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C7 Bloody Samaritan


I was still jumping, with my hand stretched, when a hand appeared from nowhere, and took the Mayonnaise, Looking back angrily at whoever the bastard was, my mouth dropped opened at the face I was welcomed with.

What! What's he doing here?... "It seems you aren't happy to see me" he said and I looked at him from his head to his toe, I can't believe he's the one standing before me.

He waved his hand on my face and I left out a nervous smile. "Steve!" I called.

"Yes baby, are you not happy to see me?" He asked. "Am happy to see you, but I am just surprised to see you, it's been an ages" I said and placed my hands on my waist.

"Yes am very sorry for not Informing you before leaving" Steve replied.

"You don't have to be sorry, because you don't care about me" I said.

"I cared, mum get a new job in Chicago and I don't have a choice than to go with her" he replied.

"Trying to defend yourself, is that the reason why you don't call to inform me?" I asked.

"Mum seize my phone then, am very sorry" he replied.

"Alright welcome back, can I have the mayonnaise now?" I asked.

"Not so fast, what about us?" He asked. "There's nothing like us again, give me the mayonnaise and let me go, because am sure you don't eat mayonnaise" I said and he gave me the mayonnaise back.

"Can I have your number?" He asked. "Sure" I replied and collected his phone from him and type my number on it.

"I will give you a call later" he said with a smile. "Alright" I replied and went to the counter to pay for what I bought.

"You don't need to pay, I will pay for you" he said. I love this.

"Thank you" I replied with a smile . The cashier parked my groceries in two different bags and hand them over to me, thanks to Steve I will add the remaining change to mum operation money.

"Thank you very much" I said. "You're welcome, send my regards to mum" he replied and wave his hand at me.



"Wyatt!" Nathan called. "Yes boss" Wyatt replied with his head bow. "Where's the man?" He asked in his usual husky voice.

"He is in the torture room sir" Wyatt replied. "Good I will go see him later, not now I want him to relax before dieing" Nathan said. "Alright sir" Wyatt replied.

"You can go" Nathan said and put on his cloth. Jane came out from the bathroom and smile at Nathan.

"When are we going to meet mum?" She asked. "Next year" Nathan replied.

"Next year is too far now I thought you told her this weekend" Jane replied.

"Hey look here, the fact that I lied to mum that you're my girlfriend, doesn't make you one" Nathan said angrily.

"But you have already promised your mum, that you're bringing me to her" Jane replied.

"Did you no you're cheap?" Nathan asked.

"No I only came because you're my crush" Jane replied.

"You're only spending a week here, and I will pay you off for one week" Nathan said.

"Yes thank you, I don't even need your money, you're the one I need" Jane said and Nathan scoff out loud and walked out of the room.

"Yes I will make sure I make you mine" Jane said happily and pick her phone from the bed.

She dialed a number and the person pick up immediately. "Watsup baby" Jane said to her friend.

"Am fine and you?" Her friend asked. "Am fine, guess what?" Jane said with a smile.

"They have given you the role you're praying for" her friend replied.

"No am in Nathan house" Jane replied. "Wait, in his house as how, what are you doing there?" Her friend asked.

"You're asking me what am doing in my boyfriend house" Jane said.

"You don't mean it?" Her friend asked. "Yes I mean it" Jane replied. "Am very happy for you baby" her friend replied.


"Mike I wanna visit the hospital today, I want to save some lives before sending Wilson back to his creator" Nathan said.

"Alright boss" Wyatt replied. "Can I come with you?" Jane asked.

"Did you want me to kill you before your time?" Nathan asked.

"You can't kill me" Jane replied and Wyatt give her the sign to shut up, but she roll her eyes at him.

.Nathan move closer to her and raise her chin up. "I don't have your time this morning but I will come back for you" Nathan said and get into his car.


"Miss clerk, we don't have much time, you need to bring the money for your mother operation next week" the doctor said.

"Alright doctor, but are you sure she's fine now?" I asked.

"She's fine for now miss clerk, but make sure she eat enough fruits and also drink enough water" the doctor said.

"Alright doctor thank you very much" I replied. wheeled my mum out of the doctor's office, my concern now, is how am gonna get the money for mum operation. And that useless man I called a father won't help, he will rather give his money to b*tches, than giving it to us.

I walked through the hallway that leads to the lobby, the sound of my ringing phone made me stopped walking, as I brought it out of my pocket, and excused myself, before picking the call with an eye roll.

"Hello Dad!" I said to the caller.

"Adele where the f"ck, did you and your mother went to?" My annoying dad yelled from the other end, making me take the phone away from my ear, and eyed it angrily, before holding it close to my ear again.

"Dad, you don't have the right to shout at me" I yelled angrily, still trying to control the wave of anger that was trying to take over me.

"Adele you really have some gut don't you?" Dad's angry voice thundered through the phone.

"Dad you can't talk to me anyhow I am not your wife" I scoffed, as I rolled my eyes at nothing, anger surging through me.

"I need you in this house in the next ten minutes, consider yourself dead if you don't come" His angry voice came on again. Just what the fuck does this man wants now?

"Is this one even a father" I scoffed angrily, before banging the call on him.

"Adele I don't like how you spoke to your father" Mom said. Just how could she still be defending that scumbag, who doesn't even care about us, but himself and his drinking self, flirting around with girls younger than me.

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