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C6 Bloody Samaritan


"Ahh, the money is much, I want to use it for something important" Mr clerk replied.

"You aren't ready to see me then" I replied with an eye roll. "Fine I will give you" he replied.

"Money first" I replied and stretch out my hand for him to put the money.

He hissed out loud and dip his hand in his pocket.

He brought out the money and gave them to me. "Wow what did you wanna see me for?" I asked and turned back to look at mum, mum was watching us with her mouth slightly opened in shocked.

"Is that truly your mother?" He asked and I hissed out loud.

"yes did you have any other question?" I asked and he nod his head negatively.

"Nice doing business with you Mr clerk" I said and walked away.

I can't believe dad gave me this money just to ask silly question from me, he has never given me money before, today is my lucky day.

"Adele, what's the money for?" Mum asked. "The money is for my time" I replied and Claire burst into laughter.

"Are you selling time?" She asked. "No he paid me because he wanna ask me a question" I replied.

"You don't mean it?" Mum asked. "I mean it, I was more than surprise when he gave me the money" I replied.

"This is strange" mum said. "I will use the money to go get your drugs, and I will use the remaining change to buy groceries in the house, I gat to hit the mall" I said and does some happy dance.

"Yeah that's a good idea" mum replied. "Claire I will be right back help me stay with my mother" I said.

"You're making a mistake, she's our mother" she replied. She took my mum as her mother because she's an orphan, she moved out of our house because of Mr clerk she was staying with us before.



"Am very sorry sir" Wyatt pledge and join his palm together. "Why don't you tell me before now, did you wanna pay for his sin?" Nathan asked angrily.

"Am very sorry sir please forgive me" Wyatt replied. "Wyatt am giving you the last chance" Nathan said and gave him a thurderous slap.

"Thank you sir!" Wyatt replied with his head bow.

"Go to his house and drag him to this place now, you know what I mean by drag" Nathan said.

"Yes sir" Wyatt replied and Asher walked to his room. He met Jane sleeping on his bed.

"Hey why did you wear my cloth?" Nathan asked angrily.

"Am sorry I didn't come with any cloth" Jane replied.

"Why don't you tell me before talking it, I hate sharing my personal things" Nathan yelled and Jane stood up in fright.

"But there's nothing bad in wearing your cloth" Jane said.

"You still have the gut to talk!" Nathan said and move closer to her.

"I didn't see anything bad in what I did, you're just making it look like a big deal" Jane replied.

Nathan raised her up with one of his hand and throw her hard on the floor.

"Ahhh" Jane shouted in pain and Nathan Scott to her level. "I will advice you to mind the way you talk to me, I am not someone you can talk to anyhow you like, I know how to deal with you" Nathan said and stood up.

He dragged Jane to the bed and chain her hand and leg to the bed. He put off her clothes and whip her with his belt.


Mr clerk walked inside the house and walked to the garden with a stool. He dropped the stool in a corner and sat down on it.

He crossed his leg and was pretending to press his phone. "Dora look so beautiful and I can't take my eyes off her" Mr clerk said pretending to press his phone.

"The person that made her this beautiful deserve an accolade, she look younger than before" Mr clerk said.

"Mum your husband is staring at you" Claire said and Mrs clerk look back immediately.

"Why are you looking at me?" Mr clerk ask when he discovered that he has been caught.

"I am not the one looking at you, you're the one looking at me" Mrs clerk replied.

"There's nothing special in your body that I wanna look" Mr clerk replied.

His phone ring out loud and he stood up immediately. He stick his tongue at Mrs Clark before rushing to pick his call.

"Hello darling" Mr clerk said to the caller. "Baby boo, am waiting for you" the caller replied.

"Am sorry darling I can't come again" Mr clerk replied.

"But why?" The caller asked. "I don't have any money with money with me" Mr clerk replied.

"Why did you tell me to come when you knew you don't have any money with you?" the caller said angrily and end the call.

"She get angry easily, what am I gonna do now, and I don't wanna lose her" Mr clerk said to hiself.

He does some thinking and smile happily to hiself.

"I know what to do, it's time for Adele to pay back the money she collected from me" Mr clerk said with an evil smile.



Stepping into the big mall, I walked over to the shelve, where different groceries were kept, as my eyes looked through different groceries arranged neatly, but couldn't find the particular one I was looking for.

Letting out a sigh, I decided to check the other shelve, maybe I'll find it there, but just when I was about walking away, I looked up, and something caught my attention. It's the mayonnaise I have spent almost forever, searching for.

I stretched my hand to get it, but fuck! My hand was only dangling in the mid air, not anywhere close to where the mayonnaise was. I hate being short.

I was still jumping, with my hand stretched, when a hand appeared from nowhere, and took the Mayonnaise, Looking back angrily at whoever the bastard was, my mouth dropped opened at the face I was welcomed with. What! What's he doing here?...

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