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Blood Of Roses/C1 Disbelief
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C1 Disbelief

Guns? Blood? Tears? Pain? Lies? Will you believe me if I'll tell you that words are just simple and common for me?

I grew up accustomed to seeing guns. I grew up accustomed to seeing blood and fighting. Did I grow up hiding in a corner and hiding crying, because in our world? Tears weren’t exist. I grew up accustomed to pain. I grew up full of lies about what I saw and heard.

Outside, there was pure thunder and lightning. I tucked in the farthest side and covered my ears. I don't want to hear my father and mother shoutings.

Bloomeria, hija, papa will come back, I will take you to the amusement park you want, I will buy everything you want.

I cringed remembering those memories I want to forget. Promises are made to be broken. I don’t want to rely on Dad’s promises that always do not happen.

I don’t have a permanent school. We moved from house to house. My dad's work is horrible. My childhood life isn’t perfect. It was filtered with blood and bad memories.

And now the sound of them fighting made me tremble.

"When will you stop Ricardo ?!" Mama's eyes dripped with tears. I shivered hiding on the side of the door.

"Why Alissa? Do you know someone who will live with us? You know what I got into! Once I'll back out ... I'm dead. We are all dead! "

It was like cold water had been poured on me. I almost taste my fears. My heart pounded with fear and nervousness. Natural shivers that I have always felt in this scene that I have witnessed.

I am eighteen but I think ... I don't have time to be a simple person like everyone else. My time is limited. My decisions didn’t exist. My dreams faded because of my dad's dark work.

Sometimes, I just want to run away. Being one in a place I like that I can do something I have never done before.

I know how to handle a gun. I know how to pull a trigger. I know how to kill. I know how to turn tables. And I know how I hate myself.

"Bloom!" mama shouted while crying. "P-Pack your things .."

In a house we had, was dark. I could barely see what was happening. Mom and Dad are packing. We just live in this house and I just entered my new school again ... here we are again.

When will it stop? When will they get tired? Will they still get tired if their lives are at stake? Because if you will ask me if I'm tired of running for my life ... I will fucking say fucking yes.

Damn ... It.

I gasped softly and grabbed all my things. I'll scrape everything and put it in the suitcase lying on the floor. I don't care if I forget something. I don't have anything to take care of. But ... just myself.

We left the creepy house. Mama and I got into Papa's new car. It's worth a million, I bet.

While Papa was driving in the heavy rain ... he was talking on his cell phone. I exhaustedly look outside. I felt my mom kissed my hair. I closed my eyes so my tears won't fall.

I have a feeling that I can’t say. While mom was crying next to me. While Papa was talking on his cell phone... I felt a hollow in my chest.

This is the end? My heart hurt.

I was devastated by the tears in my eyes. I was not mistaken, because, vehicles were intercepting us.

Dad was shocked. This time no one helps us. With Papa's desire to get out of the hell he had entered, someone wants to kill him.

Never trust anyone.

Because even if you get to the top, someone will push you down. Even when you fly high, there will be rocks left for you to fall.

I heard gunshots. I heard Papa and Mama muttering. When I opened my eyes ... I saw blood dripping down from their dead bodies. It shattered the glass of our car. I sobbed and squeezed my body even though I knew they could see.

In the darkness from outside, I saw the armed light on me.

"The search is over .." I heard a husky voice.

Because of the variety of feelings and extreme nervousness. My body gave up.


The light hurts my eyes. It seemed to motivate me to wake up. I blinked and was stunned. When the events of last night flashed back in my mind, I woke up.

My eyes almost popped out when I saw that I was wearing only panties! My wet dress last night is gone!

I wanted to get away.I ran to the door! It's a lock!

"Shit!" I cried remembering the dead body of my parents.

"O-Open the fucking door!" I shouted.

I rattled it but no one opened it.

"Who locked me in here ?!" I saw the big lock!

"Open this damn door! You fucking assholes!" I almost fainted from screaming.

"I'm just behind you no need to shout .. "

I gasped to hear the voice behind me. I automatically crossed my arm with my bare top!

My eyes glaze over when I see the man in front of me. With his polo and black slacks he looks like a sugar daddy. a tall, Moreno, and handsome sugar daddy. Fuck.

"W-Who are you? " I backed away without stopping as it approached me. I felt the door behind me.

My whole body is shaking.

Suddenly, his thumb cupped my chin. I can't look at this man. His eyes were like a magnet.

I can almost sense how dangerous a person he is. It is also possible that they killed Mama and Papa.

He locked me, especially on the door.

"Feisty .." He smirked.

"Fuck you!" I hissed.

His lips rose. "Don't request something like that ... welcome home..little sister .."

But when I heard what he said I was shocked!

"No. " I shook my head.

He smiled. "I bet you forgot me." he moved away from me and hovered over me. "Your brother Dan Geigo Maxima.Welcome home Mystique."

"No.." I shook my head in disbelief.

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