BloodBornes Book 1/C1 Introduction
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BloodBornes Book 1/C1 Introduction
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C1 Introduction

Man, the most complex creature out of all that was created since the beginning of time, they have the ability to love, to care for, to cherish their own so much that they are willing to sacrifice anything for them, they also have deep dark heart that no one can predict, one that is capable of betrayal, immense hate, and would go to any length to avenge the wrong that was done to them or their kin, whatever the cost.

But the beauty of this world is, it’s not just inhabited by man alone, and it’s not just the animals and plants, nor the microorganisms and their various stages of evolution, it’s the angels that descended from the skies millions of years ago, the demons that erupted from the flammable cores of the earth, the dragons that laid waste to the vast portion of the world as we know it, and the brave men that stood side by side to fight against them, the old gods in all their might and glory, and the abominable entities that were born from the lust of other creatures who thought themselves higher than the emotional plagues of man.

The world has come a long way, evolution’s uncontrollable persistency continues to push humanity to greater heights, and as time goes one even paper would one day become a scarce commodity. In their great effort to preserve history in this new electronic world, a lot of historical events are being uploaded unto databases for the generations ahead, and for historical preservation, so the past would not be totally forgotten, so the future can look back in order to know how far they have come. But as much as they tried, even with their great level of success, and their high level of technology, they couldn’t capture the tale you’re about to read.

This is a tale that defies time itself, one that happened hundreds of years ago, before the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, before the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989, before Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969. This happened way before Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, or Einstein’s relativity theory in 1905, before Edison came up with his crazy invention of light in 1879, before the industrial revolution in England in 1760. This was before Shakespeare’s Hamlet in 1603, before the formation of the Ican Empire in Peru in 1438, before the consecration of the Chartres Cathedral in 1260, before the legend of Genghis Khan in 1206, before the Norman Conquest in 1066.

This is a tale that goes as far back as the beginning of time itself, one that is forged from the stories of the Iron islands, one that entails love, betrayal, unquenchable thirst for power, deaths that even numbers cannot measure.

From the Arch Angel Michael to the prince of darkness Lucifer, this is the origin of the bloodbornes and the Nexils, how they came to be, and what the world became like after they were gone, the battle that raged on between the Arch angels of Heaven and the Knights of Hell, the great witches of Sith and the Monks of Alder mountains, the far depths of Gondor and the high Altitudes of the Alvredan castle, the Enrogs and the gods that they served, the brotherhood of the fallen and the Grooks, the coven of Vipers and the Coven of the Skull. This is the legacy that came to be as a result of the unforeseen interactions between these great entities and groups mentioned above, and the people that dwelled in the iron islands, together with those that resided nearby.

Many have tried before me with great effort, with only one goal, to uncover one of the world’s greatest historical mystery, and the answer to this great question lied in the events that took place in the iron islands, and such history was too old to be documented, everyone who knew or had a clue about it died ages ago, or so we thought. World renowned geographers, archaeologists, tomb raiders, artefact collectors, they all explored for several years, with so much resources at their disposal, one generation to the next, each of them discovering just a scratch of the surface of what really happened in the iron islands.

Who knew that such great discovery would be made by a fresh graduate from university of Tennessee, in Knoxville, with a major in Archaeology and a minor in microbiology, and that would not have been possible, not until I met him. The moment I encountered him my life changed completely.

But that’s not important right now, because my own story comes millions of years after, but this tale you’re about to read, this tale is the genesis of it all. This is where it all begins……..

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