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C3 Blood

Since I couldn’t get out of this place full of high-tech stuff, I just followed Don Cleo’s demands.

"Where do you want to study hija?"

Today we can't keep up with Diego. It's refreshing because every day he is always at the front of the table, very formal while seriously staring at me again. Now, he's not here.

"Everywhere ..." I stabbed the beef steak with a knife.

"You've been moving around school because you used to move around, haven't you?"

"Why are you asking if you know everything about me?"

Don Cleo took a deep breath and sipped his coffee. "I just want us to .... talk."

"We're already talking." if Diego was here, I might have been reprimanded.

I shrugged, "I want to get out of this place at least once a week. I feel like a prison here."

“We’re just taking care of you Mystique.

"With whom? Coz 'all I remember you killed my parents! I saw it!"

"They are not your family!" He raised his voice for the first time. I was dumbfounded because of that. I felt fear to him.

His angry eyes gradually faded and dimmed as he stared at me for a long time.

"I-I love your mother so much, Mystique.I hope you'll understand, I'm doing this for you.Shop later ... with no body guards. You are my daughter, I trust you. Do not betray me .. .because I will punish you even if you try. "

He left the dining room. He left me stunned.

Who are they to scare me ?! What if all this is just a trap? How can I trust them if I don't know them very well? What if they lie to me?

I violently wiped away my tears. I feel like I am alone in this world. I feel afraid of the people around me.

They are killers. One time I saw Don Cleo and Diego shot a man to his head. In the very yard of this hideout. See? They are not a good people. How can I trust them? They are Mafias and there are no good Mafia in this world!

It was like I was floating as I pulled out some clothes from my fancy closet. When I pulled it out, it became clear to my eyes.

It's a bloody red dress. My back is exposed and the front is V neck. I maybe eighteen years old but I have a watermelon size boobs.

I took a bath. After I soaked in the strawberry tub smell, I wiped myself with a towel. I grab the branded lotion and swipe it on my body. I curled my hair and put on this dress. My eyebrows rose to see myself.

I am wild and free. No one will rule my life but me. Not Don Cleo, not even Diego.

I lazily storm out in my room. At the bottom of the stairs Don Cleo called, he sighed when he saw me. He off the call and face me.

"Where do you want to shop-"

"I will bar, shopping isn’t my thing." I shrugged and crossed my arms.

"Oh, okay. Take care.Please uh ... come back soon."

"I will."

I left immediately without looking back. I really want to get out of this place. I 'm not stupid. No body guards my ass but they are spying me. I've felt that before. Even though I’m already riding in this expensive car that will take me to any bar I want.

I just looked at the setting sun. It seems boring to live in this world. Children like me who study when they get older will also get married or work. They will build a family, then we will all die in this world.

How would you feel on the brink of death or your last hour? The one that's under the ground and out of breath?

During these times I no longer felt satisfied. All I want is to mess my ass tonight.

It's not late at night but this bar is already overflowing.l with people. My choice was too wild. Two bouncers raised an eyebrow at me, as if they wouldn't let me in.

"Diego Maxima sister .." They turned pale and then opened the red door.

Oh, the power of his name, huh?

Everything seems to be automatic. When they found out I was a Maxima I was like a VIP. My drinks are social and the coch tastes good. No one approached me which I enjoyed much. I was just watching how they danced wildly on the dance floor. I was also attracted to the pole that was in the stage.

The party boost at eight o'clock. My eyesight was almost blurred by drunkenness. Not only that, there were a number of bubbles poured from above. With a burst of excitement I stood up .

"Woaah! Chicks." I heard a man say that. I just dance my ass out and grind my booty. I don't care. The pleasure of feeling like this is that I can do everything I want. A few more minutes and I was drunk in the middle of the dance. I just remembered my self kissing some guy and dry humping with someone. Someone suddenly sailed away from me and even in intoxication I saw the fallen paper.

"Hey, let's dance." the man pulled me .

"You're no good..fuck off." I said dizzily. I no longer looked at his reaction. I walked away from there while nervous about this piece of paper. I shuddered reading it.

I am alive. This is your dad. Don't let them Bloom. They will use you for their organization. That's why I kept you away from everyone because of them. Please, be safe and do not tell them I’m alive.

My lips parted and I seemed to squirm from the intoxication. I ran out, hoping to see papa! But what met me was the torrential rain. I didn’t seem to feel that anymore and progressed even further until I was wet.

"Papa!" I'm all wet from head to toe. I almost grabbed my sandals and threw them somewhere. I ran and run until someone grabbed my arm.

Crying I turned to him. "Don't touch me!"

We are both wet. He did not budge. In his posture, he seemed to be from work and just hurried to leave.

I was being pulled towards his car. Someone was waiting there with a towel and an umbrella for me.

"What !! I'm not going home! Fuck you!"

He still did not speak. He wrapped me in a towel and almost pushed me inside.

On the ride, I kept cursing at him. He just closed his eyes and leaned back as if he was pissed because of me.

"Where are you taking me !?" I was confused when he took me to a Luxury Hotel.

He was still silent. He grabbed me again and put on his clean suit.

"I am enjoying my night can't you see ?!"

I stared when he was still silent. I want to punch him .

We entered a fancy pad. Every design is masculine.

"What am I going to do here? Stare? Can you please mind your own life-"

"Don't fool me. I know why you were there!" he almost shouted it at me. He was very upset and I felt scared. I didn't speak anymore and I just went into the bathroom and took a shower there. It's good to have clothes there that I can use when I go out.

I took off my clothes and put them on the rack that was there. I also took off my bracelet that mama had given me. After I showered and was satisfied I wrapped myself in clothes. I was surprised when he came out that he was already at the bathroom door and waiting. i gulped when I saw him topless and wearing his boxer!

The lump in his boxer shorts was as big as a bloat! Shit!

He was cold and quiet as he entered the shower. I stayed there and scratched my forehead when I left the bracelet in the shower.

I heard the rumble of the shower. I knocked on the door.

"P-Please give me my bracelet !"

"Get it." he drawled.

I blinked and opened the shower door. I didn't stare at him. I go straight to where I put it. When I got it, I was about to go out when he suddenly closed the door. My eyes widened.

He slowly approached me until I got wet in the shower. I bit my lips so hard. Shit. I'm too nervous.

"How dare you kiss someone in that fucking club?" He asked emphatically. I turned away and my cheek became hot.

"Uh, I'm coming out ..." I almost didn't want to put my palm on his chest when I pushed him but he blocked me even more and pushed me against the wall.

"What? "

He crouched and kissed my neck. I was stuck in my position. "You're really tempting.Shit." he cursed and kissed me on the cheek. His jaw beard pierces my cheek.

I closed my eyes for a moment and my clothes fell off. Revealing my nakedness. His eyes traveled to me. I seemed to be intoxicated by his kisses until our lips came together completely. He gave me warm kisses. He licked my breast and sipped my neck.

And I saw ..... a blood of roses. Embracing the sinful touch.

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