Bloody Samaritan/C4 Bloody Samaritan
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Bloody Samaritan/C4 Bloody Samaritan
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C4 Bloody Samaritan


"Mum meet my girlfriend jane" Nathan said and Jane open her mouth in shock. "Girlfriend" the lady muttered to herself.

"wow she's beautiful" Mrs O'Brien said and stood up immediately.

"Your face look familiar my dear" Mrs O'Brien said. "Yes ma, am Jane black" Jane replied.

"You don't mean it, the popular Jane black?" Mrs O'Brien ask and Jane nod her head.

"you're welcome beautiful, am very happy to meet you" Mrs O'Brien said happily.

"Thank you very much ma, am also happy to see you" Jane replied with a smile.

"Come and have your seat" Mrs O'Brien said and Jane went to sit beside her. "you're very beautiful ma, and Nathan has told me alot about you" Jane said.

"Wow, my son truly loves me" Mrs O'Brien said. "Nathan darling, you're just doing the right thing, infact I am very happy today" Mrs O'Brien said.

"I was planning to bring her to you this weekend before" Nathan said.

"It's a very good thing that I came today" Mrs O'Brien said.

"Mum we will be in my room I have one or two things to discuss with my girlfriend" Nathan said.

"Oh that's nice, don't forget am going back today and my driver will soon be here" Mrs O'Brien replied.

"Alright mum" Nathan replied and drag Jane to his room "easy man, did you wanna break my hand?" Jane asked.

"Don't get your hope high, I lied to my mother because I don't want her to question me, I would've have message you if I knew she's coming to give me a surprise visit" Nathan said.

"But I can still be your girlfriend" Jane said turning around.

"Hey am not interested in having a girlfriend, I just wanna f*ck and nothing more" Nathan said.

"time will tell" Jane said with a seductive smile. She moved closer to Nathan and grab his d*ck.

"Hey let's wait till my mum leaves" Nathan said and push her away.

"He is handsome" Jane said and walked inside the bathroom. "Darling am leaving, don't forget to bring your girlfriend to the house this weekend" Mrs O'Brien said.

"Why don't you just stay till next week"Nathan said. "No I have something important to do in the house, be a good boy I love you" Mrs O'Brien said and peck Nathan on his cheek.

"I love you more mum, please don't stress yourself" Nathan said and walked his mother out.

"bye mum!" Nathan said and wave his hand at her.

"Boss Mr Wilson haven't pay back his debt, he promised to pay back a month ago and he hasn't pay" Wyatt said.

"What!" Nathan shouted angrily. "I remember giving him the grace of a month, because he told me his mother isn't fine, I hate it when people take me for granted" Nathan said angrily.

"Why don't you tell me before now?" Nathan asked. "Am very sorry sir, I have been calling his number for the past two weeks and he isn't picking up" Wyatt said and Nathan move closer to him. He moved back in fright till his back meet with the wall.


"Are you in the right place to teach your father a lesson?" Mum asked. "Mum you're always on this man side, did you love what he has been doing to you, did you like how he has been treating us like rag, have you forgotten how this man treat us just because I have scar on my face, and to even say that he is the cause of the scar, have you forgotten how you spent all your money to do surgery for me, this man here doesn't deserve to be called a father, he is a useless man" I said and burst into tears.

"Am sorry my princess, I don't mean to hurt you, but I don't just like it when you insulted your father" mum said.

"Mum this man didn't deserve anything good from me the only thing he deserves from me is insult, and I will never get tired of insulting him" I said.

"You and your mother are useless to me, I will be very rich by now if I don't get married to your mother, you and your mother are bad luck to me, you will regret ever laying your hands on me" he said and walked away.

"I am not move by your mere threat, you can't do anything to me" I said.

"Adele that's enough let's go to the garden" mum said.

My phone ring out loud and I brought it out from my pocket. "Claire what's your problem and why are you calling me?" I asked.

"I said am sorry, just forgive me" Claire said. "Common I have forgiven you, I don't take things to heart" I replied.

"Thank you very much, am inside your compound I brought something for mum" she said.

"Alright we are in the garden" I said. "Hope your father isn't around, because I don't have time to listen to his love story today" Claire said.

"He is inside his room" I replied. "Great am coming" she said and end the call.

This man Is just fund of frustrating my life, imagine him asking Claire out.

"Surprise!" Claire shouted and rush to hug mum.

"This isn't a surprise f00l" I replied her with an eye roll.

"to you it's not a surprise but to me it's a surprise" she replied.

"How are you my darling?" Mum asked her. "am fine mum" she replied with a smile.

"I bought you your favorite fruit" Claire said and handover a nylon to her.

"Aww thank you very much my daughter" mum replied.

"You're welcome mum, hope Adele isn't disturbing you?" She asked.

"No she's not" mum replied. "Mum I feel like making you look young, I brought my makeup box to do some makeover for you" she said.

I wonder if she's my best friend or mum best friend, because they're always making me jealous.

My phone ring out loud and my mood change from good to bad immediately I saw the caller.

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