried to pounce on Chen Hao with unfriendly expressions.

"Stop! What are you guys doing? "

At this moment, an authoritative voice boomed from one end of the corridor.

Other than Chen Hao, everyone turned to look. Immediately, their faces were filled with shock!

He saw a middle-aged man in a white coat quickly walking over, accompanied by the two young men from before.

"Jiang …" Dean Jiang! "Why are you here?" Liu Bairen was immediately dumbfounded!

When Chu Yuvwei heard this, her heart stirred. She didn't expect it to be Principal Jiang!

Everything Chen Hao said before was true?

"What are you doing? If I don't come, are you going to demolish my hospital? " Chung Fengqing snorted at Liu Bairen.

Liu Bairen immediately became anxious, "It's not Dean Jiang, it's this brat who's causing trouble in the hospital. I was just about to get the security guards to throw him out!"

Only then did Chung Fengqing carefully look up and down at Chen Hao, who was dressed normally and had an ordinary appearance.

Just ten minutes ago, Tian Sanfu, a rarely seen great god, had personally reached his office with his phone and told him a few things.

Not long after hanging up, Tian Sanfu's two bodyguards came looking for him.

Although he was not sure of Chen Hao's identity, he could tell from the attitude Tian Sanfu and the two bodyguards had towards him that Chen Hao's identity was definitely not ordinary!

"My family's young master doesn't want others to know his identity. As for everything else, do it for you!" This was the warning from the two bodyguards on their way over.

At the moment, Chung Fengqing was more certain that Chen Hao was the son of some super family, just that he liked to keep a low profile.

However, the truth was that Chen Hao was forced to leave due to helplessness. The reason why he left the family was because he was opposed to the marriage, and his fiancee was extremely jealous. If she found out about Chu Yuvwei, his Chu Family would not be at peace, and even Chu Yuvwei and Little Dot would be harmed.

That was why he hid his identity and would not reveal it unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Nonsense!" Our hospital has always paid attention to the harmony of peace and stability. The doctor-patient relationship has always been very good. Even if there were any problems, they had to be dealt with in a reasonable and patient manner. Who gave you the authority to kick him out in public? Why aren't you apologizing to Mr. Chen? "

Chung Fengqing's sudden remark almost made Liu Bairen and the guards jaw-drop.

Chung Fengqing actually wanted him to apologize to Chen Hao?

How is that possible? Would he still have to stay in the hospital in the future?

"Dean Jiang, please don't be fooled by this tramp." He was just a pauper. He almost couldn't pay the medical fees, yet he still dared to come to the hospital and cause trouble! I'm doing this for the sake of the hospital! "

Liu Bairen tried his best to explain.

Hearing that, Chung Fengqing's nose nearly went crooked from anger!

It's fine if you're blind, but am I, Chung Fengqing, blind too?

Would I not be able to tell if it was a real dragon or a scammer?

I have already come personally, how can it be fake?

Even if you want to die, don't drag me with you!

"Pah!" There was a crisp sound, and the whole room was silent. It was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

No one had expected Chung Fengqing to suddenly make a move and slap Liu Bairen on the face!

At this moment, Chung Fengqing could only hope that this slap would calm the anger in Chen Hao's heart and allow him to add points to himself. At the very least, he wouldn't be angry with him!

"President Jiang... You actually hit me? "

It took a long time for Liu Bairen to cover his puffy cheeks and stare at Chung Fengqing in disbelief. His mind was in chaos!

"Hitting you is light, who made you look down on me? The hospital is a place to treat patients and save others, don't tell me it depends on who has the money? "

"It is said that a physician is benevolent. Could it be that the poor cannot see a doctor? A doctor like you is a disgrace to our hospital, a scum among doctors! If you do not repent and do not apologize to Mr. Chen today, you can scram now.

Chung Fengqing's words of righteousness, while flattering Chen Hao and raising himself, gave Liu Bairen an ultimatum.

"President!" You want to fire me? " This time, Liu Bairen was really worried!

One had to know that the welfare pay of a municipal hospital was not something an ordinary hospital could compare to. He had to endure for many years before he could get to this position. He did not want to lose such a fragrant rice bowl!

"Hurry up and apologize!" Chung Fengqing urged with his eyes wide open.

Clenching his fists, Liu Bairen gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Hao with flashing eyes.

He couldn't understand why Chung Fengqing would want to fight over Chen Hao.

However, it was impossible for him not to apologize now. Chung Fengqing was someone who kept his word. Even if he had to lose face, he did not want to lose such a good job!

Moreover, if others knew that he was expelled from the municipal hospital, then in the future, which hospital would dare to accept him?

"Yes. "I'm sorry!"

With great effort, Liu Bairen finally lowered his arrogant head and apologized to Chen Hao!

Chen Hao said with an expressionless face, "I've said it before, you will have to pay the price for doing the wrong thing. That's why I let you think it through before you make a decision, because I have no second chance!"

Hearing this, Liu Bairen's expression became extremely ugly, and the uneasiness in his heart became even stronger.

Sure enough, upon hearing this, Chung Fengqing's previously relaxed face immediately darkened, "Since Mr. Chen won't accept your apology, then there's no need for you to stay in our hospital. Pack your things and get out of here!"

With a single sentence, Liu Bairen was sentenced to death.

"No, Dean Jiang!" You can't just let me go like this! I've worked so hard for the hospital for so many years, even if I don't have any contributions, I still have to put in a lot of effort! "

This time, Liu Bairen was completely anxious and his legs went weak, almost falling to his knees.

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