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Blockbuster Son-in-law/C6 The End of Liu Bairen
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C6 The End of Liu Bairen

"It's useless for you to beg me. "As long as Mr. Chen doesn't forgive you today, even if God himself comes, he won't be able to protect you!"

Chung Fengqing let out a cold snort, silently cursing Liu Bairen as a pig head. At such a time, how could he not see the situation?

Liu Bairen woke up with a start. Without caring about anything else, he turned to Chen Hao and begged for mercy, even going so far as to kneel down!

"Mr. Chen, I was blind. Your excellency doesn't care about this person. Please don't lower yourself to me and treat me like a fart, right?"

No matter how stupid Liu Bairen was, he knew that he might have kicked an iron plate today!

Even if he did, he could not understand how Chen Hao could have such an awesome friend, even if he could get Chung Fengqing to help, even if he had to fall out with him to please Chen Hao!

"If I knew this would happen, why would I have done it in the first place?" Chen Hao snorted as he stared at Liu Bairen.

"It's all my fault, can't I apologize? I still have a family, and my child is only five years old. If I lose this job, I'm done for. " Liu Bairen actually had a snot and tears coming out of his eyes as he played the love card.

"Stop it!" As I said, I don't have a chance to give it to you. What I, Chen Hao, have said is always true! " Chen Hao ruthlessly interrupted Liu Bairen's wailing.

Poor people must have something to hate, not to mention someone like Liu Bairen!

Chen Hao could forgive him for contradicting and targeting him, but this Liu Bairen had always coveted Chu Yuvwei and was after his wife!

He didn't even hesitate to threaten his daughter with her illness!

His wife and daughter were his weak spots. They were not to be touched!

Liu Bairen was not to be forgiven!

Seeing that Chen Hao had made up his mind, Chung Fengqing did not waste any more words, and shouted coldly at the guards, "What are you guys waiting for? Throw Liu Bairen out for me. In the future, he is not allowed to take even half a step into our municipal hospital! If you continue to be stunned, then get lost with him! "

Upon hearing that, the security guards immediately looked at Liu Bairen with unfriendly eyes.

Ever since Chung Fengqing had appeared, they had been cursing Liu Bairen in their hearts!

It was a good thing that they did not attack Chen Hao earlier. They were all almost killed by Liu Bairen!

Ignoring Liu Bairen's loud howl, the security guards did not say anything else and went forward to support the burly fellow before quickly disappearing into the end of the corridor.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chen. I, Jiang, was in the wrong in my management. That's why I let this scum take advantage of me." Today, we have to thank Mr. Chen for helping our hospital uncover this scum. Rest assured, I will immediately arrange for the best doctors and resources to treat your daughter's illness! "

Chung Fengqing quickly said respectfully to Chen Hao.

"Dean Jiang is too polite." I, Chen, will remember today's matter in my heart. " Chen Hao just nodded lightly.

Upon hearing that, Chung Fengqing's eyes lit up and he immediately beamed, "Since that's the case, I won't disturb you any further. If there's any trouble or problem, just come to the office and look for me. As long as I, Chung Fengqing, can do it, I won't hesitate! "

Chen Hao nodded, and Chung Fengqing left in satisfaction.

However, this scene in Chu Yuvwei's eyes caused her to be unable to calm down for a long time.

Everything that had just happened seemed so unreal, as if it had happened in a dream.

However, all of this was happening right in front of his eyes!

She suddenly felt that this man whom she was extremely familiar with had become unfamiliar again.

After so many years of being husband and wife, why did they suddenly have the feeling that they could not see through him?

"What's the matter, Yuvwei? Why are you looking at me like that? You don't even know your own husband? " Chen Hao saw Chu Yuvwei staring at him in a daze, and he could not help but shake his head with a wry smile.

He knew that everything that happened earlier must have caused Chu Yuvwei to have a lot of questions and thoughts in her heart.

"Chen Hao, are they your friends? "Why didn't you introduce him to me?" Chu Yuvwei finally snapped out of her daze and looked towards the two young men behind him.

"You two can go back now. Thank your boss for me!" Chen Hao turned his head and winked at the two.

The two of them bowed and left without looking back.

"You're just going to let them go?" Chu Yuvwei couldn't help but frown.

Chen Hao shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Don't say that you don't know them, I'm not familiar with them either! It was just that they had coincidentally done their boss a favor and made him owe them a favor. I am only here to repay you! "

Chu Yuvwei could not help but feel relieved when she heard this.

She said that after following Chen Hao for so many years, she still didn't know that he had such a good friend!

So it was just a favor!

This time, Chen Hao finally did the right thing, and Chu Yuvwei's expression eased a lot.

"Don't be unforgiving in the future. After all, you are relying on someone else! How can I deal with the small amount of medical fees? " Chu Yuvwei rolled her eyes at Chen Hao before turning back to the main topic at hand.

"Don't worry." I'm going to pay now. You go in and stay with us. We don't need to ask others for money anymore. I'll go pay the medical fees first and come back later! " Chen Hao quickly changed the topic, afraid that Chu Yuvwei would reveal a flaw if she asked too many questions.

At least for now, he didn't know how to explain his identity, nor did he want Chu Yuvwei to know the reason why he left home.

Moreover, he had a nagging feeling that the old tutor had other motives for unconditionally letting him inherit the family's property.

He didn't want Chu Yuvwei to let her imagination run wild until everything was clear.

After leaving the ward and arriving at the payment office on the first floor, Chen Hao took a deep breath, composed himself and went to the payment window.

"Yo, why is it you again?" You came today to pay a few thousand dollars? Don't say I didn't warn you, a few thousand dollars is no use at all. What a big man, why can't he even afford to pay several tens of thousands of yuan for the hospital? "

The payment officer became excited the moment he saw Chen Hao. He didn't know where he got the feeling of superiority from, but he started to complain to Chen Hao with a look of disdain.

"Give me all you want today!" Chen Hao did not say anything and directly handed the bank card over.

He didn't want to waste time on such a disgusting woman.

"What are you bragging about? You've managed to borrow money so quickly? You didn't sell your ass, did you? I'll see if you can make it or not! " Hearing that, the payment staff was stunned, then he curled his lips, thinking that Chen Hao was bragging.

However, what she did not expect was that she had successfully deducted the payment for the card!

The 20,000 yuan in medical fees had really been deducted!

"Ou Ba Sang, at your age, you should at least give yourself some face. Don't look at others with your dog eyes all day, it will only make people feel disgusted. "Even if I sell your ass, someone will want it. You might not even sell your ass!"

Taking back his bank card and payment invoice, Chen Hao ignored the contributor's stunned expression and left in big strides, leaving her sitting there fuming, her old face almost turning green. Obviously, Chen Hao's words angered her a lot.

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